M.A.R.S Blog Series on Correcting Misinformation about the EPA Regulation Warranty Void – Evacuation Line Cleaners – Part 1

Thank you for following our blog series on the more recent misinformation about M.A.R.S®, our products, and the amalgam separator/evacuation line cleaner industry. To date, our series has covered two of the three dishonesties we are debunking in this blog;

Today, we will be discussing the last of the misinformation to more recently come to M.A.R.S’ attention; “M.A.R.S Evacuation Line Cleaners will void the warranty of the LibertyBOSS.” Though this is not a common lie told to our customers, we have heard a couple of times in the past few months. It is simply an untruth with no foundation.

The first thing we are going to explain is what the features of a compliant evacuation line are cleaner.

Compliant Evacuation Line Cleaners

Due to recent studies, there are not too many cleaners currently on the market that are now compliant to use. In 2014, Purves Environmental proved that mercury amalgam dissolves when underwater (inside an amalgam separator). When that water is outside the pH range of 6-8, the mercury dissolves into a soluble form at a faster rate. M.A.R.S believes, based on the Purves Study, the EPA included in their new Regulation the requirement of using a neutral pH, non-oxidizing, non-corrosive cleaner in evacuation lines.

pH levels (5)

M.A.R.S 4 Points for a Good Evacuation Line Cleaner

1) Neutral pH – Acidic Cleaners can damage metals in suctions lines and equipment, as well as void warranties. Make sure the cleaner is a neutral pH cleaner when in concentrated form, not diluted form to ensure compliance.


2) Non-foaming – Foaming Cleaners can damage Dry AND Wet Vacuums.

3) Safe for Staff – Many SDS requires special equipment when handling. Be sure the staff is well trained on the appropriate handling.


4) Cost Effective – Many cleaners can get rather expensive, especially if they are overused.

Compliant Evacuation Line Cleaners Continued

Continue with us on Friday as we discuss in further detail why the M.A.R.S LINZ Cleaners are the most effective cleaners on the market, as well as what makes a bad (non-compliant) cleaner.