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Upgrade Kit

EXCITING NEWS!!! The M.A.R.S® Upgrade Kit Receives an Upgrade!!!

M.A.R.S® is thrilled to announce a change to our Upgrade Kits. In efforts to improve the value of the Upgrade Kit, we are replacing the case of PowerLINZ (Value $136.95) with a bottle of CleanLINZ (Value $139.95), provided inside the LibertyBOSS box. Though the MSRP will remain the same, the value of the product has […]

California Dental Association

M.A.R.S’ May Adventure – California Dental Association – Anaheim Meeting

M.A.R.S Bio-Med will be exhibiting at the California Dental Association’s Anaheim meeting for the very first time. M.A.R.S is particularly excited to join the California Dental Association because they’re members are extremely conscious about the new EPA regulation and are doing their research for the best available Amalgam separator. The 2019 Anaheim California Dental Association […]

M.A.R.S’ May Adventure – Ontario Dental Association – Annual Spring Meeting

We encourage our followers to read about our distributors and visit their booth at the Ontario Dental Association ASM19. M.A.R.S is extremely proud of each of our fantastic Distributors. Every one of M.A.R.S’ Distributors is handpicked because of their dedication, integrity, knowledge, and customer oriented drive. Speak with their amazing team members, learn how they can […]

compliance reports

Reviewing M.A.R.S’ EPA Regulation Flowchart -“One-Time” Compliance Reports

Thank you for following us to Part Three of our blog series on Reviewing M.A.R.S’ EPA Regulation Flowchart. Our first two segments were on the Compliance Dates and Installation Deadlines. Today, we will be discussing Compliance Reports and the time frame in which you are required to submit and resubmit the forms to your regulators. […]

M.A.R.S’ Adventures through March – Holistic/Biological Dentistry Part 2

Today, Kim and Jason are off to two Holistic and Biological Dental Societies. Being environmental, all members of the Holistic Dental Association and the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology already have an amalgam separator. M.A.R.S attends these conferences to support and help inform Dental Professionals how to save money on their amalgam separation […]

Watch out for the Misleading “Show Special” at Conventions

M.A.R.S Bio-Med has always believed that educating and informing is always better than selling. For this reason, M.A.R.S has always provided dental professionals across North America with facts, figures, and the right information they need to make an informed decision on their compliance. Both M.A.R.S and our Trusted Distributors believe in allowing our clients and […]

M.A.R.S’ Adventures through March – Trusted M.A.R.S Distributors Part 2

Today ends our adventure in the West Coast of Canada, and what an adventure. M.A.R.S appreciates our Trusted Distributors and the dedication they have to our company and products. Our last blog spoke about the first half of our journey after the Pacific Dental Conference. Today’s blog will speak about our time in Calgary. Patterson […]

M.A.R.S’ Journey through Ohio to the Keely Dental Society – Part 2 – Trusted Distributors and CE Course

As you may have read in Part 1 of this blog series, M.A.R.S had an amazing journey last week through Ohio, starting in Cleveland and ending in Cincinnati. Our last blog described how we were approached by the wonderful Dr. Mueller to share an understanding of EPA Compliance with the members of her Keely Dental […]

Why do Filtered Amalgam Separators Clog and Fill so Easily?

M.A.R.S Bio-Med avoids many of the design flaws made by filtered based amalgam separators, opting for a filterless and maintenance free amalgam separator. Almost all filter based amalgam separators follow the same design principal, leaving many Dental Professionals asking why do they clog and fill so easily? Today’s blog will be providing a simple answer […]

M.A.R.S has Taken Over the Greater New York Dental Meeting – The End – Part 2

On Wednesday, the last day of the Greater New York Dental Meeting, we released a blog highlighting our Trusted Distributors and the fun time M.A.R.S and LB1 had with them. Today will be promoting our Show Special and highlighting Dr. Kopyoff, the winner of our LINZ 3 Pack evacuation line cleaner. Show Special There was […]

M.A.R.S Invades the Greater New York Dental Meeting – Part 2

  Show Special M.A.R.S and our Trusted Distributors know that amalgam separators have been a requirement in New York and New Jersey for a number of years now. The issue with the current compliance, due to misinformation and lack of education on the required maintenance of the typical amalgam separator, most Dental Practices are either; […]

Greater New York Dental Meeting

M.A.R.S Invades the Greater New York Dental Meeting – Part 1

M.A.R.S is proud to be joining the 2018 Greater New York Dental Meeting at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on November 25th-28th. Those of you who have read our recent blogs, you will know that M.A.R.S and our Trusted Distributors will be proudly providing information on our newly reformulated CleanLINZ and the M.A.R.S Upgrade […]

M.A.R.S Answers the Question “What is an Amalgam Separator?” – Part 4

EPA Compliance is coming closer, with many Dental Professionals not knowing what an amalgam separator is, let alone why they need one in their Dental Practice. M.A.R.S has released this four-part blog series on “What is an Amalgam Separator?” to help shine a light on what an amalgam separator does, how they function, and how […]

M.A.R.S Answers the Question “What is an Amalgam Separator?” – Part 2

The new EPA Regulation has many Dental Professionals puzzled, and looking for more answers on their compliance. M.A.R.S has released many blogs in the past regarding the EPA Regulation, who will be regulating Dental Practices, and how to maintain amalgam separators. What M.A.R.S has not done yet, was a blog to explain what an amalgam […]

M.A.R.S Answers the Question “What is an Amalgam Separator?” – Part 1

The mounting EPA Regulation has Dental Professionals asking the same question, “What is an Amalgam Separator?” The answer to this question is both simple and complicated, as there are common misconceptions of what amalgam separators do and how they function. Unfortunately, there has been a release of conflicting misinformation, a problem M.A.R.S would like to […]

Fifteen Minute Upgrade to the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator

Today, we will be reviewing the installation of a LibertyBOSS using the Wet Upgrade Kit from M.A.R.S Bio-Med. The M.A.R.S Upgrade Kit supplies everything needed for a Dental Practice to upgrade their office to a LibertyBOSS.   The M.A.R.S Upgrade Kits were created to provide everyone access to the NO maintenance, NO Inspection, NO filter, […]

Amalgam Separator User Manual Breakdown R&D Amalgam Collector: Part 1 Installation and General Operation

Today we begin the user manual breakdown of the last amalgam separator on our list, the R&D Amalgam Collector. R&D is an amalgam separator manufacturer out of Seattle, created by Dr. Ross Fraker and Deanna Borden in the mid-90s. Currently, R&D has three models of amalgam separators to accommodate different sized Dental Practices. Thank you […]

Amalgam Separator User Manual Breakdown: Air Techniques Acadia – Part 6 Disposal

We have nearly reached the end of the segment on the Air Techniques Acadia amalgam separator. So far we have reviewed the Pre-Installation, Assembly, Installation, Inspection, Troubleshooting and the Maintenance of this unit. The proper handling and disposal procedures of the Air Techniques is the last to be reviewed. For those of you following this […]

Amalgam Separator User Manual Breakdown: Air Techniques Acadia – Part 4 Troubleshooting

Moving along our Blog Series on how to read the User manuals of the Top Six Amalgam Separators sold in North America. We are down to our second last amalgam separator, the Air Techniques Acadia. So far we have reviewed the Pre-Installation, Assembly, Installation, and Inspection of this unit. What is left to review on […]

LB1 has landed at the Ohio Dental Association 2018 Meeting

M.A.R.S Bio-Med and our Trusted Distributors are excited for the 2018 Ohio Dental Association Meeting. Between the anticipated arrival of LB1, the CE Courses being taught by M.A.R.S and the hundreds of dollars’ worth of prizes, no one can contain their excitement!!! Trusted M.A.R.S Distributors Our followers know, M.A.R.S is very selective about who we […]