M.A.R.S Air Disinfection Units – Part 1

M.A.R.S Air Disinfection Units – Part 1

M.A.R.S ventures into Air Disinfection units.

Many times during my travels one question is asked more than any other. Not surprisingly it is, “Why is your company named after a planet?” The answer is actually very simple in a complicated kind of way. The company’s focus was the removal of mercury contaminants so I chose Mercury Amalgam Removal Systems (M.A.R.S).


Air Disinfection Units

The next product for M.A.R.S was a natural choice. The addition of a new line of true “log 6” air disinfection products. M.A.R.S is now able and ready to purify the air in your practice, business or home.

We are NOT a dust collector, an ion system nor a multi-filter system. These systems eliminate odors using carbon cylinder and Hepa like filters. They are too thin to efficiently catch anything in the bacteria and virus size. In fact, true Hepa starts at 4 inches thick and the capture rate for thinner filters is virtually zero.

MARS Air Disinfection Unit

Unfortunately, the really bad stuff flows through these so called filters and if captured. The bacteria are not dead yet and can re-enter the air flow. The truth of the matter is that we are not a vacuum system or some kind of dust collector. If you want to get rid of dust buy a high-end expensive vacuum cleaner.

If you want “bacteria and virus free air” you need to denature (destroy the characteristic properties of) airborne bacteria. We kill the bacteria, viruses, and mold that can make you or your loved ones very ill, with a kill rate of 99.9999%.


We’ve Done Our Research

After four years of research into the often confusing and sometimes misleading Air Disinfection industry, we have found a system that rises above all the others as a true duplication of outside air. Yes, the same air that is created by the combination of water vapor, ozone, sunlight and naturally occurring nitrogen radicals that create atmospheric hydroxyls (OH), can be replicated inside our new air tight buildings. The best test to weed out the other systems is simple. If you are looking for this kind of UV disinfection the first question to ask is “Can it be operated in an occupied room? If you must vacate the room during operation, keep looking.

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