Are You Getting the Service You Paid For? Amalgam Separator Maintenance, Inspection, and Record Keeping

Are You Getting the Service You Paid For? Amalgam Separator Maintenance, Inspection, and Record Keeping

It is a common misunderstanding of Dental Practices that their Service Professional is responsible for keeping the amalgam separator maintained and compliant. Unfortunately, even the best Service Technician cannot keep the average office compliant, not without costing the office hundreds of dollars per week. Many amalgam separators on the market are based on older filter based technology. For any Dental Practice with the older technology in their practice, there is more to compliance than changing filters.


Today we will be reviewing the compliance responsibilities of a Dental Practice, what tasks can be outsourced to a Service Professional and which tasks should be done by office Staff.

Amalgam Separator Maintenance – Service Technician or Office Staff

The maintenance of an amalgam separator is the task most well-known by Dental Professionals. It is the information often advertised by amalgam separator manufacturers and the information that is primarily focused on by Service Companies and the Dental Practice. Unfortunately, this bare-minimum care will not keep your office compliant, especially if you have old filter technology. Though the maintenance is the easiest task, it is often not done because of lack of knowledge between the Service/Supply Companies and their clients.

Dangers of Being Under Informed

Dental Supply and Service Companies often put too much trust in the service schedules offered by some amalgam separator manufacturers. For those amalgam separators that have a service life that is not guaranteed by the manufacturer often leaves Dental Practices non-compliant. The reason for the confusion comes down to creative marketing. A commonly advertised service life by filter based amalgam separators is “1-10 chairs for 12 months or when it is full, whichever comes first.” Common sense would indicate a one chair practice will not have the same service life of a ten chair practice, and yet Service/Supply Companies are insinuating to Dental Practices that a filter will keep an office compliant for an entire year. In truth, average use of those filters will service an office for six months, less for a busier Dental Practice, a fact a Dental Professional has to learn only after making the initial mistake.


Not all amalgam separator manufacturers are cryptic with their service lives. The M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS provides a clear and GUARANTEED service life with an advertised guideline of;

1-3 chairs = 3 years
4-9 chairs = 2 years
10-16 chairs = 1 year

When your LibertyBOSS is installed, the Warranty Registration Card is submitted, at which point, M.A.R.S will supply a Certificate of Compliance outlining your GUARANTEED service life. A month before

you amalgam separator is due for changing, M.A.R.S will remind you to arrange with one of our Trusted Distributors a date in which you will exchange the expired unit for a new one. There is NO filters, NO maintenance, and NO inspections for up to 3 years.

Amalgam Separator Inspection and Record Keeping

Follow us next week as we explore this topic further, shining a light on why you cannot solely rely on a Service Technician to keep your Dental Practice compliant.

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