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A Notice to Our Environmentally Friendly Dentists

Please be aware that M.A.R.S believes the Find a Dentist App is an excellent service to both our Dental Family Members and their potential patients looking for an Environmentally Responsible Dental Practice. M.A.R.S has been made aware, as expected, our competitors with inferior technology are taking the low road and using this helpful tool as a marketing opportunity to further their financial gain. M.A.R.S’ intention with the Find a Dentist App is to make available a search engine to allow the public to find environmentally friendly dental practices close to home.

If you are in search of a genuinely environmentally friendly Dentist, please click this link below to enter your Zip/Postal Code into the Find a Dentist App.

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Environmentally Friendly Dentists- Find a Dentist

Below, with our Find a Dentist app, you can search for Environmentally Friendly Dentists. Dentists that use the M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator filter out mercury from our wastewater. Environmental mercury comes from many sources of which Dental Practices are a major contributor.

Mercury amalgam is released from the dental practice where it enters the city’s sewer system, heading towards the Water Treatment Plants. Most of the mercury leaving a dental practice is soluble or dissolved. Soluble mercury is more easily absorbed by the human body. No chemical or sediment traps would be able to capture it, therefore it will enter into our waterways. The mercury will then flow into larger bodies of water which we use for food (fish and other wildlife), irrigation (farming) and supplying our homes.


The term bioaccumulation refers to the net accumulation over time of metals within an organism from both biotic (other organisms) and abiotic (soil, air, and water) sources. Simply put, anything that lives, eats or uses a contaminated body of water will absorb the toxins in its surroundings. The higher the organisms are on the food chain, the higher concentration of mercury there will be. This process is called biomagnification.

With our Find a Dentist app, you can make sure you can find a dentist near you with a LibertyBOSS amalgam separator.

Why the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS?

Amalgam separators are used to remove the mercury out of the dental wastewater before it enters the city’s sewer system. Without an amalgam separator, the average dentist will release roughly three pounds of solid mercury per year. Mercury amalgam, being more dangerous than standard mercury because it contains 4% tin, which has an ionic charge that will release the mercury into its free state. If this mercury amalgam is submerged into a liquid, it creates soluble mercury, a substance that your local water treatment plant cannot capture with current technology.

Your Dentist has made the conscious effort to be environmental by installing the only amalgam separator to be rated as “Best Available Technology” and “Environmentally Friendly.” The M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS amalgam separator is able to capture all forms of mercury, including soluble. This assists in making your Doctor’s practice more environmentally friendly than other practices who chose to use other types of amalgam separators or have not yet installed one.

A Bit on Mercury

Mercury is a known neurotoxin and can cause birth defects. It has not always been considered an environmental hazard as it is today. Mercury was commonly used in many devices and found in many science classrooms. In the 1800’s, “Mad Hatters Disease” was an occupational hazard among hat makers (turning fur into felt), caused by the combination of poor ventilation and chronic mercury poisoning. It affected those who’s felting work involved prolonged exposure to mercury vapors. As a waste entering the environment, it was not considered very hazardous and often considered insoluble in water.

In the 1980’s the level of mercury entering a Waste Water Treatment plant was not a concern unless it was over 2 parts per billion. The drinking water standard at that time allowed the limit for mercury to be as much as 2 parts per billion (2 ug/L or 2,000 ng/L). It was the issue of mercury in the food supply that changed our way of thinking. To put it another way, one teaspoon of mercury can damage a 10 acre lake, causing it to be toxic to fish and animals, as well as to humans who use the fish as food.

How Your Dentist is Doing Their Part

One of the ways your Dentist has made an effort to be more environmentally conscience is by installing the only amalgam separator to be rated as the “Best Available Technology” and “Environmentally Friendly”. The M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS amalgam separator is able to capture all forms of mercury, including soluble. This assists in making your Doctor’s practice more environmentally friendly than other practices who chose to use other types of amalgam separators that only target solid mercury.

Find a Dentist Mercury Cycle

Conceptual diagrams illustrating mercury biomagnification within the aquatic food chain. Click here for more information. For more details on how M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS protects the environment, please refer to the following information on our Dental Separator Page.

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Centre d’Implantologie dentaire des Moulins

Centre d'Implantologie dentaire des Moulins
2694 Chemin Sainte-Marie, Suite 101
Mascouche , QC, CAN 450 474-0666
J7K 1M9

Kreitzberg Dental

Dr. Kreitzberg
353 Vets Memorial Hwy., Suite 202
Commack, NY, USA 631-543-5555

Clinique Dentaire Dr Patrick Rheault

Drs. Rheault et Daloze
2330 Principale Ouest
Magog, QC, CAN 819-868-1008
J1X 0J1

Dental Image Therapy

Dental Image Therapy
1225 St. Mary's Road, #110
Winnipeg, MB, CAN 204-255-0587
R2M 5E5

Ponderosa Family Dental

Ponderosa Family Dental
3025 Lougheed Highway
Coquitlam, BC, CAN 604-945-5222
V3B 6S2

Apple Dental

Dr. Sipra Gohel
13766 72nd Avenue
Surrey, AB, CAN 604-590-2522
V3W 2P4

Dr. Lucs Dental LLC

Dr. Lucs Dental LLC
8630 Fenton Street, Suite 204
Silver Spring, MD, USA 301-587-8081

Dr. Craig T. Morrison

Dr. Craig T. Morrison
135 Clergy St E
Kingston, ON, CAN 613-542-7011
K7K 3S5

Mt. Vernon Center For Dentistry

Mt. Vernon Center For Dentistry
8101 Hinson Farm Road, Suite 114
Alexandria, VA, USA 703-360-5881

Dre. Sylvie Raiche

Dre. Sylvie Raiche


Dr. Brenda E. Howard
9821 Greenbelt Road, Suite 205
Lanham, MD, USA 301-552-2662

Dr. Julie Lee

Dr. Julie Lee
2411 Oak Valley Drive, Suite 300
Ann Arbor, MI, USA 734-827-2273

Hampton Smile Dental

Dr. Robert Sicurelli
157 Wickapogue Road
Southampton, NY, USA 631.287.4300

IDU Det Ottawa

IDU Det Ottawa
101 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON, CAN 613-992-7389
K1A 0K2

Personalized Dental Care

Personalized Dental Care
2532 Monroe Street
Dearborn, MI, USA 313-563-9090

Dr. Stephen Evans DDS

Dr. Stephen Evans DDS
16427 FM 344 West
Bullard, TX, USA 903-894-8757

Dr. W. Shuit Dentistry

Dr. W. Shuit Dentistry
131 Union Street E., Suite 104
Waterloo, ON, CAN 519-742-7841
N2J 1C4

Dental Wellness of Clifton

Dr. Rada Meytin
1149 Bloomfield Avenue, Suite A
Clifton, NJ, USA 973-473-2410

Southwood Dental Studio

Dr. Sanjay Agrawal
395 Southdale Road E.
London, ON, CAN 519-686-3683
N6E 1A2

Family Dentistry on Queen

Family Dentistry on Queen
1476 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON, CAN 416-531-5712
M6K 1M4

Dre. Suzanne Raymond

Clinique Dentaire Dre. Suzanne Raymond
399 rue Franquelin
Sept-Iles, QC, CAN 4189624847
G4R 2L7

Central Dental Office

Central Dental Office
3685 Tecumseh Road E.
Windsor, ON, CAN 519-974-8683
N8W 1H8

Dr. Marc Desautels

Dr. Marc Desautels
672 rue Jacques-Cartier
Est Chicoutimi, QC, CAN 418-696-1626
G7H 2A4

St. Clair College Dental Clinic

St. Clair College Dental Clinic
2000 Talbot Road West
Windsor, ON, CAN 519-972-2727 X4693
N9A 6S4

Dr. Todd Feller

Dr. Todd Feller
567 N. Hewitt
Yspilanti, MI, USA 734-528-9306

Cloverdale Crossing Dental

Cloverdale Crossing Dental
17685 64th Avenue, #835
Surrey, BC, CAN 778-571-0800
V3S 1Z2

Dr. Michael Kahnke

Dr. Michael Kahnke
1-22 Water Street
Kitchener, ON, CAN 519-576-4530
N2G 4K4

Smiling Creek Dental

Smiling Creek Dental
1465 Salisbury Avenue, #205
Port Coquitlam, BC, CAN 604-941-9422
V3B 6J3

32 Pearls Dentistry

32 Pearls Dentistry
3662 Hurontario Street, Unit 2
Mississauga, ON, CAN 905-232-5556
L5B 1P3

Dr. Blanche Grube

Dr. Blanche Grube
810 Greenridge Street
Scranton, PA, USA 570-343-1500

Drs. Bankhead & Groipen

Dr. Stu MacDonald
1259 Hyde Park Avenue, Unit 102
Hyde Park, MA, USA 617-364-5500

Royal Oak Dental Clinic

Royal Oak Dental Clinic
#192 - 8888 Country Hills Blvd. NW
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-547-8888
T3G 5T4

Aurora Gateway Dental

Aurora Gateway Dental
676 Wellington Street East
Aurora, ON, CAN 905-503-2273
L4G 0K3

Julien et Marin

Julien et Marin
3535 Queen Mary #320
Montreal, QC, CAN 514-733-6522
H3V 1H8

Jackson-Hinds Health Center

Dr. Rose Straughter
3502 West Northside Drive
Jackson, MS, USA 601-362-5321

Dr. Brock Nicolucci

Dr. Brock Nicolucci
699 Cranbrook Road
London, ON, CAN 519-472-7450
N6K 1W8

Clinique St. Louis

Clinique St. Louis
1595 Chemain St. Louis
Quebec, QC, CAN 418-687-5271
G1S 1G4

Canada Place Dental

Canada Place Dental
9828 - 101 A Avenue
Edmonton, AB, CAN 780-424-6272
T5J 3C6

March Dentistry

Dr. Joan March
165 South Milford Road
Milford, MI, USA 248-684-1693

Frank J. Granati, DDS

Frank J. Granati, DDS
100 N Ocean Avenue
Patchogue, NY, USA 631-289-1919

Surdel Dental Centre

Surdel Dental Centre
8087 120th Street, #130
Delta, BC, CAN 604-596-7777
V4C 6P7

Evans Dental Care

Dr. Peter S. Evans, D.D.S.
103 Bulifants Blvd. #B
Williamsburg, VA, USA 757-220-1999

Daniels Dental Care

Dr. Douglas S. Daniels
640 E. Whittier Blvd
La Habra, CA, USA 562-694-3660

Anderson County Health Department

Anderson County Health Department
710 N. Main Street, #C
Clinton, TN, USA 865-425-8803

Old Town Dentistry

Frinet Kasper, D.D.S.
1203 Prince Street
Alexandria, VA, USA 703-683-0800

Conrad Denture Clinic

Conrad Denture Clinic
658 Talbot Street
St. Thomas, ON, CAN 519-631-2299
N5P 1C8

American Dental Offices

American Dental Offices
1302 King Hwy., 4th Floor
Brooklyn, NY, USA 718-376-6700

American Dental Offices

American Dental Offices
1659 Richmond Avenue
Staten Island, NY, USA 718-983-6300

Jeff Bonelli Dental Corp.

Dr. Karen J. Lee Dentistry
375 University Avenue East
Waterloo, ON, CAN 519-747-3917
N2K 3M7

The Smilist Dental

Dr. Frank Kestler
51A North Ferry Road
Shelter Island, NY, USA 631-749-0539

Mascoma Dental Associates

Mascoma Dental Associates
2 Campbell Street
Lebanon, NH, USA 603-448-4200

Family Dentistry by Dr. Moore

Family Dentistry by Dr. Moore
636 Crown Pointe Lane, Suite 105
Rock Hill, SC, USA 803-329-4746

Dr. Manuela Barsan

Dr. Manuela Barsan
100A - 1 Pl. Du Commerce
Verdun, QC, CAN 514-768-2587
H3E 1A2

Congressional Dental Care

Dr. Ali Sarkarzadeh
1750 Rockville Pike Suite 10
Rockville, MD, USA 301-770-5400

Precision Dental MKE

Dr. Justen Toner DDS
6203 S. Howell Avenue
Milwaukee, WI, USA 414-764-5770

Symbiose Dentaire

Symbiose Dentaire
1807 Ch. Ste-Angelique
Saint-Lazare, QC, CAN 450-455-7455
J7T 2X9

Dentistry at The Lake

Dentistry at The Lake
104 Lock Street
Peterborough, ON, CAN 705-743-2751
K9J 2Y4

Smile City Square Dental

Dr. Kelvin Mah
555 W 12th Ave., Suite 125
Vancouver, BC, CAN 604-568-8158
V5Z 3X7

Smile Dental PLLC

Dr. Robert J. Sicurelli Jr.
157 Wickapogue Road
Southhampton, NY, USA 631-287-4300

Dr. Michael K. Hwang

Dr. Michael K. Hwang
1175 Main Street
East Hartford, CT, USA 860-528-342

Corwin Family Dentistry

Dr. J. Owen Corwin
221 E. 7th Avenue
Bristow, OK, USA 918-367-3290

Didsbury Dental

Didsbury Dental
2220 20th Street SW
Didsbury, AB, CAN 403-335-3855
T0M 0W0

Park Dental

Dr. Sam Patel
4533 Cemetery Road
Hilliard, OH, USA 614-405-7275

UCC Dental

UCC Dental Room 35
UCC Building, Western University Room 35
London, ON, CAN 519-850-2455
N6A 3K7

Madigan Dental

Madigan Dental
6060 Memorial Drive NE
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-633-6825
T2A 3W1

Natural Dentist Associates

Natural Dentist Associates Suite T123
5809 Nicholson Lane Suite T123
North Bethesda, MD, USA 301-770-2270

Harbourside Dental

Harbourside Dental
17 Lock Street, #1
St. Catharines, ON, CAN 905-937-1515
L2N 5B6

Dr. Robert N. Bickford

Dr. Robert N. Bickford
154 W. Montauk Highway
Hampton Bays, NY, USA 631-728-5606

Dentistry on Lakeshore

Dentistry on Lakeshore
325-321 Lakeshore Road West
Mississauga, ON, CAN 905-278-0100
L5H 1G9

Dr. Arthur Shemet

Dr. Arthur Shemet
52C Main Street
Westhampton, NY, USA 631-288-8822

Wing, Mack and Smith DDS

Wing, Mack and Smith DDS
1420 Dickerson Street
Newark, OH, USA 740-344-9155

Dentistry on Sherbrooke

Dentistry on Sherbrooke
1625 Sherbrooke Street, #8
Peterborough, ON, CAN 705-743-2495
K9K 0E6

Parkview Dental Centre

Parkview Dental Centre
319 1st Avenue W.
Brooks, AB, CAN 403-362-3752 / 403-362-3799
T1R 0S3

Belmont Dental

Belmont Dental
3210 E. Market Street
York, PA, USA 717-848-1463

Elite Dentistry

Elite Dentistry
516 W. Lake Street
Addison, IL, USA 630-279-3333

Northport Family Dental

Dr. Jeffrey S. Rubin
365 Main Street
Northport, NY, USA 631-754-1107

Higson Dental Group

Higson Dental Group
10508 67th Avenue, #301
Grande Prairie, AB, CAN 780-532-4661
T8W 0K8

Willowside Dental

Willowside Dental
580 Acadia Drive S.E., #206
Calgary, AB, CAN 403-455-3220
T2J 6A7

Dr. Paula Coleman DDS

Dr. Paula Coleman DDS
1090 N. Market Street
Troy, OH, USA 937-339-5855

Lighthouse Family Dentistry

Dr. Taylor Meiser
37 Old Solomons Island Road
Annapolis, MD, USA 410-224-4411

Shore Smiles

Shores Smiles
875 North Broadway
North Massapequa, NY, USA 516-797-0300

Dr. Michel Theriault

Dr. Michel Theriault
1686 chemin du Tremblay
Longueuil, QC, CAN 450-468-3688
J4N 1E1

Aarm Dental Group Seymour

Aarm Dental Group Seymour
993 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC, CAN 604-668-7607
V6B 3M1

Kennedy North Dentist

Kennedy North Dentist
12533 Kennedy Road
Caledon, ON, CAN 905-872-6707
L7C 2H1

Groupe Dentist GBPLD

Groupe Dentist GBPLD Suite 100
61 Bellehumeur Suite 100
Gatineau, QC, CAN 819-246-9191
J8T 6K5

Dr. John J. Krygowski DDS

Dr. John J. Krygowski DDS
2719 North Washington Blvd.
Arlington, VA, USA 703-243-1810

Dr. Yoon-Jai Choi

Dr. Yoon-Jai Choi
4-1471 Prairie Avenue
Port Coquitlam, BC, CAN 604-942-0323
V3B 1T3

Gerald M. Levine, D.M.D. P.A.

Gerald M. Levine, D.M.D. P.A.
4558 South Kirkman Road
Orlando, FL, USA 407-294-0067

Elevation Implant Services

Elevation Implant Services
6845 Elm Street, Suite 225
Mclean, VA, USA 703-356-2000


Econdental D-4
3823 North Econlockhatchee Trail D-4
Orlando, FL, USA 321-972-8312

Pediatric Dentistry of Teaneck

Pediatric Dentistry of Teaneck
751 Teaneck Road, 3rd Floor
Teaneck, NJ, USA 201-837-1612

Family Dental Center – Chillicothe

Family Dental Center - Chillicothe
19 Executive Drive
Chillicothe, OH, USA 740-773-4066

Steven E. Wernick DDS

Oceanside Family Dentist
3809 Plaza Drive, Ste. 102
Oceanside, CA, USA 760-631-6302

Alafaya Dental Care

Alafaya Dental Care
2984 Alafaya Trail
Oviedo, FL, USA 407-366-8989

Bloor West Dentistry

Dr. Lisa Wat
2425 Bloor Street West, Suite #311
Toronto, ON, CAN 416-763-1283
M6S 4W4

Nelson Dental Centre

Nelson Dental Centre
#307-6411 Nelson Avenue
Burnaby, BC, CAN 604-433-2225
V5H 4H3

Millennium Dental

Millennium Dental
2363 W. March Lane
Stockton, CA, USA 209-952-3951

Kennedy’s Periodontics

Dr. J. Edward Kennedy
910 Williston Park Point, Suite 1050
Lake Mary, FL, USA 407-833-8522

Dentistry in Aurora

Dr. Christopher Tsang
520 Industrial Parkway South, Suite 300
Aurora, ON, CAN 905-727-5522
L4G 6W8

Total Dental Clinic

Total Dental Clinic
240 Alton Towers Circle #202
Scarborough, ON, CAN 416-299-3111
M1V 4P1