Dental Practices Requiring Hygenitek ARU-10 Amalgam Separator Disposal

There has been an increasing amount of Dental Practices requiring the disposal of amalgam separators that have not been compliant for many years. This blog is about one very dangerous amalgam separator that has not been produced for thirteen years and still currently in use or sitting in Dental Practices. This amalgam separator is the Hygenitek ARU-10.

The ARU-10 was a great amalgam separator that had a high separation rate and was a leader in the industry. There was one flaw in the system; it required maintenance and filter changes annually. As it is with all filter type amalgam separators, it gets rather expensive to keep up with the maintenance, and it exposes the office to methylmercury every time it is opened. The issue with changing these filters, they are attached with metal brackets. For those systems still in use, the metal retaining brackets have been sitting in water for well over a decade, rusting and decaying over that time.


The ARU-10 are required to be handled by professionals, if they are not moved or handled correctly, they can expel high levels of solid, soluble and vaporous mercury. If a failure were to occur, a professional abatement team would be required to clean the toxic sludge that has spilled in the Dental Practice.

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In the case that you were to come across an ARU-10 or if you were to still have one of these units in your Dental Practice, call M.A.R.S Bio-Med. Our M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialists are trained to safely and properly remove the ARU-10 to lessen the risk of a toxic spill. If you had a standard Technician, Plumber or if you decided to move the system yourself and there was a spill, vacate the building quickly and call an abatement team to remove all toxic waste.

When a Dental Practice keeps an amalgam separator non-compliant, not only do they risk the health of their office, patients, and environment, they also damage their equipment. Poorly maintained amalgam separators had been directly related to poor or no suction and the required maintenance or replacement of suction pumps. The simplest preventative maintenance for your Dental Practice is to ensure your amalgam separator is maintained to manufacturer specifications. A properly maintained amalgam separator will protect your office, equipment, and the environment.

When looking for a new amalgam separator, be sure to choose a no maintenance amalgam separator that does not require filters, regular maintenance or inspections. If you still have the dangerous ARU-10 amalgam separator from Hygenitek in your Practice, call M.A.R.S to protect your office and bring your office into compliance.