M.A.R.S’ Adventures through March – Trusted M.A.R.S Distributors Part 1

M.A.R.S’ Adventures through March – Trusted M.A.R.S Distributors Part 1

Every year after the Pacific Dental Conference, M.A.R.S spends the following week with our Trusted Distributors, offering education, and expertise to help their clients.

We started our journey after the Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver, then headed to Edmonton, Alberta to meet with Patterson Dental and Valuemed.

Our Trusted Distributors

Dental Fix – The Hartley Family

Our first journey was tDistributorso Cultus Lake on the Saturday after the PDC. Our Technical Specialist, Jason Buyukozer, had the privilege to spend the day with the Hartley Family of Dental Fix. The trip was not one of business, but rather pure joy. Darren and his family are truly genuine people with the largest hearts of anyone you have ever met. If you have a Dental Practice in the Abbotsford area, you must do yourself a favour and call Darren of Dental Fix.

Patterson Dental Vancouver and Edmonton

M.A.R.S loves going west! Spending time with the amazing team of Patterson Dental Canada is always a highlight of our trip. We started our journey at the Patterson Vancouver Branch, a short by the meaningful meeting. Due to the PDC just ending, and it is such a successful year for Patterson Dental Canada, M.A.R.S and Patterson will be meeting in April for combined training with both the Sales Representatives and Service Technicians for all three West Coast Branches.

pattersonWhile we were visiting, M.A.R.S had the opportunity to meet some of the new team members of both the Vancouver and Edmonton Branch. During our time in Vancouver, we were able to spend time with their new Service Technician, Spirit. Spirit is new to the Dental Industry, but he is smart and extremely talented at fixing Dental Equipment.

The next day, M.A.R.S flew to Edmonton where both Patterson and M.A.R.S was able to help a large health organization deal with a full amalgam separator left behind by an uneducated Dental Service Provider. M.A.R.S and Patterson were able to deal with the toxic mess left behind, as well as educate the staff of this facility on how to properly and safely ensure the compliance of their Practice.

M.A.R.S cannot wait for our next meeting with Patterson and their dedicated team in Calgary!


valuemedM.A.R.S is excited to be working with this fast-growing Dental Supply Company. Today, M.A.R.S was able to sit down with Valuemed Owner, Chris Johnson, as well as sales team members Cheryl Smith and Caroline Kroetsch. Throughout the training session, all three members were completely engaged, asking great questions, offering amazing insight. It was obvious they care deeply about their customers, as they are working incredibly hard at ensuring they provide the best for their clients.

Follow M.A.R.S through March

Join us for Friday’s blog when we discuss our time with Patterson Dental’s Calgary Branch, meeting our new Trusted Distributors Radian Dental Repair, as well as have a training session with two members of Amax Dental.

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