M.A.R.S Answers the Question “What is an Amalgam Separator?” – Part 1

The mounting EPA Regulation has Dental Professionals asking the same question, “What is an Amalgam Separator?” The answer to this question is both simple and complicated, as there are common misconceptions of what amalgam separators do and how they function. Unfortunately, there has been a release of conflicting misinformation, a problem M.A.R.S would like to solve by providing the correct information.

The goal of this blog series is to help the Dental Industry gain a better understanding of;

  • What is an amalgam separator
  • How amalgam separators work
  • What fills an amalgam separator
  • How amalgam separators are certified
  • Why do some amalgam separators fail

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What is an Amalgam Separator?

A common misunderstanding of an amalgam separator is that they only capture mercury or mercury amalgam. The truth, an amalgam separator is a refined solids collector they are designed to capture any material heavier than water. The simplest explanation of an amalgam separator is a container that that has been internationally certified to have the ability to capture mercury waste through the process of sedimentation. Using sedimentation to remove amalgam means these systems fill with any material heavier than water.

Continue with this blog series to get a more in-depth look at amalgam separators.

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Why Amalgam Separators Fail?

Every amalgam separator will function as intended, as long as the Dental Practice maintains the system to manufacturer’s specifications. Not every amalgam separator is like the LibertyBOSS, a fail-proof system that can function perfectly without maintenance. Some systems require daily, weekly, or monthly inspection and maintenance to ensure they function properly.

Amalgam Separator

In order to better understand why amalgam separators fail, this blog series will offer insight on how amalgam separators function, how they are tested, and what fills them.

Part 2 – What Fills an Amalgam Separator

One of the most common misconceptions of amalgam separators is why they actually capture. Our next blog will explain that these systems fill with more than just amalgam.