M.A.R.S Amalgam Separator Compliance Upcoming Educational Courses

M.A.R.S Amalgam Separator Compliance Upcoming Educational Courses

M.A.R.S Bio-Med is proud to be the in-demand amalgam separator and amalgam separator compliance experts in the Dental Industry. The year of 2019 M.A.R.S has already book 3 months of continuous training courses between Dental Service/Supply Companies, Water Treatment Plants, and Dental Societies/Associations.

We are not only growing as a manufacturer of the best amalgam separator in the Dental Industry, but we are also growing as most in-demand Amalgam Separator Compliance experts.

Today is a continuation of our blog from Friday, which spoke about the course we taught in the past. In this part of the blog, we will be speaking about some of the events we have aligned for the future.

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Privately/Publicly Owned Treatment Works (Water Treatment Plants)

Mentioned in our last blog, M.A.R.S Bio-Med was first introduced to training Water Treatment Plants when the City of Toronto contacted us to learn more about amalgam separator maintenance and inspection. Since then, M.A.R.S has been a reliable source of non-biased information about the amalgam separator industry.

Next year M.A.R.S will be working with both the Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association and the Virginia Water Treatment Plants Annual Meeting.

Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association

Summer 2019 will be the third time M.A.R.S will be speaking with the Water Treatment Plants of Florida. At the first meeting, we gave their members an introduction to Amalgam Separators. The second meeting, with the help of On Site Rescue, we provided these Water Treatment Experts hands-on training with each amalgam separator and an in-depth look at the Dental Industry. Carlos of On Site Rescue used his 30 years of experience in the Dental Industry to provide the Water Treatment Experts insight into the inner workings of the Dental Practice. Our next training session will be how to write, implement, and enforce Best Management Practices for Amalgam Separator Compliance.

Virginia Water Treatment Plants Annual Meeting

To date, Virginia Water Treatment had the longest and most strenuous procedures to have M.A.R.S as an expert speaker at their next annual meeting. They reviewed our literature, presentation, and video from FIPA training from earlier last year. After reviewing our information, the committee at the Virginia Water Treatment had determined that they needed their members to hear the information the M.A.R.S course has to offer.

Dental Societies and Associations

Naturally, when Dentist are regulated on something new, Dental Associations and Societies want to provide their members with the right information. Unfortunately, many Dental Groups did not know where to look for the answers. More recently, M.A.R.S has been approached by Dental Communities because we present the right information with integrity and without bias. Keely Dental Society

M.A.R.S was asked to join an Ohio Dental Association CE Course at the 2018 ODA, speaking about infection control with the use of evacuation line cleaners. When we were asked to speak, M.A.R.S provided a number of different topics, in which we could provide the attendees of the ODA CE Course. Dr. Elizabeth Mueller was on the committee on which our topics were submitted. The one course that caught Dr. Mueller’s eye was the one pertaining to an understanding of the EPA Regulation and how to ensure compliance. Dr. Mueller, the President of the Keely Dental Society, felt it appropriate to provide KDS members with the information they need to feel comfortable with EPA Compliance. The first course of the new year will be taught to the Keely Dental Society on January 17th, 2019.

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Suffolk County Dental Society

As luck would have it, Johnny Yuen of Dental Fix NY is an active supporter of the Suffolk County Dental Society. Upon meeting with the new Executive Director of the Suffolk County Dental Society, Bill Panzarino, Johnny had mentioned that he knows an amalgam separator expert who would be excellent for providing their members with an education about EPA Compliance. Johnny put Bill and our Technical Specialist Jason Buyukozer in contact, and we took it from there. M.A.R.S submitted a course outlet for Bill to provide the education committee of SCDS to review. After they had gone over the information, the SCDS was excited to provide their members with a three hour CE Course to ensure their compliance.

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On Friday, January 25th, 2019, M.A.R.S Bio-Med will be with the Suffolk County Dental Society, providing them with the information they need to ensure their compliance.

Yankee Dental Minuteman CE Course

The 2019 Yankee Dental Congress will be the first time M.A.R.S will be attending, so we wanted to make the most of our time in Boston. While signing up as vendors, we noticed that Yankee Dental was looking for speakers to provide a CE Course. M.A.R.S applied with our course description, shortly after the event coordinators for the CE Courses were excited to give M.A.R.S the approval to speak about experts on the EPA Regulation and compliance.

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Coming Up Next

Follow us Friday as we discuss why Filtered Based Amagalm Separators clog and fill regularly.

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