M.A.R.S Air Disinfection Units- Part 3 “Success with Asthma”

M.A.R.S Air Disinfection Units- Part 3 “Success with Asthma”


There are few experiences more traumatic than watching a child grasping for air, such as with asthma. Although our M.A.R.S equipment has shown itself to be extremely effective at helping to relieve some of these nasty effects. It is not intended to replace your doctor’s advice. All we can do is document the results of some applications that we have been involved in.


M.A.R.S’ Success with Our Asthma Diagnosed Employees

Let’s start in our own office. Two of our staff have asthma. One mild and the other severe to the point where no air fresheners are used, and nobody at M.A.R.S wears perfume or cologne in the office. When we decided to proceed with these air disinfection products, we purchased a few units and gave one to each of our asthma employees. Our mild asthma situation responded well reporting a great sleep the first night and no inhaler the next day. That was months ago and the success continues. Our second case, the severe one, gave us virtually the same results.

When my daughter was renovating her home, she called me to inform me that the air in the house was “horrible.” My 3-year-old granddaughter and my daughter were both choking and they could not sleep because “something” was in the air. Like any worried parent, off I went with my air disinfection unit in hand. Within a day, to my pleasant surprise, I received a call telling me that they both were breathing normally.


A Testimonial of Success

After these results, my decision was made, and M.A.R.S was in the air disinfection business. Since then we have heard from distributors about some pretty amazing results that I would like to share with you. I feel to do this part of my blog justice, I need to include the thank you letter that I received from a distributor, so here it is:

Asthma Air Disinfection


I would like to provide a most favorable report on recent successes with your technology. This is a picture of a 6 year old boy in San Antonio that was so ill last week that the family nearly had to life flight him to a hospital. You can see he is in the picture that his father took the next day when Doctor Alan Baribeau took his SilentKnight and gave it to them to use. As you can tell he was on an IV and has been back and forth to the hospital with a revolving door. This morning my sister Paulette told me: He is no longer needing supplemental oxygen, looks better and is more active. The family loves it, what does it cost? Okay good, we will look after them.

The Good News Continues

In the past two months, here in Rapid City, our business attorney Alan Smoot informed us of his granddaughter Riley who is now 8 months old. She has been in severe respiratory distress since birth and in and out of the ER. With the latest bout right before we intervened, her grandpa said they had an IV in her head. Her home, where they live, does have a mold problem. We began with the SP900, and she had an almost immediate miraculous turnaround. We have added a second unit in their home. Everyone is breathing better as a result. On her last visit to the pediatrician they said that he does not need to see her again, unless something changes (she was in every two weeks). Her breathing has improved 60-70%, so whatever they are doing keep it up.

We already have had the resolution of 3 adults with asthma, several others with severe allergies that just disappeared after implementation. Sinus issues clearing up overnight allowing better sleep on 3 people, snoring abatement on others also. I do not see how we could ask for more it is about the breath of life. Many will benefit from your profound contribution so thank you M.A.R.S.!

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