M.A.R.S’ Adventures through March – Pacific Dental Conference Part 1

M.A.R.S’ Adventures through March – Pacific Dental Conference Part 1

During the month of March, M.A.R.S will be chronicling our amazing and exciting journey. The first adventure this month was the opportunity of being a guest speaker during the 35th Annual Industrial Waste & Pretreatment Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia.

M.A.R.S was honoured when we were asked to supply our compliance expert, Jason Buyukozer, to help the Water Treatment experts of Virginia help understand the new EPA Regulation, as well as learn how to regulate their Dental Practices discharges.

Today’s blog will highlight the events on Monday with Virginia Water Environment Association, as well as speak on the 2019 Pacific Dental Conference.


Virginia Water Environment Association Experience

M.A.R.S was openly accepted during our Training Session on March 4th, during the 35th Annual Industrial Waste & Pretreatment Conference. Our two-hour session on the Science behind Amalgam and Amalgam Separators were greatly received, having nearly 100 members of the VWEA in attendance.

If you are a Dental Society or a Water Treatment Plant and want a better understanding of the new EPA Regulation, please read our course outline and contact us at 1-866-594-3648 to learn how M.A.R.S can help.

2019 Pacific Dental Conference

M.A.R.S is excited to attend this year’s Pacific Dental Conference, especially since we have so many new Trusted Distributors in the West Coast of Canada. During this year’s PDC, M.A.R.S is excited to say we have six Trusted Distributors exhibiting this year!

2019 Map


Patterson Dental – Booth 419

For over a decade M.A.R.S has proudly had Patterson Dental as a member of our family of Trusted Distributors. M.A.R.S chooses to ONLY work with Patterson of all the top National Service Companies because they have a customer service dedication like no other company. Patterson Dental Canada, has a client first attitude, humbly supplying the “best available technology” in amalgam separation to their clients for over a decade. We are grateful for having such honourable and dedicated Canadian Partners.

Journées Dentaires Internationales du Québec

Dental Fix – Booth 151

M.A.R.S Bio-Med has been working with Dental Fix Canada for nearly 5 years. To M.A.R.S, the face of Dental Fix B.C. is Darren Hartley. Darren is a skilled and honest Service Technician, who is always looking for what is best for his clients.

Darren colin

Dens ’N Dente Booth 1408

For the past two years, M.A.R.S has had the privilege of having Dens ‘N Dente join our family of Trusted Distributors. Their friendly staff is enthusiastic about helping Dental Practices’ save money, while still maintaining quality. Visit Booth 1408 to learn more about Dens ‘N Dente.


New Trusted Distributors

Recently, M.A.R.S has had two new additions to the M.A.R.S Family of Trusted Distributors. Both of these companies are online National Distributors, Amax, and Valuemed.

M.A.R.S is excited to begin our relationship with both of these companies. Follow our blog series after the PDC to learn about our training sessions with both Valuemed and Amax.

Amax – Booth 1443

Valuemed – Booth 1628

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