“Why,” “Who,” “When,” “What” and “How;” Questions that Dental Practices Should Ask About the EPA Amalgam Separator Regulation: Introduction to the EPA Amalgam Separator Compliance Blog Series

Since the EPA released their Regulation on amalgam separators, the Dental Practices have had many questions regarding the Regulation, without many reliable sources to answer these concerns. M.A.R.S has found with the lack of reliable sources has resulted in the distortion in the interpretation of the EPA Regulation. The absence of information means many Dental Professionals are trusting their Dental Practice’s compliance on less than trustworthy information.

M.A.R.S finds this to be unacceptable; this is why we are always updating our information on the EPA Regulation to provide the Dental Industry on the most accurate understanding of the EPA Regulation and how to guarantee compliance. Our next series of Blogs are focused on the “Why,” “Who,” “When,” “What” and “How” of the EPA Amalgam Separator Regulation.


“Why” Dental Practices Require Amalgam Separators

This blog will be discussing why the US EPA has required amalgam separators to be installed and maintained in American Dental Practices. We will be considering studies completed by other countries who have already required amalgam separators and the difference they make in reducing mercury pollution.

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“Who” will be Regulating and Implementing the Amalgam Separator Regulation

The “Who” blog will be discussing who has the responsibility for creating, implementing and regulating Best Management Practices for Dental Practices.

“When” are Dental Practices expected to Comply

This blog is one of the most important questions on the mind of Dental Professionals, as there is a lot of misinformation circulating the Dental Industry regarding when compliance is required. This blog will tie into the “Who” blog as depending on who created your BMPs will directly relate to when you must install an amalgam separator.

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“What” are the Expectations for Dental Practices

When considering expectations of Best Management Practices for Dental Practices, you must look to the “Why” and the “Who,” as these are closely related to expectations. This blog will help Dental Professionals navigate through the somewhat confusing expectations of the EPA Regulation.


“How” to Guarantee Compliance

Many Dentists do not have the time to complete research on compliance items and rely on others to make the right choice for their Dental Practice. Unfortunately, making the wrong choice on amalgam separators could cost a Dental Practice money for costly maintenance, downtime due to equipment damage and fines or even possibly be shut down due to non-compliance. The last blog in this series is the most important one to read, as it will act as a quick guide for Dental Practices to guarantee their compliance.


Please stay tuned to our next Blog, as we will be discussing “Why” Dental Practices are required to have amalgam separators.