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M.A.R.S’ Adventures through March Conferences – Virginia Water Environment Association

M.A.R.S has the privilege of sending our Amalgam Separator Compliance Expert, Jason Buyukozer, to the 35th Annual Industrial Waste & Pretreatment Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia. Jason has been asked to this year’s event to help the members of the Virginia Water Environment Association understand the new EPA Dental Regulation, be introduced to the technical side […]

Speaking About the LINZ Evacuation Line Cleaners: Loyal Members of the M.A.R.S Family, Speak Up!

  Today’s blog will be providing some examples of the testimonials we have received over the years for our LINZ evacuation line cleaners. We hope the experiences of some the member of our Family of Environmentally Friendly Dental Practices will encourage others to share their stories as well. M.A.R.S is grateful for the following of […]

M.A.R.S is Shaking Up Chicago Mid-Winter Dental Conference

Once again, M.A.R.S Bio-Med will be bringing the excitement to another Dental Conference!! At this year’s Chicago Mid-Winter Dental Conference, keep an eye out for M.A.R.S Bio-Med and our Trusted Distributors. We have so much planned for our stay in Chicago. Hopefully, you can catch us at some of our scheduled events!! Event 1 and […]

Changing Minds of a New Generation of Sales Representatives; The “No-Brainer” to Upgrade to a LibertyBOSS

M.A.R.S Bio-Med has noticed an upward trend for the understanding and appreciation of the need for value-added environmental products. This positive direction appears to be driven by newer generations.   Triple Bottom Line Business Philosophy These trend starters are forcing industries to create high-quality and eco-friendly products, such as renewable energy sources and vehicles that […]

M.A.R.S Introduces Easy EPA Compliance with the M.A.R.S Amalgam Separator Upgrade Kit

M.A.R.S Bio-Med is proud to release the Amalgam Separator Upgrade Kit, the easier way to guarantee EPA compliance and save Dentists money. There are two standard Upgrade Kits; the Wet-Vacuum Kit, for dental practices with a wet-vacuum and the Dry-Vacuum Kit for dental practices with a dry vacuum. In addition to making compliance and installation […]

M.A.R.S is Attending the Greater New York Dental Meeting

M.A.R.S is proud to be joining the 2017 Greater New York Dental Meeting at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on November 26th-29th. Those of you who have read our previous blog on the new M.A.R.S Amalgam Separator Upgrade Kit, you will know we will be displaying the Upgrade Kit for the Dental Industry to see […]

It Has Never Been so Easy to Upgrade Your Amalgam Separator

Many Dentists who already have an amalgam separator in their practice are coming to the realization the filter based system installed by their service company is high maintenance and costing them hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. With the release of the EPA Regulation, many amalgam separator manufacturers are now heavily advertising to the […]

Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist Jason Buyukozer

Warning to All Members of the M.A.R.S Dental Practice Families- Part 3 of 3 – Non-Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist Technicians Have Voided the Warranty of the LibertyBOSS

The final portion of this three-part blog will be discussing past Warranties that have been voided byTechnicians who weren’t a Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist. If you have not read “Warning to All Members of the M.A.R.S Family” (Part 1) and “Slanderous Comments” (Part 2), please start there.   A Warning About Technicians Who Are Not […]

Saving Dental Practices Money

The True Meaning Behind Other Amalgam Separators Manufacturers’ Marketing

Hello, it’s Jason from M.A.R.S again. Today I’m talking about marketing from other Amalgam Separators manufacturers. We would like to bring to your attention the true meaning behind each of the marketing methods.     Misleading Service Schedules One of the most common marketing tools I’ve seen service companies or certain manufacturers use is try […]

The Removal of an Eco II for a LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator

M.A.R.S Bio-Med Technical Specialist Jason Buyukozer demonstrates the improper installation of an amalgam separator (Eco II) and then the proper installation (LibertyBOSS). This video was taken in a dental practice in Montreal, Quebec. They were tired of spending $100/month on a service contract with their Eco II. M.A.R.S was contacted after the doctor met us […]

M.A.R.S Attends the Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting

    M.A.R.S is excited to once again attend the Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting. What Products You’ll See at the Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting The LibertyBOSS is the only amalgam separator to have proof, through independent studies, to be the most Environmentally Friendly amalgam separator with “Best Available Technology” (BAT) in […]

Required Maintenance of the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator

  M.A.R.S Bio-Med Technical Specialist, Jason Buyukozer, teaches you the required maintenance of the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator system. No maintenance, no filters; install it and forget about it. Required Maintenance of the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator Transcript: Hello, this is Jason Buyukozer, the Technical Specialist at M.A.R.S Bio-Med. Today’s preventative maintenance course will be […]