The LibertyBOSS’ Journey to the Nova Scotia Dental Association Annual Meeting – Part 2

Today’s blog is a record of our incredibly successful trip to the Nova Scotia Dental Association Annual Meeting in beautiful Nova Scotia. Our success not only measured in our professional accomplishments but rather our total experience in Nova Scotia and its people.

Sadly, today marks our last full day here in Nova Scotia, but it will indeed not be our last. Please enjoy reading the rest of our journey since we last filled you in on Wednesday.

Latest Nova Scotia Adventure

Since our last blog, marking our adventures, we have experienced more of Nova Scotia’s people and its beauty.

We continued our journey by visiting Shubenacadie Canal and Park, enjoying the natural beauty of its streams, forests, and wildlife. We have been encouraged to attend their Wildlife Park in Shubenacadie on our next visit. Our day continued by meeting some wonderful Dental Practices, staffed by some of the friendliest of people.

On Thursday, before the Nova Scotia Dental Association  & Nova Scotia Dental Technicians Association Golf Tournament, we had breakfast and Edible Matters. A fantastic restaurant/bakery with some of the best food you will have ever tasted.

M.A.R.S is looking forward to adding to our adventures throughout Nova Scotia during our next visit.

Blog Highlight 2

Nova Scotia Dental Association  & Nova Scotia Dental Technicians Association Golf Tournament

The Nova Scotia Dental Association  & Nova Scotia Dental Technicians Association Golf Tournament had to be one of the most well organized and tremendously entertaining golf events M.A.R.S has ever attended. We will once again like to thank Christian Hall, his team and the sponsors for hosting such a delightful event.

Nova Scotia Dental Association

Nova Scotia Dental Association Annual Meeting

M.A.R.S had an incredible experience at the Nova Scotia Dental Association  Annual Meeting this year. We had a great group of Dental Professional visits our booth, who are tired of old amalgam separator technology and interested in upgrading to Best Available Technology.

M.A.R.S enjoyed working with our Trusted Distributor, Patterson Dental during the Nova Scotia Dental Association. The Halifax Branch has an incredibly dedicated and intelligent team, which we are excited to work closer with moving forward.

Nova Scotia Dental Association

Keynote Speaker

Karen Furneaux, Olympic Canadian Sprint Kayaker, had a fantastic motivational presentation on POWER Up Your Performance: There is Gold in the Journey. It spoke about People Overcoming Challenges. First-hand experiences and stories of Karen’s Olympic pursuit as well as some practical, applicable skills for everyone.

Dr. Doug Chayter and Dr. Frank Lovely

M.A.R.S has to thank both Audra Hayden and Cheryl Bell for introducing us to Dr. Doug Chayter and Dr. Frank Lovely. Both of these men are a fountain of knowledge and experience, and they were invaluable in the creation of our last blog dedicated to the Merritt Family.

Trusted Distributor

Patterson Dental will be carrying on the adventure for the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS amalgam separator in Nova Scotia. We are delighted at their enthusiasm for our products and our partnership. Stay tuned to our blogs as we may be visiting Halifax very soon to work closer with Patterson Dental.

Nova Scotia Dental Association

If you wish to visit our famous LibertyBOSS, contact Patterson Halifax, as our little guy has found his new home with Patterson Dental.