M.A.R.S Rocks the Ohio Dental Association: Amalgam Separator Proven to be the Best Available Technology in Ohio

M.A.R.S is proud to be exhibiting in Columbus, Ohio, from September 14th to the 17th at the 2017 Ohio Dental Association Annual Session. We are always excited to join the Ohio Dental Association and their members every year as the Independent Study proving the LibertyBOSS to be “Best Available Technology” was done in Ohio. M.A.R.S knows that the LibertyBOSS exceeds all Ohio Control Group Standards for amalgam separation. Our confidence in our products is why M.A.R.S offers a Written Guarantee of Compliance with every LibertyBOSS.


Ohio Dental Associatio


M.A.R.S is excited to have William Purves of Purves Environmental at our booth again this year. Mr. Purves is the expert on mercury many POTWs rely on to help them meet their mercury discharge limits. He has been working closely with Ohio POTWs to help educate them on amalgam separators and the EPA regulation. Mr. Purves uses his knowledge to ensure that POTWs have the right information when setting and enforcing their Best Management Practices.

mars yoyoIf you are attending the Ohio Dental Association Annual Session 2017, please visit M.A.R.S at booth 100 to receive one of our amazing glowing Yo-Yos while supplies last. We will have experts available to help answer questions regarding; the EPA Amalgam Separator Regulation, amalgam separator maintenance, how amalgam separators work and evacuation line cleaners.

M.A.R.S is giving away over $1,000 in Evacuation Line Cleaner

While you are visiting M.A.R.S, you can enter into our daily draw to win a FREE case of the M.A.R.S LINZ 3 Pack Evacuation Line Cleaner, given to the winner at the end of each day.

LINZ 3 PACK Ohio Dental Association

Each case of the LINZ 3 Pack has a value of $265, these cases include; 2 x 1-gallon bottles of PowerLINZ Daily evacuation line cleaner – antibacterial/antimicrobial (= 2 chairs for up to 1 year) 1 x 32 oz. bottle of CleanLINZ Quarterly evacuation line cleaner – dissolves prophy paste plus bio matter, keeps your lines clear, and allows your LibertyBOSS to function effectively throughout its service life while protecting your pump (= 4 chairs for up to 1 year).

M.A.R.S Trusted Distributors

If you have not met any of the M.A.R.S Trusted Distributors in Ohio, please visit Dental Fix at booth 402. Dental Fix is a service company full of dedicated franchise owners who are well trained in servicing all your Dental Practice needs. They will be proudly offering a draw for a FREE case of the LINZ 3 Pack given out at the end of the Ohio Dental Association Annual Session. Dental Fix has offered a free training course on the M.A.R.S LINZ Program to the winner of the LINZ 3 Pack. While you are speaking with your local Dental Fix professional, remember to ask them about their promotion on the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS amalgam separator.


Visit M.A.R.S at Booth 100 at the 2017 Ohio Dental Association Annual Session

We are looking forward to assisting you in your EPA Compliance. Please remember to visit M.A.R.S at booth 100 to get your Yo-yo and enter for the chance to win a free case of the LINZ 3 Pack.