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A Notice to Our Environmentally Friendly Dentists

Please be aware that M.A.R.S believes the Find a Dentist App is an excellent service to both our Dental Family Members and their potential patients looking for an Environmentally Responsible Dental Practice. M.A.R.S has been made aware, as expected, our competitors with inferior technology are taking the low road and using this helpful tool as a marketing opportunity to further their financial gain. M.A.R.S’ intention with the Find a Dentist App is to make available a search engine to allow the public to find environmentally friendly dental practices close to home.

If you are in search of a genuinely environmentally friendly Dentist, please click this link below to enter your Zip/Postal Code into the Find a Dentist App.

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Environmentally Friendly Dentists- Find a Dentist

Below, with our Find a Dentist app, you can search for Environmentally Friendly Dentists. Dentists that use the M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator filter out mercury from our wastewater. Environmental mercury comes from many sources of which Dental Practices are a major contributor.

Mercury amalgam is released from the dental practice where it enters the city’s sewer system, heading towards the Water Treatment Plants. Most of the mercury leaving a dental practice is soluble or dissolved. Soluble mercury is more easily absorbed by the human body. No chemical or sediment traps would be able to capture it, therefore it will enter into our waterways. The mercury will then flow into larger bodies of water which we use for food (fish and other wildlife), irrigation (farming) and supplying our homes.


The term bioaccumulation refers to the net accumulation over time of metals within an organism from both biotic (other organisms) and abiotic (soil, air, and water) sources. Simply put, anything that lives, eats or uses a contaminated body of water will absorb the toxins in its surroundings. The higher the organisms are on the food chain, the higher concentration of mercury there will be. This process is called biomagnification.

With our Find a Dentist app, you can make sure you can find a dentist near you with a LibertyBOSS amalgam separator.

Why the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS?

Amalgam separators are used to remove the mercury out of the dental wastewater before it enters the city’s sewer system. Without an amalgam separator, the average dentist will release roughly three pounds of solid mercury per year. Mercury amalgam, being more dangerous than standard mercury because it contains 4% tin, which has an ionic charge that will release the mercury into its free state. If this mercury amalgam is submerged into a liquid, it creates soluble mercury, a substance that your local water treatment plant cannot capture with current technology.

Your Dentist has made the conscious effort to be environmental by installing the only amalgam separator to be rated as “Best Available Technology” and “Environmentally Friendly.” The M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS amalgam separator is able to capture all forms of mercury, including soluble. This assists in making your Doctor’s practice more environmentally friendly than other practices who chose to use other types of amalgam separators or have not yet installed one.

A Bit on Mercury

Mercury is a known neurotoxin and can cause birth defects. It has not always been considered an environmental hazard as it is today. Mercury was commonly used in many devices and found in many science classrooms. In the 1800’s, “Mad Hatters Disease” was an occupational hazard among hat makers (turning fur into felt), caused by the combination of poor ventilation and chronic mercury poisoning. It affected those who’s felting work involved prolonged exposure to mercury vapors. As a waste entering the environment, it was not considered very hazardous and often considered insoluble in water.

In the 1980’s the level of mercury entering a Waste Water Treatment plant was not a concern unless it was over 2 parts per billion. The drinking water standard at that time allowed the limit for mercury to be as much as 2 parts per billion (2 ug/L or 2,000 ng/L). It was the issue of mercury in the food supply that changed our way of thinking. To put it another way, one teaspoon of mercury can damage a 10 acre lake, causing it to be toxic to fish and animals, as well as to humans who use the fish as food.

How Your Dentist is Doing Their Part

One of the ways your Dentist has made an effort to be more environmentally conscience is by installing the only amalgam separator to be rated as the “Best Available Technology” and “Environmentally Friendly”. The M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS amalgam separator is able to capture all forms of mercury, including soluble. This assists in making your Doctor’s practice more environmentally friendly than other practices who chose to use other types of amalgam separators that only target solid mercury.

Find a Dentist Mercury Cycle

Conceptual diagrams illustrating mercury biomagnification within the aquatic food chain. Click here for more information. For more details on how M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS protects the environment, please refer to the following information on our Dental Separator Page.

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Napanee Dentistry

Napanee Dentistry
58 Bridge Street East
Napanee, ON, CAN 613-354-28288
K7R 1J8

Dr. Chris Butler

Dr. Chris Butler
1745 West 17th Avenue
Eugene, OR, USA 541-485-6645

Dr. Jack Krauser

Dr. Jack Krauser
824 US Hwy 1, #370
North Palm Beach, FL, USA 561-627-5560

Bluffs Family Dental

Bluffs Family Dental
320 McKenzie Avenue, #101
Council Bluffs, IA, USA 712-322-5318

Parkview Dental of Castillo

Parkview Dental of Castillo Suite 5
6720 Chimney Rock Rd Suite 5
Houston, TX, USA 713-663-6040

Dental Walk-In Clinic of Pinellas

Dental Walk-In Clinic of Pinellas
1030 Belcher Road South
Largo, FL, USA 727-533-9199

Dr. Thomas Theil

Dr. Thomas Theil
5509 Brandt Pike
Huber Heights, OH, USA 937-233-7121

Dr. Stephen Joseph

Dr. Stephen Joseph Unit #2
111545 South Smithville Road Unit #2
Dayton, OH, USA 937-252-8551

Dre. Paule Laflamme

Dre. Paule Laflamme
2758 du Presient-Kennedy
St-Henri de Levis, QC, CAN 418-8822-0221
G0R 3E0

Dentistry at Prescott

Dentistry at Prescott
555 King Street West
Prescott, ON, CAN 613-925-2887
K0E 1T0

Sandalwood Dental

Sandalwood Dental
50 Bristol Road East, #5
Mississauga, ON, CAN 905-568-4900
L4Z 3K8

Dr. Werbs Dentistry

Dr. Werbs Dentistry
2797 Bathurst Street
Toronto, ON, CAN 416-784-5437
M6B 4B9

Dr. Ajay Potluri

Dr. Ajay Potluri
101-15252 32nd Avenue
Surrey, BC, CAN 604-542-0123
V3Z 0R7

Dr. Anne Boisvert

Dr. Anne Boisvert
540 boul. Hospital
Gatineau, QC, CAN 819-243-7557
J8V 3T2

Love Dental

Love Dental
125-8220 Centre Street NE
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-275-6424
T3K 1J7

Nanoose Family Dental

Nanoose Family Dental
2461 Collins Crescent
Nanoose Bay, BC, CAN 250-730-0412
V9P 9J9

Dr. John Cravatta

Dr. John Cravatta
7310 West North Avenue
Elmwood Park, IL, USA 708-453-5360

Gentle Care Dental

Gentle Care Dental
232 N. Azusa Avenue
Azusa, CA, USA 626-969-8688

Dr. Kevin Maloney DDS

Dr. Kevin Maloney DDS
1501 Millville Avenue
Hamilton, OH, USA 513-856-7706

Dunwoody Dental

Dunwoody Dental Suite 1018
5030 W SR 46 Suite 1018
Sanford, FL, USA 407-328-9492

Dr. Javana Cosner

Dr. Javana Cosner Suite 12
485 E. Columbia Suite 12
Battle Creek, MI, USA 269-962-5774

Dr. Fay Hu DMD

Dr. Fay Hu DMD Suite 3
800 West Morse Blvd Suite 3
Winter Park, FL, USA 407-647-3223

Kilman Dental

Kilman Dental
151 Colony Park Road
North Smyrna Beach, FL, USA 386-428-8553

Gentle Dental

Gentle Dental Suite #1
225 Middle Country Road Suite #1
Middle Island, NY, USA 631-924-8606

Dr. James R. Herbst II

Dr. James R. Herbst II
2401 Fountainview Drive, #106
Houston, TX, USA 713-266-2265

Forest Cosmetic & Family Dentistry


Mes Dentistes

, ,

Dr. Sandy Tse

, ,

Cleveland Center for Integrative Dentistry


Dr. Pierre Martin

Dr. Pierre Martin 2nd Floor
750 Rue t-Vallier Ouest 2nd Floor
Quebec, QC, CAN 418-780-0880
G1N 1E1

Waterloo Family Dental

Waterloo Family Dental
102-445 Beechwood Place
Waterloo, ON, CAN 519-885-0930
N2T 1Z2

Bayley Dental

Bayley Dental
570 University Avenue East
Waterloo, ON, CAN 519-884-8594
N2K 4P2

DV Dental

DV Dental
4102 47th Street
Drayton Valley, AB, CAN 780-542-5395
T7A 1S6

Terra Dental Care

Terra Dental Care Suite 210
530 8th Avenue SW Suite 210
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-263-4030
T2P 3S8

Dr. Tyler Davis

Dr. Tyler Davis
814 South Main Street
Wake Forest, NC, USA 27587

Your Desired Smile

Your Desired Smile Suite 1
4129 W. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 1
Tampa, FL, USA 813-288-9700

Padron Dental

Padron Dental
419 North Mulford Road, #5
Rockford, IL, USA 815-397-3820

Dr. Clarence R. Feller Jr. DDS

Dr. Clarence R. Feller Jr. DDS Suite 130
17201 San Pedro Avenue Suite 130
San Antonio, TX, USA 210-722-3270

Lakeview Dental

Lakeview Dental
#104-6449 Crowchild Trail SW
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-242-5900
T2E 5R7

Choi Dentistry

Choi Dentistry
891 Dundas Street
Woodstock, ON, CAN 519-533-1857
N4S 1G9

PoCo Dental Group

PoCo Dental Group
6213-2850 Shaughnessy Street
Port Coquitlam, BC, CAN 604-941-0244
V3C 6K5

Dentistry at Equinox

Dentistry at Equinox
60 Brian Harrison Way
Scarborough, ON, CAN 416-438-2063
M1P 5J5

Lifesmiles Dental

Lifesmiles Dental
2-22 Richard Way SW
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-685-3567
T3E 7M9

D.D.S. Dental Centre

D.D.S. Dental Centre Unit 1
1275 Walker Road Unit 1
Windsor, ON, CAN 519-971-9211
N8Y 4X9

Dr. Charanduk

Dr. Charanduk Bay 660
22 Midlake Blvd. Bay 660
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-256-0363
T2X 2X7

Imagine Dental

Imagine Dental
102A 420 2nd Street SW
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-770-6900
T2P 3K4

Rainbow Falls Dental

Rainbow Falls Dental
214-100 Rainbow Road
Chestermere, AB, CAN 587-470-1447
T1X 0V2

Parkview Dental

Parkview Dental
15 Pembrooke Street West
Pembrooke, ON, CAN 613-735-2336
K8A 5M4

Dr. Mark A. Conner DDS

Dr. Mark A. Conner DDS
45 North Plaza Blvd.
Chillicothe, OH, USA 740-775-1500

Dr. Anthony J. Cheing DDS

Dr. Anthony J. Cheing DDS
5204 Rosemead Blvd.
San Gabriel, CA, USA 91776

Gentle Dental Spa

Gentle Dental Spa Suite #335
2200 West Higgins Road Suite #335
Hoffman Estates, IL, USA 847-490-8708

Egleston Family Dental PA

Egleston Family Dental PA
800 Starkey Road
Largo, FL, USA 727-585-8672

Drs. Strupp & Brumm

Drs. Strupp & Brumm
906 North Belcher Road
Clearwater, FL, USA 727-799-1011

Joy Family Dental

Joy Family Dental Suite 110
990 Grand Canyon Parkway Suite 110
Hoffman Estates, IL, USA 847-885-9954

Dr. Ramy Elsayegh

Dr. Ramy Elsayegh
264 Centre Street North
Napanee, ON, CAN 613-354-4325
K7R 1N8

Forest Hill Family Dental

Forest Hill Family Dental Suite 26
395 Greenbrook Drive Suite 26
Kitchener, ON, CAN 519-578-1300
N2M 4K1

Centre de Soins Dentaires Duvernay

Centre de Soins Dentaires Duvernay Suite 16
2495 St-Martin Est Suite 16
Laval, QC, CAN 450-967-4000
H7E 4X6

Civic Hospital Campus

Civic Hospital Campus
1053 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, ON, CAN 613-761-4016
K1Y 4E9

Dr. James LoPrete DDS

Dr. James LoPrete DDS Suite 220
43902 Woodward Avenue Suite 220
Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA 248-332-6106

County Dental Care

County Dental Care
9 Chapel Street
Picton, ON, CAN 613-476-2353
K0K 2T0

Glendora Family Dentistry

Glendora Family Dentistry
114 South Grand Avenue
Glendora, CA, USA 91741

Mountain Mall Dental Office

Mountain Mall Dental Office
681 Upper James Street
Hamilton, ON, CAN 905-387-4780
L9C 2Z4

Dr. Patrick Chase DDS

Dr. Patrick Chase DDS Suite 103
6161 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Street North Suite 103
St. Petersburg, FL, USA 727-527-4955

Heritage Dental Centre

Heritage Dental Centre
8330 MacLeod Trail South
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-253-0277
T2H 2V2

Bridge Water Dental

Bridge Water Dental
373 Bridge Street West
Waterloo, ON, CAN 519-880-9480
N2K 3K3

Beach Grove Dental

Beach Grove Dental
5686 12th Avenue
Delta, BC, CAN 604-943-6768
V4L 1C4

Now Dentistry

Now Dentistry
8125 Pulaski Highway
Rosedale, MD, USA 410-999-1111

My Dental Clinic

My Dental Clinic
139 2515 90th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-281-2520
T2V 0L8

Creative Dentistry

Creative Dentistry
747-120 Hyde Park Road
London, ON, CAN 519-472-9920
N6H 3S3

Dr. Nathan Cho

Dr. Nathan Cho
1350 Fanshawe Park Road West
London, ON, CAN 519-471-9630
N6G 5B1

Garcia Dental Care

Garcia Dental Care
166 Richmond Street
Chatham, ON, CAN 519-354-8100
N7M 1P7

Essex Family Dental

Essex Family Dental
186 Talbot Street
Essex, ON, CAN 519-961-9211
N8M 1B6

Towne Dental Centre

Towne Dental Centre
1614 Lesperance Road
Tecumseh, ON, CAN 519-739-2227
N8N 1Y3

Dental Care Niagara

Dental Care Niagara
1630 Four Mile Creek Road
Virgil, ON, ON, CAN 905-468-5656
L0S 1T0

Carrollton Family Dentistry

Carrollton Family Dentistry Suite L
1209 Highland Avenue Suite L
Carrollton, KY, USA 502-732-5506

River Street Endodontics

River Street Endodontics
543 Queen Street
Toronto, ON, CAN 416-868-4697
M5A 1V1

Days Road Dental

Days Road Dental
499 Days Road
Kingston, ON, CAN 613-389-0039
K7M 3R6

Dr. Theresa Hauck DDS

Dr. Theresa Hauck DDS Suite B
4310 Crystal Lake Road Suite B
McHenry, IL, USA 815-344-5430

Campbellsburg Family Dental

Campbellsburg Family Dental
8910 Main Street
Campbellsburg, KY, USA 502-532-6315

Vinkovich Family Dental

Vinkovich Family Dental
6675 Royalton Drive
North Royalton, OH, USA 440-237-3223

Della Porta Dental Group

Della Porta Dental Group Suite 107
135 Professional Drive Suite 107
Ponte Verda Beach, FL, USA 904-280-4151

Horizon Dental Center

Horizon Dental Center Suite 110
12100 West Center Road Suite 110
Omaha, NE, USA 402-330-5080

Dr. Lan P. Le DDS PC

Dr. Lan P. Le DDS PC Suite A
6922 Little River Turnpike Suite A
Annandale, VA, USA 703-256-1160

Northshore Dental

Northshore Dental
73193 Highway 25
Covington, LA, USA 985-202-7878

Bay Avenue Dental

Bay Avenue Dental
1247 Bay Avenue
Trail, BC, CAN 250-368-5066
V1R 4A5

Edenfield Dental Group

Edenfield Dental Group
2937 Essary Drive, Suite 2
Knoxville, TN, USA 865-686-0050

Kirkpatrick Dental Care

Kirkpatrick Dental Care
121 South Weisgarber Road
Knoxville, TN, USA 865-588-5749

Woods Dental Clinic

Woods Dental Clinic
191 N. Greenbury Road
Waukegan, IL, USA 847-662-7213

Dr. James Bradley

Dr. James Bradley
4662 Marine Avenue
Powell River, BC, CAN 604-413-3851
V8A 2L1

Academy Dental

Academy Dental
1195 Fort Street
Victoria, BC, CAN 250-385-6552
V8V 3L1

CU Smile Dental Care

CU Smile Dental Care
15 Heritage Gate SE
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-263-1124
T2H 3A7

Dental Dimensions

Dental Dimensions Suite 151
7467 North Oracle Road Suite 151
Tucson, AZ, USA 520-229-3579

Advance Dental Care Center

Advance Dental Care Center
2111 Jefferson Davis Hwy South, #1
Arlington, VA, USA 703-415-0505

Dr. Michael Gravel

Dr. Michael Gravel
19B Cain Avenue
Kapuskasing, ON, CAN 705-335-6626
P5N 1T2

Yonge Weldrick Dental Care

Yonge Weldrick Dental Care
9625 Yonge Street, #4
Richmond Hill, ON, CAN 905-237-5430
L4C 5T2

Centre Dentaire Birca

Centre Dentaire Birca
Laval, QC, CAN 450-663-0133
H7S 2G6

Dr. Vikas Soota

Dr. Vikas Soota Suite 308
6855 Meadowvale Town Centre Suite 308
Mississauga, ON, CAN 905-826-5900
L5N 2Y1

Clinique Dentaire Veronic Pelletier

Clinique Dentaire Veronic Pelletier
385 boulevard Jessop
Rimouski, QC, CAN 418-725-5055
G5L 1M9

Dentistes & Cie

Dentistes & Cie Bureau 100
1175 Lavigerie Bureau 100
Quebec, QC, CAN 418-653-5412
G1V 4P1

St. Clair Family Dental

St. Clair Family Dental
383 Lyndoch Street
Corunna, ON, CAN 519-862-1477
N0N 1G0