M.A.R.S at the 2018 Dental Fix Franchisee Annual Meeting

M.A.R.S at the 2018 Dental Fix Franchisee Annual Meeting

Last week was the Dental Fix Franchisee Annual Meeting, our time to be officially introduced to the Franchisees as a Dental Fix Vendor. M.A.R.S Bio-Med is proud to announce our official relationship with Dental Fix Rx. After over four years, happily working with Dental Fix Canada, the American Dental Fix has decided to join the M.A.R.S of Trusted Distributors.

Today’s blog will be highlighting the week’s events at theDental Fix Franchisee Annual Meeting, speaking about our amazing new Distributors, as well as the dedication Dental Fix has to provide their clients with the best products and services available.

Dental Fix Franchisee Annual Meeting

Day 1 – Happy Hour

The first day of the Dental Fix Franchisee Annual Meeting was an informal evening gathering for drinks and food. A chance for M.A.R.S to meet the nearly 100 Dental Fix Franchisees, introducing our company and products. M.A.R.S has already built a strong relationship with many of the Dental Fix Franchisees before becoming an official Dental Fix Vendor. In some cases, M.A.R.S has not had the chance to meet our Dental Fix Franchisees in person. The Happy Hour was a great chance to finally meeting these fantastic people in person.

Early Arrivals to the Dental Fix Franchisee Annual Meeting

The day started off with Dental Fix Franchisees arriving one by one to the Sixty-six Pier & Marina. The official beginning of the Conference did not begin until 3 pm, giving the early arrivers time to relax by the pool, or catch up on some sleep to ensure they have enough energy to party all night.

One Dental Fix Franchisee that arrived very early is Paige McCutcheon, of Dental Fix Alberta, Canada. Paige and his wife took full advantage of the annual meeting being held at the beautiful Sixty-six Pier & Marina, coming early and staying long after the conference.

The next to arrive was Fai Leung, Pete Ritchie, Pete Strifler and Ted Chan of Dental Fix Ohio. All who took a moment and joined Jonathan Espinoza of Dental Fix New Jersey, at the poolside restaurant and enjoy one another’s company over some cold beers.

Dental Fix Franchisee Annual Meeting

So It Begins

By 6 PM, most of the Dental Fix Franchisees had arrived at the Conference; now the real fun began. We were all invited to a magnificent Happy Hour, held at the Pier Top restaurant at the highest point of the hotel. There was a wonderful spread of food, drinks shared, and great conversations. M.A.R.S is grateful for the opportunity to spend with these wonderful members of the M.A.R.S Family of Trusted Distributors. It was great to see old friends, Franchisees we have worked with for many years, and meet new friends, members of the Dental Fix team eager to use the M.A.R.S brand to provide their clients with better service and products.

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Day 2-3 Continues

So much to write about during the Dental Fix Annual Conference, we will have to share more details with our next blog.

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