Air Disinfection

Medixair GET100 Air Disinfector

In addition to respiratory droplet secretions from pathogens, such as norovirus, Airborne infection also embraces many “lighter than air” bacteria and viruses, MRSA and C. Difficile spores, that are carried around hospital environments on minute dust particles. These organisms are widely dispersed by natural, everyday air currents before precipitating on to susceptible hosts or surfaces and equipment, from whence they may be readily disturbed again. Intervening in this route of transmission will greatly improve environmental hygiene and significantly reduce the opportunity for infection.

Air disinfection solutions protecting against bacteria, viruses and fungi in hospitals, care centres, health centres, doctors’ surgeries, dental surgeries, offices, call centres, factories, manufacturing plants, cruise liners, hotels, restaurants, conference venues, gyms, changing rooms, community centres, universities, schools, nurseries, shops, theatres, cinemas, and many other indoor areas.

Coverage 75m3
22,500 µW.s/cm2
UVc 253.7nm
CE marked
Whisper Quiet
90 cms tall
Metal Construction

Hospital Wards

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