M.A.R.S® has been Witness to too many Unethical Actions to No Longer Stay Quiet

During a recent Dental Conference M.A.R.S joined many of our Trusted Distributors in their booths to help educate the Dental Community on the upcoming EPA Regulation. M.A.R.S had just completed another education course with Local Regulators just before the conference. We helped these Water Treatment Experts understand how to write and implement Best Management Practices on mercury discharge from Dental Practices. Our Trusted Distributors asked M.A.R.S to attend the conference to provide their clients with honest information about EPA Regulation and Amalgam Separator Compliance.

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The Issue

Throughout the conference, many Dental Professionals were misled by Amalgam Separator and Dental Supply Sales Representatives on the compliance requirements of their Local Regulators. During this conference, Dentists were sold on amalgam separators that had a “Show Special” without advising to the Doctor on the truthful maintenance and inspection requirements to remain compliant.

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Many Dentists were shocked when we opened the amalgam separator’s to show them the inspection log supplied by the manufacturer, requiring WEEKLY Inspections. Many of these professionals felt cheated and lied to; they returned their systems. Unfortunately, we were unable to speak with all the Dental Professionals who were pressured into buying the amalgam separator during the conference to get a “Show Special.”

M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS – NO Inspection, NO Maintenance, NO filters for 3 years

Solmetex Hg5 – Weekly Inspections, Filters average every 6 months

Crosstex – Weekly Inspections, Filters average every 6 months

Acadia – Weekly Inspections, Filters average every 6 months, Two Recycling requirements (inlet filter and sediment filter)

Eco II – Monthly Inspections, Filters average every 6 months

R&D – Daily Inspections, Decanting every 1-3 days

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The Solution

M.A.R.S and our Trusted Distributors found this unacceptable. In an attempt to educate Dental Professionals, we began informing the Dentists about three questions they should ask before agreeing to purchase an amalgam separator;

1) What maintenance and inspections are legally required with this system?

2) Do you provide a guaranteed service life? If the amalgam separator does not service my practice for as long as advertised, who would cover the extra expenses?

3) Does the manufacturer offer a WRITTEN guarantee of compliance with every unit?

These three questions will ensure the Dentist gets what was advertised, as well as not leave them with any worries about meeting compliance.

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