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A Notice to Our Environmentally Friendly Dentists

Please be aware that M.A.R.S believes the Find a Dentist App is an excellent service to both our Dental Family Members and their potential patients looking for an Environmentally Responsible Dental Practice. M.A.R.S has been made aware, as expected, our competitors with inferior technology are taking the low road and using this helpful tool as a marketing opportunity to further their financial gain. M.A.R.S’ intention with the Find a Dentist App is to make available a search engine to allow the public to find environmentally friendly dental practices close to home.

If you are in search of a genuinely environmentally friendly Dentist, please click this link below to enter your Zip/Postal Code into the Find a Dentist App.

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Environmentally Friendly Dentists- Find a Dentist

Below, with our Find a Dentist app, you can search for Environmentally Friendly Dentists. Dentists that use the M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator filter out mercury from our wastewater. Environmental mercury comes from many sources of which Dental Practices are a major contributor.

Mercury amalgam is released from the dental practice where it enters the city’s sewer system, heading towards the Water Treatment Plants. Most of the mercury leaving a dental practice is soluble or dissolved. Soluble mercury is more easily absorbed by the human body. No chemical or sediment traps would be able to capture it, therefore it will enter into our waterways. The mercury will then flow into larger bodies of water which we use for food (fish and other wildlife), irrigation (farming) and supplying our homes.


The term bioaccumulation refers to the net accumulation over time of metals within an organism from both biotic (other organisms) and abiotic (soil, air, and water) sources. Simply put, anything that lives, eats or uses a contaminated body of water will absorb the toxins in its surroundings. The higher the organisms are on the food chain, the higher concentration of mercury there will be. This process is called biomagnification.

With our Find a Dentist app, you can make sure you can find a dentist near you with a LibertyBOSS amalgam separator.

Why the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS?

Amalgam separators are used to remove the mercury out of the dental wastewater before it enters the city’s sewer system. Without an amalgam separator, the average dentist will release roughly three pounds of solid mercury per year. Mercury amalgam, being more dangerous than standard mercury because it contains 4% tin, which has an ionic charge that will release the mercury into its free state. If this mercury amalgam is submerged into a liquid, it creates soluble mercury, a substance that your local water treatment plant cannot capture with current technology.

Your Dentist has made the conscious effort to be environmental by installing the only amalgam separator to be rated as “Best Available Technology” and “Environmentally Friendly.” The M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS amalgam separator is able to capture all forms of mercury, including soluble. This assists in making your Doctor’s practice more environmentally friendly than other practices who chose to use other types of amalgam separators or have not yet installed one.

A Bit on Mercury

Mercury is a known neurotoxin and can cause birth defects. It has not always been considered an environmental hazard as it is today. Mercury was commonly used in many devices and found in many science classrooms. In the 1800’s, “Mad Hatters Disease” was an occupational hazard among hat makers (turning fur into felt), caused by the combination of poor ventilation and chronic mercury poisoning. It affected those who’s felting work involved prolonged exposure to mercury vapors. As a waste entering the environment, it was not considered very hazardous and often considered insoluble in water.

In the 1980’s the level of mercury entering a Waste Water Treatment plant was not a concern unless it was over 2 parts per billion. The drinking water standard at that time allowed the limit for mercury to be as much as 2 parts per billion (2 ug/L or 2,000 ng/L). It was the issue of mercury in the food supply that changed our way of thinking. To put it another way, one teaspoon of mercury can damage a 10 acre lake, causing it to be toxic to fish and animals, as well as to humans who use the fish as food.

How Your Dentist is Doing Their Part

One of the ways your Dentist has made an effort to be more environmentally conscience is by installing the only amalgam separator to be rated as the “Best Available Technology” and “Environmentally Friendly”. The M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS amalgam separator is able to capture all forms of mercury, including soluble. This assists in making your Doctor’s practice more environmentally friendly than other practices who chose to use other types of amalgam separators that only target solid mercury.

Find a Dentist Mercury Cycle

Conceptual diagrams illustrating mercury biomagnification within the aquatic food chain. Click here for more information. For more details on how M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS protects the environment, please refer to the following information on our Dental Separator Page.

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Swish Dental

Swish Dental
16821 127 Street NW,
Edmonton, AB, CAN 780-476-9796
T6V 1B1

Leport Comprehensive Dentistry

Dr. Ryan Lepore
822 Milwaukee Avenue
Dunedin, FL, USA 727-733-4113

FCC Victorville Camp

Dr. Shawn Hinton
P.O. Box 5400
Adelanto, CA, USA 760-530-5700 X 1063

Lockwood Family Dental

Lockwood Family Dental
10801 Lockwood Drive, #340
Silver Spring, MD, USA 301-754-3703

Soins Dentaires Andre Gascon

Soins Dentaires Andre Gascon
3230 boul Cure Labelle, Bureau 206
Laval, QC, CAN 450-668-3333
H7P 0H9

Gaithersburg Family Dental

Gaithersburg Family Dental
8 Russell Avenue, Suite 105
Gaithersburg, MD, USA 301-216-0592

Sonkin Dental

Dr. Roy Sonkin
One Westgate
Elmont, NY, USA 516-352-5614

Renew Dental

Dr. Doris Marquis
1013 West Jackson Street
Tupelo, MS, USA 662-823-7900

Dr. Gary Fortinsky

Dr. Gary Fortinsky
25 Sheppard Avenue W., $ 680
, ON, CAN 416-225-1352
M2N 6S6

Apollonia Dental Clinic

Apollonia Dental Clinic
1936 38th Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB, CAN 780-432-5842
T6T 0B4

Marquis Dental Center

Dr. George Marquis
6 Medical Park Drive
Fulton, MS, CAN 662-862-7434
Dr. G. Marquis

M Dental

Dr. Mike Ma
Mississauga, ON, CAN 905-270-4788
L4Y 2B5

Perry Dental Solutions

Dr. John Filutze
3933 Lane Road
Perry Twp., OH, USA 440-639-2273

Dr. Peter Dimakakos

Dr. Peter Dimakakos
1566 Avenue Road
Toronto, ON, CAN 416-785-9399
M5M 3X6

Dr. Jacques Vaillancourt

Dr. Jacques Vaillancourt
73 de l'Eglise
Windsor, QC, CAN 819-845-3080
J1S 2A5

Mary E. Gregory, DDS

Mary E. Gregory, DDS
4500 Old Dominion Drive
Arlington, VA, USA 703-527-6495

Smile Dental Implant Center

Smile Dental Implant Center
#225 - 1959 - 152nd St.
Surrey, BC, CAN 604-531-3344
V4A 9E3

Dr. Komal Jain Dentistry

Dr. Jain
1860 Lakeshore Road West
Mississauga, ON, CAN 905-822-4362

Toothworks Sterling

Toothworks Sterling
85 Ellesmere Road, #57
Scarborough, ON, CAN 416-449-4487
M1R 4B7

Iocca Family Dentistry

Mark E. Iocca D.D.S.
2000 Spring Arbor Road, Suite A
Jackson, MI, USA 517-787-5210

Family Dental Centre

Dr. Mandeep Johal Dentistry P.C.
1482 Gordon Street
Guelph, ON, CAN 519-767-2729
N1L 1C8

Laura A. Earnest, D.D.S.

Laura A. Earnest, D.D.S.
275 Kayla Street, Suite 100
Shreveport, LA, USA 318-865-9981

Dr. Tim Wagner

Dr. Tim Wagner
167 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, ON, CAN 905-725-3221
L1G 4S8

Lakewood Dental Centre

Lakewood Dental Centre
40 Lakewood Blvd., #120
Winnipeg, MB, CAN 204-257-6961
R2J 2M6

Rutherford Dental Centre

Rutherford Dental Centre
4555 Uplands Drive
Nanaimo, BC, CAN
V9T 6M8

Palermo Dental Care

Andrew C. Palermo, D.D.S., P.C.
2 Romany Way
East Nothport, NY, USA 631-363-2882

Temple Valley Dental Group Inc.

Temple Valley Dental Group Inc. 388 Hui Iwa Street, Suite 24
Ko'olau Center 388 Hui Iwa Street, Suite 24
Kaneohe, HI, USA 808-239-6711

FMS Dental

Dr. Frank Stroud
2650 Suzanne Way, Suite 150
Eugene, OR, USA 541-485-8558

Dr. David Wilson

Dr. David Wilson
2233 Williamette Street, Building E
Eugene, OR, USA 541-484-9018

Brown Bodents Dental

Dr. Brown
107 Huron Street
Woodstock, ON, CAN 519-537-6891
N4S 6Z6

Marie-Pier Riedeau

Dre. Marie-Pier Riedeau
9 boul. Montcalm
Candiac, QC, CAN 450-444-3733
J5R 3L5

Dr. Erich E. Tenzer

Dr. Erich E. Tenzer
11886 Tecumseh Road E.
Tecumseh, ON, CAN 519-735-7979
N8N 3C1

Pacific Rim Dental Centre

Dr. Marjan Gholizadeh
841 Yates Street
Victoria, BC, CAN 778-432-2726
V8W 1M1

Smile 32 Dentistry – Southland Tower

Smile 32 Dentistry - Southland Tower
10655 Southport Road S.W., Suite 580
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-278-4322
T2W 4Y1

Dr. John L. Chiasson

Dr. John L. Chiasson
1470 Mosley Street, Unit 8
Wasaga Beach, ON, CAN 705-352-1028
L9Y 2C2

Comfort Card Dental Clinic

Comfort Card Dental Clinic
2045 Stanley Street, #100
Montreal, QC, CAN 514-844-8061
H3A 2V4

Dr. John Gilmer, D.D.S.

Dr. John Gilmer, D.D.S.
275 Kayla Street, #300
Shreveport, LA, USA 318-865-5576

Dr. Alex Kim

Dr. Alex Kim
4637 Kingston Road
Scarborough, ON, CAN 416-281-9398
M1E 2P8

Maegan Elam & Associates

Maegan Elam & Associates
2221 Harwood Road
Bedford, TX, USA 817-283-2871

Dr. Ronald Hermes, D.D.S.

Dr. Ronald Hermes, D.D.S.
6930 Fern Ave., Suite 100
Shreveport, LA, USA 318-797-9997

Golden Dental Centre

Dr. Jeffrey Dolinsky
901 9th Street South
Golden, BC, CAN 250-344-2710
V0A 1H0

Reston Family Dental Center

Dr. Ali Miamee
1801 Robert Fulton Drive, #100
Reston, VA, USA 703-495-3333

Alpharetta Comprehensive Dentistry

Dr. Minniti
270 St. Claire Drive, #105
Alpharetta, GA, USA 678-990-8590

Swiss Dental

Swiss Dental
16821 127th Street N.W.
Edmonton, AB, CAN
T6V 0T1

Dr. Alex Yi Fung Tsai

Dr. Alex Yi Fung Tsai
3431 Main Street
Vancouver, BC, CAN 604-708-8138
V5V 3M9

Dr. Adela Mihali

Dr. Adela Mihali
2055 Peel Street, Suite 400
Montreal, QC, CAN 514-843-4045
H3A 1T6

Island Endodontics

Island Endodontics
1964 Fort Street, Suite 308
Victoria, BC, CAN 250-595-3142
V8R 6R3

Dr. Edward Laver

Dr. Edward Laver
1694 Fort Street, Suite 100
Victoria, BC, CAN 250-598-9224
V8R 6R3

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
4656 E. Michigan Street
Orlando, FL, USA 407-282-2313

Clinique Dentaire Benoit et Associes

Allo Dentiste
3180 Chemin Chambly
Longueuil, QC, CAN 450-928-3368
J4L 1N6

Dr. Anthony Carbery

Dr. Anthony Carbery
6000 de Rome boul., Suite 205
Brossard, QC, CAN 450-678-3636
J4Y 0B9

White Teeth Dental Spa

Dr. Sharon Friend
1520 North El Camino Real, #5
San Clements, CA, USA

Premier Dental Care

Premier Dental Care
220 E. Horizon Drive, #F
Henderson, NV, USA 702-565-0000

Clermont Family Dentistry

Dr. Mundi Buechele, D.M.D.
12344 Roper Blvd.
Clermont, FL, USA 352-242-1763

Dental Studio of Hurst

Dr. Sandhya
1716 Chadwick Court
Hurst, TX, USA 817-282-4539

Mary E. Gregory, D.D.S.

Mary E. Gregory, D.D.S.
4500 Old Dominion Drive
Arlington, VA, USA 703-527-6495

Mayfair Family Dentistry

Dr. Lakisha Arie-Holmes
1637 W. North Avenue
Wauwatosa, WI, USA 414-259-0665

Dever Dental

Dr. Martha Dever
9144 Cincinatti Columbus Road
Westchester, OH, USA 513-777-6444

Uxbridge Sleep Dentistry

Uxbridge Sleep Dentistry
49 Main Street South
Uxbridge, ON, CAN 905-852-2122
L9P 1J4

Dr. Amita Bajwa D.P.C.

Dr. Amita Bajwa D.P.C.
44 Colborne Street East
Oshawa, ON, CAN 905-576-7777
L1G 1L9

Day Dental

Dr. David Day
10786 Bellaire Blvd., Suite A
Houston, TX, USA 281-495-0900

Stephen M. Carron D.D.S.

Stephen M. Carron D.D.S.
12 South Jackson Street
Perryville, MO, USA 573-547-5570

Days Road Dental

Days Road Dental
499 Days Road
Kingston, ON, CAN 613-389-0039
K7M 3R6

Clinique Dentaire des Galeries Baie-Comeau

Clinique Dentaire des Galeries Baie-Comeau
300, boul La Salle
Baie-Comeau, QC, CAN 418-296-1666
G4Z 2K2

Pinnacle Endodontics, Periodontics & Implants

Pinnacle Endodontics, Periodontics & Implants
6150 Metrowest Blvd., #301
Orlando, FL, USA 407-532-9856

Dr. Deller-Quinn Family Dentistry

Dr. Deller-Quinn Family Dentistry
335 Durham Market North
Kincardine, ON, CAN 519-396-3260
N2Z 1Z4

Arcadia Dental Centre

Dr. Efim Fichman
2777A Steeles Avenue West, #201
North York, ON, CAN 416-650-0032
M3J 3K5

Dr. Kiran Arora, DPC

Dr. Kiran Arora, DPC Suite 210
1100 Sheppard Avenue E. Suite 210
Toronto, ON, CAN 416-223-3444

Dr. Michael Salazar, D.D.S.

Dr. Michael Salazar, D.D.S.
4755 South Conway Road
Orlando, FL, USA 407-855-1128

Tracht, Briskie & Associates

Tracht, Briskie & Associates
1814 S. Rochester Road
Rochester Hills, MI, USA 248-608-2626

161 Church Street Dentistry

Dr. Thora Hunter
161 Chruch Street
Newmarket, ON, CAN 905-895-2921
L3Y 4B9

Dr. Louis-Rene Charette

Dr. Louis-Rene Charette
3550 Cote des Neiges
Montreal, QC, CAN 514-931-1155
H3H 1V4

Lackner Woods Dentistry

Dr. Mitrana
900 Fairway Cres., #4
Kitchener, AB, CAN 519-893-9300
N2A 0A1

Dentistry In Scarborough

Dentistry In Scarborough
3319 Sheppard Ave. East
Scarborough, ON, CAN 647-349-9485
M1T 3K2

Dr. Morton Silverberg

Dr. Morton Silverberg
3645 Bathurst Street, #205
Toronto, ON, CAN 416-781-1161
M1A 2E4

American Dental Offices

American Dental Offices
6180 Jericho Turnpike
Commack, NY, USA 631-499-0040

Family Dentistry of Forsyth

Family Dentistry of Forsyth
3130 Mathis Airport Pkwy.
Suwanee, GA, USA 404-551-5550

Victoria Dental Clinic

Dr. Ali Lucia
910 Victoria Avenue East
Thunder Bay, ON, CAN 807-622-9848
P7C 1B4

Crossroads Family Dentistry

Dr. Joe Smith
8700 US Hwy. 380, Suite 100
Aubrey, TX, USA 940-440-2483

Edge Water Dental

Dr. T. Pringle
1330 Exmouth Street
Sarnia, ON, CAN 519-541-0505
N7S 3X9

Viva Dental

Viva Dental
1090 Dawson Road
Thunder Bay, ON, CAN 807-767-5471
P7B 5V1

Pediatric Dental Group

Pediatric Dental Group
12601 Narcoossee Road, Unit 100A
Orlando, FL, USA 407-737-7767

Natural Smiles

Dr. Carla Arias, D.M.D.
4063 N. Goldenrod Road
Winter Park, FL, USA 407-677-8888

Burch & Palandjian

Dr. Ken Burch & Dr. Diana Palandjian
2387 Carlisle Road
York, PA, USA 717-767-6846

Friendly Dental Centre

Friendly Dental Centre
7031 Westminster Hwy.
Richmond, BC, CAN 604-273-8315
V6X 1A3

Dr. Kwong Lo

Dr. Kwong Lo
289 York Blvd.
Hamilton, ON, CAN 905-528-5568
L8R 1Y7

Dr. Kwong Lo

Dr. Kwong Lo
701 Main Street West, #102
Hamilton, ON, CAN 905-521-2288
L8S 1A2

Village Family Dental

Village Family Dental
7540 Sawmill Parkway, Suite H
Powell, OH, USA 614-389-3961

Ramani Dentistry

Ramani Dentistry
57116 10 Mile Road
South Lyon, MI, USA 248-826-2400

Gentle Dental

Gentle Dental
656 Main Street
Port Jefferson, NY, USA 631-928-9818

Brickyard Family Dental

Brickyard Family Dental
2620 N. Narragansett Avenue, #B13
Chicago, IL, USA 773-237-5265

First Impressions Dental

First Impressions Dental
18279 Yonge Street, Unit 1
Newmarket, ON, CAN 905-853-1444
L9N 0A2

Dr. John Simpson

Dr. John Simpson
270 Runnymede Road
Toronto, ON, CAN 416-767-4151
M6S 2Y6

Dr. Heather Feray Bohen, DDS PA

Dr. Heather Feray Bohen, DDS PA
720 Lawrence Street, Suite 200
Tombal, TX, USA 281-357-5002

Clinque Dentaire Vaillancourt Fouriner Houle

Clinque Dentaire Vaillancourt Fouriner Houle
73 rue de l'Eglise
Windsor, QC, CAN 819-845-3080
J1S 2A5

Concession Street Dental Care

Concession Street Dental Care
96 Concession Street
Cambridge, ON, CAN 519-622-2270
N1R 2H3

Glendale Dental

Glendale Dental
5150 N Port Washington Road
Glendale, WI, USA 414-964-8850

L’Avenir Clinique Dentaire

L'Avenir Clinique Dentaire
1575 l'Avenir, Suite 200
Laval, QC, CAN 450-663-8088
H7S 2N5

Maples Dental Centre

Maples Dental Centre
1281 Jefferson Ave.
Winnipeg, MB, CAN 204-632-6980
R2P 1S7

Southern Oaks Family Dentistry

Southern Oaks Family Dentistry
3904 Hwy. 86
Easley, SC, USA 864-850-9100