M.A.R.S Now Invades the 2018 Florida Dental Convention  Part 4 – Existing Trusted Distributor Highlights

M.A.R.S Now Invades the 2018 Florida Dental Convention Part 4 – Existing Trusted Distributor Highlights

Day 3 of the Florida Dental Convention, Florida Dental Association’s Annual Meeting was a bittersweet day. It marked the end of a jam-packed show, but it also meant M.A.R.S also had to say goodbye to our new and old Trusted Distributors in Florida. Though this would be the first time M.A.R.S attends the Florida Conference, this will indeed not be our last!

M.A.R.S had a great experience with our existing and new Trusted Distributors that we have decided to extend our blog series on the Florida Dental Convention. The continuation of the FDC blog will be Focusing on our experiences with the people and companies M.A.R.S had the privilege of meeting and working with during the show.


Existing Trusted M.A.R.S Distributors

Some may say we say it too often, but we are proud of each of our Trusted Distributors! M.A.R.S is very selective to whom we allow joining our prestigious Family of Trusted Distributors. We were happy to have had the privilege to work with the following Trusted Distributor during the Florida Dental Convention.

On Site Rescue

On Site Rescue is a company with a highly educated, highly experienced team that will only provide the best service and products to their customers. On Site Rescue will supply no product without the thorough examination by Carlos Rodriguez. The high expectation and evaluation of products is why On Site Rescue will only provide the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS amalgam separator to their Dental Community.

Florida Dental Convention

We thank the On Site Rescue team for proudly displaying the LibertyBOSS in their booth at this year’s Florida Dental Convention.

day 3-min

Dansereau Health Products

Dansereau Health Products was the first vacuum pump manufacturer to choose the LibertyBOSS to partner with their pumps after a thorough search for the best system. Harry Neilson, President of Dansereau Health Products, selected M.A.R.S because he found that our design is the only amalgam separator on the market to not reduce the flow of suction to as small as ½” diameter hole. Dansereau recognized that the full 1 ½” design of the LibertyBOSS would ensure the highest efficiency of their suction pumps.

Florida Dental Convention

Tom Hart, Dansereau Health Product Expert, was proudly boasting the LibertyBOSS and its benefits to the Florida Dental Community during the Florida Dental Convention. To learn more about what Dansereau has to offer, please visit their website.

Part 5 – New Trusted Distributors – Dental Fix

M.A.R.S Bio-Med has been happily working with Dental Fix for nearly five years. Our considerable experience with this company and their franchisees is why M.A.R.S is excited to add more of the Dental Fix Owners to our list of Trusted Distributors. Please follow our next blog on our experience with Michael Parker, Peter Phillips, Trevor O’Bier and Eugene Alford.

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