M.A.R.S Now Invades the 2018 Florida Dental Convention Part 5 – New Trusted Distributor Highlights – Dental Fix

M.A.R.S Now Invades the 2018 Florida Dental Convention Part 5 – New Trusted Distributor Highlights – Dental Fix


M.A.R.S attended the 2018 Florida Dental Convention, this is the fifth blog installment on the experiences in Florida. M.A.R.S Bio-Med has been happily working with Dental Fix for nearly five years. Our positive experiences with this company are why M.A.R.S is excited to add more of the Dental Fix Owners to our list of Trusted Distributors. M.A.R.S have only ever had a great experience with Dental Fix and their Franchisees, so any opportunity we get to add another Dental Fix Owner to our list of Trusted Distributors, we take it.

Florida Dental Convention

Dental Fix Owners from the Florida Dental Convention

Michael Parker

The Owner of the first ever Dental Fix truck on the road, the man who started it all: is eLocation-Mike-P-FLxcited to join the M.A.R.S Family. Many of the Dental Fix Owners, who are already a part of the M.A.R.S Family ofTrusted Distributors, have always spoken highly of Michael Parker. For this reason, M.A.R.S was excited when Michael was wholly engaged in the conversation he had with our Technical Specialist, Jason Buyukozer, during the 2018 Florida Dental Convention. By the end of the conference, Michael could not wait to get started as a Trusted M.A.R.S Distributor.

Peter Phillips, Trevor O’Bier, and Eugene Alford are incredibly approachable and dedicated to their clients. During Jason’s conversation with Michael Parker, these three gentlemen could not help but want to learn more about M.A.R.S and our value-add products.

Trevor O’Bier

Trevor was the first to pitch into the conversation, wanting to learn more about our systeTrevor-Obierm and how it will guarantee the compliance of his clients. Though not new to Dental Fix, Trevor has just acquired a new territory and is looking for ways to establish himself as an honest and trustworthy Dental Service Technician. Trevor thought it was remarkable that the LibertyBOSS is the only amalgam separator to come with a written guarantee to keep Dental Practices compliant. The quality of the LibertyBOSS and written guarantee from M.A.R.S has Trevor excited to present a product that can add significant value to his clientele.

Peter Phillips

Peter was next to add to the discussion, wanting more information on how our system is recycled and safely disposed. Based on the type of questions Location-Peter-Philips-Tampa-EastPeter asked, you can tell he was interested in the ease in which M.A.R.S deals with the compliance portion of amalgam separation. Experiencing the difficulties of the recycling programs of other amalgam separators, Peter wanted something simple for his customers. He liked how M.A.R.S not only automatically provides the doctor with the receipt of recycling, but also a Certificate of Compliance as well. The full service, no maintenance system like the LibertyBOSS was what Peter has been looking to supply his customers.

Eugene Alford

Eugene had spent most of the conversation quietly absorbing the information Jason was eugeneproviding to the Dental Fix Team. Only to interject for more elaboration on a few topics like durability, design, and maintenance. During the discussion, our Technical Specialist can tell, because Eugene is a USA Veteran, he puts a lot of weight into the quality and sustainability of a product. When Jason, our Technical Specialist, brought a LibertyBOSS to the Dental Fix Booth and Stood on the unit, it was a testament to the quality of material used in the M.A.R.S amalgam separator. Though it wasn’t a verbal statement, M.A.R.S could tell that Eugene could feel comfortable with recommending a reliable product like the LibertyBOSS to his clientele.

Dental Fix and M.A.R.S

Most of these owners have already been trained, as they eagerly watched our Dental Fix Training Video as soon as it was given to them. M.A.R.S is excited to see all the Dental Practices they will be protecting by upgrading them to the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS amalgam separator.

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