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M.A.R.S Now Invades the 2018 Florida Dental Convention – On Site Rescue

A week from today we will be in the midst of the Florida Dental Association’s Annual Meeting, Florida Dental Convention, held at the beautiful Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Kissimmee, Florida. This will be the first time M.A.R.S will be attending Florida’s Dental Convention; we have high expectations, as this year we will […]

The LibertyBOSS’ Journey to the Nova Scotia Dental Association Annual Meeting – Part 2

Today’s blog is a record of our incredibly successful trip to the Nova Scotia Dental Association Annual Meeting in beautiful Nova Scotia. Our success not only measured in our professional accomplishments but rather our total experience in Nova Scotia and its people. Sadly, today marks our last full day here in Nova Scotia, but it will […]

LibertyBOSS’ Journey

The LibertyBOSS’ Journey to the Nova Scotia Dental Association Annual Meeting

For the first time, M.A.R.S and our LibertyBOSS is on Nova Scotia soil, here to attend the Nova Scotia Dental Association’s Annual Meeting. For those of you following the LibertyBOSS’ journey across Nova Scotia, you will know that we are having an amazing experience visiting this Province for the first time. M.A.R.S is pleased with […]

M.A.R.S Bio-Med’s Annual Training with Patterson Dental Ottawa

For those of you who follow our blogs, you are aware of our close relationship with our Trusted Distributors. This morning began the annual training session of Patterson Dental Canada’s Ottawa Branch. Today’s meeting was not quite the same format M.A.R.S experienced during our training with Patterson’s Western Branches. Ottawa’s Branch Manager, Mark Michael, has […]


The Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention’s (OSAP) Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas.

From May 31st – June 2nd, M.A.R.S’s President, Mr. Michael Darcy, will be exhibiting and attending courses at The Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention’s  (OSAP) Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas. M.A.R.S Bio-Med is truly in our element at conferences like this, as we enjoy working closely with other Industry leaders such as ourselves. What […]

Journées Dentaires Internationales du Québec

MARS Envahit le Journées Dentaires Internationales du Québec

Another year is here for one of Canada’s top three Dental Conferences, the Journées Dentaires Internationales du Québec. M.A.R.S has always enjoyed attending this conference, as the President of M.A.R.S Bio-Med grew up in Montreal. Unfortunately, one of the most significant issues with growing as quickly as M.A.R.S has, we sometimes don’t have enough experts […]

Make an Informed Decision with the M.A.R.S Amalgam Separator User Manual Guide

M.A.R.S strives to be the beacon of information for the Dental Industry regarding the EPA Regulation, the user manual,  amalgam separators, and evacuation line cleaners. M.A.R.S finds those who make an informed decision about their compliance often chooses the best available technology in amalgam separations, the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS. There are many different types of amalgam […]

Conference and Event Season – Keeping Up with M.A.R.S Bio-Med

It is conference and event season for us, so the next coming weeks is going to be a very busy time for M.A.R.S and our team. We have several fantastic conferences and events that we will either be attending or have a Trusted Distributor representing us and our products.  Today’s blog will be giving a brief […]

evacuation line cleaner

The M.A.R.S Difference: Evacuation Line Cleaner

Today’s blog of this series will be speaking about one of the most accessible forms of preventative maintenance an office can do for their equipment, the use of the right evacuation line cleaner. This is the last blog of the M.A.R.S Difference series, learning how our well trained Trusted Distributors can save you money, keep you […]

The M.A.R.S Difference: Amalgam Separator Maintenance Part 2

Today’s blog is a continuation of our last blog on illustrating amalgam separator maintenance the importance of knowing the advantages, disadvantages, maintenance, inspections and failure points of each amalgam separator. Today we will be just focusing on one of the worse infractions committed by a non-M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist. Below is the most recent […]

The M.A.R.S Difference: Amalgam Separator Maintenance Part 1

Thank you for following this Blog Series on The M.A.R.S Difference, highlighting the advantage of using a M.A.R.S Certified Technician and amalgam separator maintenance. Our last blog discussed how our Trusted Distributors could save your office by having the specialized training to keep your office compliant with your local regulations. Today, we will be illustrating […]

The M.A.R.S Difference: Certified Amalgam Separator Specialists

M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialists and Trusted Distributors take their training one step further than just a standard Technician. Our Distributors chose to receive the specialized training on local regulation compliance, amalgam separator maintenance, and proper use of evacuation line cleaners. Their training allows our Distributors to provide their clientele a higher level of service […]

M.A.R.S Invades the Ontario Dental Association’s 2018 Annual Spring Meeting – Part 4: A Huge Success

The 2018 Annual Spring Meeting in Toronto was the most successful conference for M.A.R.S Bio-Med. There are a few contributing factors that have added to the success of this year’s conference; the amazing support from our Trusted Distributors the dozens of new doctors joining the M.A.R.S Family of Environmentally Friendly Dental Practices the existing customers […]

M.A.R.S Invades the Ontario Dental Association’s 2018 Annual Spring Meeting – Part 3: Events

Today is the last day of the Ontario Dental Association’s Annual Spring Meeting. For those of you who unfortunately missed the first day, today’s blog will fill you in on what you missed and what to look for today. REMEMBER TO STOP BY ANY OF M.A.R.S DISTRIBUTORS, TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOUR FAVOURITE SALES REPRESENTATIVE […]

Annual Spring Meeting

M.A.R.S Invades the Ontario Dental Association’s 2018 Annual Spring Meeting – Part 2: Trusted Distributor’s Events and Promotions

The ODA’s Annual Spring Meeting is here again, and M.A.R.S could not be more excited about this 2018 event!!! Our first blog leading up to this conference offered a brief description of the Trusted M.A.R.S Distributors attending the Annual Spring Meeting this year. Today we will be highlighting the events and promotions of each of those […]

NOW is the Time to Consider EPA Compliance – Part 3: Why Choose M.A.R.S?

Thank you for following this three-part Blog Series on when to consider becoming compliant with the EPA Regulation. If you are following this blog, you have most likely determined that you would want to inquire further about the EPA Compliance. Part One of this series focused on presenting you with how to determine your local […]

NOW is the Time to Consider EPA Compliance – Part 2: Being Informed

Thank you for following this Blog Series on the information required when considering EPA compliance. Our last blog spoke about who to contact when finding your local requirements. Today we will be outlining the questions and answers you need to make an informed decision on the amalgam separator that will suit the needs of your […]

NOW is the Time to Consider EPA Compliance – Part 1: Being Proactive

M.A.R.S Bio-Med has a wealth of knowledge on amalgam separators, evacuation line cleaners, and the EPA Regulation. A knowledge base we wish to share with our Trusted Distributors and the Dental Industry. To assist Dental Professionals in understanding the “Dental Rule” and ensuring their compliance, we have created this blog to lay out the questions […]

The Training Sessions After the Pacific Dental Conference- Part 6

Today marks the last day of this Blog Series, highlighting M.A.R.S’s experience with Patterson Dental’s West Coast Branches. The entire trip was a fantastic experience for our Technical Specialist, Jason Buyukozer. Patterson Dental Canada should be proud of the dedicated and talented individuals at each of their Branches. Our first blog of this series spoke […]