M.A.R.S Finishes at the 35th Annual Region VI Pretreatment Association

M.A.R.S Finishes at the 35th Annual Region VI Pretreatment Association

The Region VI Pretreatment Association’s (RVIPA) 35th Annual Meeting has wrapped up today. If you read our blog from Wednesday, you will know that RVIPA represents the Water Treatment Experts of the USEPA Region VI states (Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas). This non-profit organization was created to allow members to share expertise, training, and experiences to help improvise their environmental protection methods.

at booth 2

It was truly a great experience for our Technical Specialist and Amalgam Separator Compliance Expert, Jason Buyukozer, to interact with Water Treatment Experts from Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

35th Annual Meeting Exhibits

M.A.R.S was proud to exhibit at this year’s RVIPA meeting. There were 19 exhibitors, all offering services or training to the RIVPA members. Many dealt with FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) offering units for capturing the material leaving restaurants, and others are engineers helping POTWs with solutions in meeting discharge standards. M.A.R.S was the only amalgam separator experts to attend, making our booth of the most popular attractions this year.

exhibit hall

Dental Rule Workshops and Technical Sessions

Breakout Session – Moderate Round Table

Out of all the Amalgam Rule related sessions during the 35th Annual Region VI Pretreatment Association meeting, the Round Table event may have been the most helpful to Water Treatment Experts. Adam Yates from Arkansas, Erika Crespo from Texas, Rachel Davis from Louisiana, and Roshini Schroeder from Oklahoma were the Moderators for the Breakout Session. Each of them did an amazing job aiding their tables, keeping the event on track, as well as providing them with answers that helped them feel more comfortable with moving forward with creating BMPs for their local Dentists.

round table

Roshini Schroeder was kind enough to invite our Technical Specialist, Jason Buyukozer, to the Breakout Session. The Moderators allowed Jason to be involved with the sessions, providing insight and experience to further the success of the event. After the session, many of the attendees of the Round Table joined M.A.R.S at the exhibit hall for a more hands-on understanding of amalgam separators.

The Region VI Pretreatment Association

36th Annual Region VI Pretreatment Association Meeting

M.A.R.S has been invited back to next year’s event, where we have been asked to speak on amalgam separator inspections and compliance. We are looking forward to next year, and hope we will be able to assist these Water Treatment Experts on regulating the mercury waste entering our waterways.

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