M.A.R.S Amalgam Separator Compliance Courses Resumes

M.A.R.S Amalgam Separator Compliance Courses Resumes

M.A.R.S Bio-Med has become more in demand over the past 12 months. We are not only growing as a manufacturer of the best amalgam separator in the Dental Industry, but we are also growing as most in-demand Amalgam Separator Compliance experts. We do not mean to toot our own horns, but M.A.R.S Bio-Med is the most highly sought after compliance experts in the amalgam separator industry. We even have other amalgam separator manufacturers using us as a resource of compliance knowledge, and we don’t mind sharing. Today’s blog is to be partnered with our recent blog, M.A.R.S Education Courses; EPA Regulation, EPA Compliance, Infection Control and Preventative Maintenance with the Use of Evacuation Line Cleaners. The blog just mentioned is a course curriculum breakdown on the educational course M.A.R.S provides as a free resource to the Dental and Water Treatment Industries. The reason today’s blog goes with our course breakdown, the following is our speaking resume. All the noteworthy speaking events M.A.R.S has spoken to in the past, and upcoming events are being listed in this blog.

Privately/Publicly Owned Treatment Works (Water Treatment Plants)

M.A.R.S Bio-Med was first introduced to training Water Treatment Plants when the City of Toronto contacted us to learn more about amalgam separator maintenance and inspection. Since then, M.A.R.S has been a reliable source of non-biased information about the amalgam separator industry.


Most of the training M.A.R.S provides in the United States is helping these Water Treatment experts understand the Dental Industry. Most POTWs have the most experience with grease traps from restaurants and carwashes; the Dental Industry is a big mystery to many of them. In addition to their experience with Dental Practices, many of them feel they are not guided well enough by the EPA to create and implement standards for the Dental Industry. Due to fear of the unknown, many POTWs are setting stronger than necessary standards, as they do not want to under inforce the EPA Regulation, resulting in having to pay fines.

That is where M.A.R.S fills the knowledge gap. Working with Water Treatment Plants in Canada, M.A.R.S has inner workings not only on the amalgam separators industry but how to implement and enforce a fair set of Best Management Practices.

To date, M.A.R.S has provided education on amalgam separators to the following Water Treatment groups and individual Plants;

– Oklahoma Water Treatment Plants – Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association – MESUG Water Pretreatment Group (All of Ontario Water Treatment Plant Inspectors) – Hamilton Water Treatment Plant – Abbottsford Water Treatment Plant – Greater Vancouver Water Treatment

Dental Societies and Associations

Naturally, when Dentist are regulated on something new, Dental Associations and Societies want to provide their members with the right information. Unfortunately, many Dental Groups did not know where to look for the answers. More recently, M.A.R.S has been approached by Dental Communities because we present the right information with integrity and without bias. All the information in our courses is designed and presented to inform, not to fear monger or sell. For this reason, the groups below have asked M.A.R.S to help educate their members on easy compliance. – American Dental Assistants Association – Dentaltown Podcast with Dr. Howard Farran – SpringFling Hygienist Meeting, Oklahoma – Chicago Mid-Winter Panel -CE Course – Ohio Dental Association CE Course – Pacific Dental Conference – Product Stage – Toronto East Dental Society – Durham Ontario Dental Society Speaking Events in the Future

Follow our next blog to learn about some of our speaking events in the near future.

– Virginia Water Treatment Plants Annual Meeting – Guest Instructor at the Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association – Keely Dental Society – Suffolk County Dental Society – Yankee Dental Minuteman CE Course

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