Manufacturers and Dental Supply/Service Companies Simply Quoting the EPA Regulation may NOT Keep You Compliant – How to Ensure Compliance

For the past several years, M.A.R.S has a close working relationship with many POTWs across North America. Many of these Water Treatment Experts reached out to M.A.R.S® to learn more about the Dental Industry, Amalgam Separators, and the EPA Regulation. In many cases, during our training, M.A.R.S helped write the Best Management Practices set in each city.

Now that you have read our recent series, you understand the EPA Regulation and who is responsible for regulating your compliance. The last post from this series will be how to ensure compliance.

Compliance Testing

According to a number of Water Treatment Plants, they will be looking for your soluble mercury discharge. Should the local POTW deem your discharge too high, your offices will be forced to follow their Best Management Practices (BMPs). What this could mean for your Practices? The POTWs could regulate you by setting fines, creating stricter local standards and regulations, to name a few options.

If you feel you are exempt or if you wish to ensure compliance by making sure your amalgam separator is meeting your local standards, you can easily get your discharged tested. For only $50, Purves Environmental will test your offices’ discharge for mercury. They will supply you a report of how much total mercury (solid and soluble) that is leaving your clinic. This report can be submitted to your local regulator or kept for your own records.

Ensure Compliance – Compliance Questions

You may also want to ask the following three questions from the manufacturer or supply company;

1) What inspections are required on the unit? The new EPA Regulation requires inspection logs to be kept on file for 36 months if required by the manufacturer. Some supply companies do not know this information, review the system’s user manual before purchasing.

You can find the inspections and maintenance of the top six amalgam separators by watching the Preventative Maintenance Videos.

2) Does the unit come with a WRITTEN Guarantee of Service Life? Some amalgam separator manufacturer lists a general service life with no promise of their system meeting that advertised life span. Before buying a system, have your supplier or manufacturer give you a guaranteed service life/annual cost in writing — anything beyond their guarantee they pay out of pocket.

3) Does the unit come with a WRITTEN guarantee of Compliance? Shortly, a Water Treatment Plant Study will be released, showing the results of the mercury discharge from Dental Practices with different amalgam separators. Most of the amalgam separators studied did not comply with the City’s discharge requirements of 10,000ng/L of mercury at the sewer. These failed offices are now being required by the City to find “Better Technology,” forcing them to reinvest in a new amalgam separator. The manufacturer of a compliance item, like an amalgam separator, should be able to guarantee the compliance of their customers.

The M.A.R.S Solution

Very simply put, if you upgrade your clinic to the LibertyBOSS amalgam the following will be the answers to each of the questions asked above;

1) What inspections are required on the Unit? The LibertyBOSS amalgam separator requires no filters, no maintenance, and no inspections for the duration of its service life.

attention (1)

The LibertyBOSS has a guaranteed service life of;

1-3 chairs = 3 years
4-9 chairs = 2 years
10-16 chairs = 1 year

2) Does the unit come with a WRITTEN Guarantee of Service Life? Yes, M.A.R.S guarantees the service life provided to the Dental Practice on our Certificate of Compliance. If your LibertyBOSS fails or fills before the guaranteed service life, M.A.R.S will replace the unit at no cost.

C of C Example (1)

3) Does the unit come with a WRITTEN guarantee of Compliance? Yes, M.A.R.S is the ONLY amalgam separator manufacturer to offer a WRITTEN Guaranteed of Compliance with our amalgam separator. If the LibertyBOSS does not meet the current or future standards of your local regulators, M.A.R.S will make any changes, at our cost, to ensure compliance.

guarantee of compliance

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