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A Notice to Our Environmentally Friendly Dentists

Please be aware that M.A.R.S believes the Find a Dentist App is an excellent service to both our Dental Family Members and their potential patients looking for an Environmentally Responsible Dental Practice. M.A.R.S has been made aware, as expected, our competitors with inferior technology are taking the low road and using this helpful tool as a marketing opportunity to further their financial gain. M.A.R.S’ intention with the Find a Dentist App is to make available a search engine to allow the public to find environmentally friendly dental practices close to home.

If you are in search of a genuinely environmentally friendly Dentist, please click this link below to enter your Zip/Postal Code into the Find a Dentist App.

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Environmentally Friendly Dentists- Find a Dentist

Below, with our Find a Dentist app, you can search for Environmentally Friendly Dentists. Dentists that use the M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator filter out mercury from our wastewater. Environmental mercury comes from many sources of which Dental Practices are a major contributor.

Mercury amalgam is released from the dental practice where it enters the city’s sewer system, heading towards the Water Treatment Plants. Most of the mercury leaving a dental practice is soluble or dissolved. Soluble mercury is more easily absorbed by the human body. No chemical or sediment traps would be able to capture it, therefore it will enter into our waterways. The mercury will then flow into larger bodies of water which we use for food (fish and other wildlife), irrigation (farming) and supplying our homes.


The term bioaccumulation refers to the net accumulation over time of metals within an organism from both biotic (other organisms) and abiotic (soil, air, and water) sources. Simply put, anything that lives, eats or uses a contaminated body of water will absorb the toxins in its surroundings. The higher the organisms are on the food chain, the higher concentration of mercury there will be. This process is called biomagnification.

With our Find a Dentist app, you can make sure you can find a dentist near you with a LibertyBOSS amalgam separator.

Why the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS?

Amalgam separators are used to remove the mercury out of the dental wastewater before it enters the city’s sewer system. Without an amalgam separator, the average dentist will release roughly three pounds of solid mercury per year. Mercury amalgam, being more dangerous than standard mercury because it contains 4% tin, which has an ionic charge that will release the mercury into its free state. If this mercury amalgam is submerged into a liquid, it creates soluble mercury, a substance that your local water treatment plant cannot capture with current technology.

Your Dentist has made the conscious effort to be environmental by installing the only amalgam separator to be rated as “Best Available Technology” and “Environmentally Friendly.” The M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS amalgam separator is able to capture all forms of mercury, including soluble. This assists in making your Doctor’s practice more environmentally friendly than other practices who chose to use other types of amalgam separators or have not yet installed one.

A Bit on Mercury

Mercury is a known neurotoxin and can cause birth defects. It has not always been considered an environmental hazard as it is today. Mercury was commonly used in many devices and found in many science classrooms. In the 1800’s, “Mad Hatters Disease” was an occupational hazard among hat makers (turning fur into felt), caused by the combination of poor ventilation and chronic mercury poisoning. It affected those who’s felting work involved prolonged exposure to mercury vapors. As a waste entering the environment, it was not considered very hazardous and often considered insoluble in water.

In the 1980’s the level of mercury entering a Waste Water Treatment plant was not a concern unless it was over 2 parts per billion. The drinking water standard at that time allowed the limit for mercury to be as much as 2 parts per billion (2 ug/L or 2,000 ng/L). It was the issue of mercury in the food supply that changed our way of thinking. To put it another way, one teaspoon of mercury can damage a 10 acre lake, causing it to be toxic to fish and animals, as well as to humans who use the fish as food.

How Your Dentist is Doing Their Part

One of the ways your Dentist has made an effort to be more environmentally conscience is by installing the only amalgam separator to be rated as the “Best Available Technology” and “Environmentally Friendly”. The M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS amalgam separator is able to capture all forms of mercury, including soluble. This assists in making your Doctor’s practice more environmentally friendly than other practices who chose to use other types of amalgam separators that only target solid mercury.

Find a Dentist Mercury Cycle

Conceptual diagrams illustrating mercury biomagnification within the aquatic food chain. Click here for more information. For more details on how M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS protects the environment, please refer to the following information on our Dental Separator Page.

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Sparwood Dental Centre

Dr. Ray Chow
139 Centennial Square
Sparwood, BC, CAN 250-425-7081
V0B 2G0

Southridge Dental

PATT - Southridge Dental
3010 32nd Street South
Lethbridge, AB, CAN 403-394-2010 Ext. 5
T1K 7B4

Strandherd Dental Centre

PATT - Strandherd Dental Centre
1-3560 Strandherd Drive
Ottawa, ON, CAN 613-823-0225
K2J 5L4

Springbank Dental Centre

PATT - Springbank Dental Centre
30 Springborough Blvd. S.W. #116
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-277-7464
T3H 0N9

Summit Dental

PATT - Summit Dental
303 Shawville Blvd. S.E.
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-201-0588
T2Y 3W6

St. Andrews Dental

PATT - St. Andrews Dental
141 St. Andrews Street
Cambridge, ON, CAN 519-623-8555
N1S 1N2

Soft Touch Dentristry

PATT - Soft Touch Dentristry
12712 137 Avenue N.W.
Edmonton, AB, CAN 780-454-7355
T5L 4Y8

Smile Care Family Dentists

PATT - Smile Care Family Dentists
2782 Glenmore Trail S.E.
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-236-2020
T2C 2E6

Silverado Dental Wellness Inc.

PATT - Silverado Dental Wellness Inc.
19369 Sheriff King Street S.W.
, , CAN 403-259-2220

Signal Hill Dental Centre

PATT - Signal Hill Dental Centre
5743 Signal Hill Centre S.W.
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-246-3663
T3H 3P8

Shaganappi Dentistry

PATT - Shaganappi Dentistry
4616 Valiant Dr. N.W., Suite 106
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-286-8555
T3A 0X9

Rocky Point Dental

PATT - Rocky Point Dental
2508 St. Johns Street
Port Moody, BC, CAN 604-939-5678
V3J 7S2

Redcliff Family Dental Centre

PATT - Redcliff Family Dental Centre
117 Broadway Ave. N.E.
Redcliff, AB, CAN 403-548-7074
T0J 2P0

Raymond Dental

PATT - Raymond Dental
12 Broadway S.
Raymond, AB, CAN 403-752-4545
T0K 2S0

Quarry Park Dental

Quarry Park Dental
109 Quarry Park Blvd. S.E., Ste. 190
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-266-0726
T2C 5E7

Progressive Dental

PATT - Progressive Dental
47 Sunpark Drive S.E.
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-256-6666
T2X 3V4

Partha Boruah Professional Corp.

PATT - Partha Boruah Prof. Corp.
10655 Southport Road S.W., Suite 580
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-278-4322
T2W 4Y1

Okotoks Dental

PATT - Okotoks Dental
66 North Railway Street
Okotoks, AB, CAN 403-938-6684
T1S 1J3

Ogilvie Dental

PATT - Ogilvie Dental
1942 Montreal Road
Ottawa, ON, CAN 613-321-0265
K1J 6N2

Ocean Park Dental

PATT - Ocean Park Dental
12808 16th Avenue
Surrey, BC, CAN 604-536-2484
V4A 1N4

My Family Dental

PATT - My Family Dental
#101, 30 Crystalridge Drive
Okotoks, AB, CAN 403-995-9544
T1S 2C3

Michael Yun Prof. Corp.

PATT - Michael Yun Prof. Corp.
3451 Douglasdale Blvd. S.E.
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-278-1400
T3M 1K3

Lifepath Wellness

PATT - Lifepath Wellness Unit 106
175 Chestermere Station Way Unit 106
Chestermere, AB, CAN 403-235-6208
T1X 1A4

Lake Bonavista Dental

PATT - Lake Bonavista Dental
755 Lake Bonavista Drive S.E.
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-271-2033
T2J 0N3

Ladner Dental Clinic

PATT - Ladner Dental Clinic
5028 47A Avenue
Delta, BC, CAN 604-946-2511
V4K 1T8

Klinik Dentaire Laberge-Nolet Inc.

PATT - Klinik Dentaire Laberge-Nolet Inc.
213 North Boulevard Brien
Repentigny, QC, CAN 450-582-0863
J6A 6M4

Inspire Dental Group

PATT - Inspire Dental Group
528-130 Brew Street
Port Moody, BC, CAN 604-469-6636
V3H 0E3

Holland Cross Dental

Holland Cross Dental
1620 Scott Avenue
Ottawa, ON, CAN 613-728-1511
K1Y 4S7

Hidden Valley Dental Centre

PATT - Hidden Valley Dental Centre
10083 Hidden Valley Dr. N.W.
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-295-2477
T3A 5Z7

Harvard Dental Centre

PATT - Harvard Dental Centre
#201-6935 120th Street
Delta, BC, CAN 604-591-3351
V4A 2A8

Guildford Plaza Dental

PATT - Guildford Plaza Dental
10385 150 Street
Surrey, BC, CAN 604-583-6580
V3R 4B1

Grover Dental Care

Grover Dental Care
11 Rebecca Street, Ste. 110
Hamilton, ON, CAN 905-521-2180
L8R 3H7

Glen Abbey Dental Office

PATT - Glen Abbey Dental Office
1500 Upper Middle Rd. W., Ste. 19
Oakville, ON, CAN 905-847-3400
L6M 3G3

Dr. Denis Forget

PATT - Forget, Dr. Denis
10665 Boul Grande-Allee
Montreal, QC, CAN 514-387-3383
H3L 2M6

Fifth Avenue Dental Clinic

PATT - Fifth Avenue Dental Clinic
120 5th Avenue West, Ste. 2007
Cochrane, AB, CAN 403-932-9660
T4C 0A4

Espace Dentaire Valerie Lewis

PATT - Espace Dent. Valerie Lewis
155 Lacombe Blvd., Suite 230
Le Gardeur, QC, CAN 450-582-5545
J5Z 3C4

Ellwood Dental Office

PATT - Ellwood Dental Office
31205 Maclure Road, #201
Abbotsford, BC, CAN 604-854-3866
V2T 5E5

Drs. Dents

PATT - Drs. Dents
3425 Masson Street
Montreal, QC, CAN 514-376-4911
H1X 1R6

Sante Dentaire Sara Leclerc

Dre. Sara Leclerc
199 Rte. 138
Donnacona, QC, CAN 418-285-1450
G3M 1B9

Dre. Marie-Christine Tremblay

PATT - Dre. Marie-Christine Tremblay
465, boulevard des Bois Francs Sud
Victoriaville, QC, CAN 819-751-0144 Ext. 2
G6P 4T3

Dr. W. Liang

PATT - Dr. W. Liang
1959 152nd Street, Ste. 225
Surrey, BC, CAN 604-531-3344
V4A 9E3

Dr. Vincent Ballivy

PATT - Dr. Vincent Ballivy
114 Rue Principale
Cowansville, QC, CAN 450-955-3210
J2K 1J2

Dr. Tim Ayers Inc. – White Rock

PATT - Dr. Tim Ayers Inc.
1656 Martin Drive, Ste. #207
Surrey, BC, CAN 604-536-7606 x6
V4A 6E7

Dr. Susan R. Pan

Dr. Susan R. Pan
49 East Ave. South
Hamilton, ON, CAN 905-529-2164
L8N 2T5

Dr. Sonia Cotton

PATT - Dr. Sonia Cotton
644 Route Des Pionniers
Rimouski, QC, CAN 418-735-5919
G5N 5P1

Dr. Silverberg

PATT - Dr. Silverberg
10083 Keele Street
Maple, ON, CAN 905-832-5000
L6A 3Y8

Wakefield Family Dentistry

Dr. S. Bermingham
106 Wakefield Rd
Milton, ON, CAN 905-878-0555
L9T 2L8

Dr. Rytz & Labbe

PATT - Dr. Rytz & Labbe
11012 MacLeod Trail S., Ste. 290
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-278-1377
T2J 6A5

Dr. Randall Pewarchuk

PATT - Dr. Randall Pewarchuk
633 Goldstream Ave.
Victoria, BC, CAN 250-478-8533
V9B 2W9

Prevost & McMullan

Dr. Prevost & Dr. McMullan
17112 Ste.-Marie
Kirkland, QC, CAN 514-697-9045
H9J 2K9

Dr. Nathalie Socque

Dr. Nathalie Socque
155 St-Jean Baptiste
Chateauguay, QC, CAN 450-692-4000
J6K 3B1

Dr. Michael Yeung

PATT - Dr. Michael Yeung
2515 90 Avenue S.W., Unit 139
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-281-2520
T2V 0L8

Dr. Martin Cann

Dr. Martin Cann
4413 Ontario Street, Suite #203
Beamsville, ON, CAN 905-563-6313
L0R 1B5

Dr. Marlene Baribeault

PATT - Dr. Marlene Baribeault
4647 av du parc
Montreal, QC, CAN 514-287-1900
H2V 4E4

Dr. K. Konietzko

PATT - Dr. K. Konietzko
105 King Street West
Dundas, ON, CAN 905-628-2217
L9H 1V1

Dr. Josee Bourgon

PATT - Dr. Josee Bourgon
4B - 906 Bow Valley Trail
Canmore, AB, CAN 403-678-5866
T1W 1N6

Dr. John Perri Family Dentistry

PATT - Dr. John Perri
261 Martindale Road Unit 17
St. Catharines, ON, CAN 905-684-1603
L2W 1A2

Montreal West Dentistry

Dr. John Drummond Inc.
12 Brock Avenue North
Montreal West, QC, CAN 514-266-0124
H4X 1T9

Dr. Johanne Audette

PATT - Dr. Johanne Audette
7730 Boul. Levesque Est
Laval, QC, CAN 450-665-5399
H7A 1S8

Clinique Dentaire Berthierville

Dr. J. Farley
505 Rue Frontenac
Berthierville, QC, CAN 450-836-3903
J0K 1A0

Dr. J. F. Seguin Corp. Prof. Inc.

PATT - Dr. J. F. Seguin Corp. Prof. Inc.
10 Village Ave.
Campbellton, NB, CAN 506-753-3368
E3N 3S8

South Pelham Dental

Dr. Henricks & Dr. Takacs
589 South Pelham Road
Welland, ON, CAN 905-735-3362
L3C 3C7

Dr. Harris, Dr. Callen & Dr. Scott

PATT - Dr. Harris, Dr. Callen & Dr. Scott
25 12th Street, Ste. 2
Cranbrook, BC, CAN 250-489-4551
V1C 2R8

Dr. Gilles Dube

PATT - Dr. Gilles Dube
46 av de la Providence
Lachute, QC, CAN 450-562-0277
J8H 3K9

Dr. Garry Doody

PATT - Dr. Garry Doody
2580 Southland Dr. S.W.
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-281-4266 Ext. 2
T2V 4J8

Dr. F. T. Branzsen Inc.

PATT - Dr. F. T. Branzsen Inc.
2690 Mill Bay Road
Mill Bay, BC, CAN 250-743-9943
V0R 2P1

Dr. E. Su Inc.

PATT - Dr. E. Su Inc.
111 W. Broadway
Vancouver, BC, CAN 604-266-2198
V5Y 1P4

Dr. Dominique Larose

PATT - Dr. Dominique Larose
520 rue Cambronne
Quebec, QC, CAN 418-661-9375
G1E 6X1

Dr. Dave Regehr

PATT - Dr. Dave Regehr
2500 53rd Avenue, Ste. #200
Vernon, BC, CAN 250-541-7373
V1T 8H9

Centre Dent. Manon Corriveau Inc.

PATT - Dr. Corriveau & Cusson
565 Boul. Laurier
Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, CAN 450-464-4641
J3H 4X7

Dr. Claude Martel

PATT - Dr. Claude Martel
1000, Avenue Victoria, Suite 40
Saint-Lambert, QC, CAN 450-465-7800
J4R 2T1

Dr. Calvin Tham Inc.

PATT - Dr. Calvin Tham Inc.
#4-6305 120th Street
Delta, BC, CAN 604-596-9900
V4E 2A6

Dr. Bing & Henderson

PATT - Dr. Bing & Henderson
12195 Harris Road, #201
Pitt Meadows, BC, CAN 604-465-6844
V3Y 2E9

Dr. Bach Nguyen Dental Clinic

PATT - Dr. Bach Nguyen Dental Clinic
5967 Boulevard Payer
St. Hubert, QC, CAN 450-676-0444
J3Y 6W6

Dr. Arthur Ohno

PATT - Dr. Arthur Ohno
2940 17th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-249-5677
T3E 0A9

Westway Dental

Dr. Alan Hiutin
206-1735 Kipling Ave.
Toronto, ON, CAN 416 245-1554
M9R 2Y8

Discover Dental

PATT - Discover Dental
5075 Falconridge Blvd. N.E.
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-479-5070
T2J 3K9

Dentistry for Children

PATT - Dentistry for Children
290 Midpark Way S.E., Suite 200
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-873-1414
T2X 1P1

Cornerstone Dental

PATT - Corner Stone Dental
307, 201 Southridge Drive
Okotoks, AB, CAN 403-995-1800
T1S 2E1

Coral Springs Dental Centre

PATT - Coral Springs Dental Centre
31 Coral Springs Blvd. N.E.
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-568-0456
T3J 4J1

Clinique Dentaire Ste. Adele

PATT - Clinique Dentaire Ste. Adele
555 Boul. Ste. Adele, Ste. 235
Ste. Adele, QC, CAN 450-229-8333
J8B 1A7

Clinique Dentaire St-Andre Avellin

PATT - Clinique Dentaire St-Andre Avellin
#120 - 4 Rue Principale
St-Andre Avellin, QC, CAN 819-983-2444
J0V 1W0

Clinique Dentaire Richard Landry Inc.

PATT - Clinique Dentaire Richard Landry
5535 Boul. Gouin Ouest
Montreal, QC, CAN 514-331-0060
H4J 1C8

Clinique Dentaire Marcel & Poirier

PATT - Clinique Dentaire Marcel & Poirier
334 3em Rue
Chibougamau, QC, CAN 418-748-6075
G8P 1N5

Clinique Dentaire Linda Deschenes

PATT - Clinique Dentaire Linda Deschenes
84 Boul. Industriel
Repentigny, QC, CAN 450-657-2001
J6A 4X6

Clinique Dentaire Gervais et Assoc

Dr. Jean Gervais
6900 Boul. Cousineau, Ste. 101
St-Hubert, QC, CAN 450-656-5016 #1
J3Y 8Z4

Clinique Dentaire Eric Breton

Clinique Dentaire Eric Breton
1242 Av. Champlain
Disraeli, QC, CAN 418-449-1800
G0N 1E0

Clinique Dentaire Dr. Wayne Dionne

PATT - Clinique Dentaire Dr. Wayne Dionne
144 Rue Martin
Edmundston, NB, CAN 506-739-6040
E3Y 2N4

Clinique Dentaire Dr. Nguyen

PATT - Clinique Dentaire Dr. Nguyen
3211 Boul. des Sources
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC, CAN 514-685-6885
H9B 1Z6

Clinique Dentaire Yvon Turcotte

PATT - Clinique Dent. Yvon Turcotte
43 Boul. Raymond Mailloux
Baie Saint Paul, QC, CAN 418-435-3648
G3Z 1W2

Clinique Dentaire Berger et Lavoie

PATT - Clinique Dent. Berger et Lavoie
155 boul Labrosse
Gatineau, QC, CAN 819-663-8221
J8P 4N9

Clin. Dentaire Claude Bissonnette

PATT - Clin. Dentaire Claude Bissonnette
4 rue Kent
Ste-Anne-De-Bellevue, QC, CAN 514-457-5822
H9X 2C5

Clin. Dentaire Carole Vaillancourt

PATT - Clin. Dentaire Carole Vaillancourt
1954 rue Fleury Est
Montreal, QC, CAN 514-383-1954
H2B 1J1

Clinique Dentaire St-Augustin Inc.

PATT - Clin. Dent. St-Augustin Inc.
15310 De St-Augustin
Mirabel, QC, CAN 450-475-7751
J7N 1X4

Clin. Dent. Reinhardt, Thibert

PATT - Clin. Dent. Reinhardt, Thibert
8200 Boul. Taschereau
Brossard, QC, CAN 450-923-8200
J4X 2S6

Clinique Dentaire Princeville

PATT - Clin. Dent. Princeville
231 Boul. Baril
Princeville, QC, CAN 819-364-5178
G6L 3V6

Clinique Dentaire Ouellet et Duret

PATT - Clin. Dent. Ouellet et Duret
#202 - 128 rue Regnault
Sept-Iles, QC, CAN 418-968-9777
G4R 5T9

Clinic Dentaire Jean LaRocque Inc.

PATT - Clin. Dent. Jean LaRocque Inc.
1019 boul. des Pins
Val-d'Or, QC, CAN 819-825-2204
J9P 4T2

Clinique Dentaire Jean-Marc Girard

PATT - Clin. Dent. Jean-Marc Girard
8695 Hochelaga, Ste. 212
Montreal, QC, CAN 514-354-6242
H1L 6J5

Clinique Dentaire Dion

PATT - Clin. Dent. Dion
58, rue Racine Ouest
Chicoutimi, QC, CAN 418-543-8802
G7J 1E2