Are You Getting the Service You Paid For? Amalgam Separator Maintenance, Inspection, and Record-Keeping Part 2

Simply having an amalgam separator will not keep you compliant. Part 1 of the Maintenance, Inspection, and Record keeping portion of this blog series spoke about how your Service Technician cannot keep your office compliant when using a standard amalgam separator. Changing a filter when it is full is only the tip of the iceberg in amalgam separator compliance.

Part 2 of this blog series will continue to highlight tasks that your Service Technician cannot be held responsible for doing, the most common causes of non-compliance for a Dental Practice, inspection and record keeping.

Amalgam Separator Record Keeping –Office Staff

According to the many local regulators, M.A.R.S works with, on average, 70% of Dental Practices with an existing amalgam separator are non-compliant. The main reason for non-compliance is because the office was not educated required record keeping of their system.

In the US and some cities in Canada, if your amalgam separator requires inspection or maintenance, you need to keep a log of these tasks on file for up to 36 months. EvEnvironmentally Friendly (1)en if your amalgam separator is functioning properly, with filters being maintained regularly, if you do not have inspection logs on file, you are non-compliant.

In the M.A.R.S Blog Series on Amalgam Separator User Manuals, M.A.R.S thoroughly explained the maintenance requirements of each amalgam separator, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. All filter based amalgam separators; SolmeteX, Crosstex, and Air Techniques require WEEKLY inspections. The ECO II, by Metasys, require inspections every month, and the R&D requires daily inspection and maintenance.

Currently, there is only one amalgam separator that doesn’t require inspections or maintenance, the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS.


Amalgam Separator Inspection – Office Staff

Follow us next week as we explore this topic further, shining a light on why you cannot solely rely on a Service Technician to keep your Dental Practice compliant. Our Friday Blog will be taking a break on the series to discuss our experience in Ohio with our distributors and the Keely Dental Society.

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