The M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS will be Replacing the Current Top Selling Amalgam Separator in the Tri-State Area

The M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS will be Replacing the Current Top Selling Amalgam Separator in the Tri-State Area

M.A.R.S had a fantastic response from Dental Professionals at the Greater New York Dental Meeting in the Tri-State Area this past week. Not only were Dentists astonished about the quality of our products and the vast knowledge of our company, but so were Dental Supply/Service companies.


Tri-State Area Dentists

FMARS Flow Chart Flyer Frontor the longest time, the majority of Dental Professionals in the Tri-State area had no idea that there was superior technology in amalgam separation available on the market. Many of them thought filter based technology was the cutting edge until they had the opportunity to examine the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS. Both Dentists and Dental Supply Companies came to a quick realization, EPA Regulation compliance does not have to be a high maintenance, high-cost requirement. The LibertyBOSS supplies the Dental Industry a simple and economical solution to guarantee compliance with the “Best Available Technology“.

M.A.R.S had hundreds of Dentists stopping at our booth once they learned that their amalgam separator has a 70% chance of not being compliant. The non-compliance is due to the lack of understanding of the expectations of the EPA Regulation and the required maintenance of their common filter based amalgam separators. Many of these Dentists had the understanding that the only expectation was to change their filter once a year. Nearly every Dentist we spoke to were surprised to learn there is much more required maintenance and inspections of their system then what their service company told them.


The Eye-opener for Tri-State Area Dentists

The following are the steps taken during every encounter to help the Dentists understand how their dental practice may not be compliant;

Understanding EPA Regulation Bare Minimum Requirements:

Now that the EPA Regulation has passed, Dentists with amalgam separators will have to re-register their system with their Local Control Group as well as ensure their office is complying with the following Best Management Practices:

1) Keep a one-time compliance report on record for the lifetime of the amalgam separator or until it is replaced
2) Monitor their system according to manufacturer’s recommendation
3) Maintain by replacing amalgam retaining cartridge, separator canister or units as directed by manufacturer OR when the amalgam separator stops performing at the systems specified efficiency, whichever comes first
4) Do not use oxidizing or acidic cleaners (pH < 6 or pH > 8) on dental unit water lines, chair-side traps, and vacuum lines.

Must Maintain Records On Site for 3 years of:

– Any reports filed
– A visual inspection log (If required by manufacturer)
– Documentation of any repair or replacement (Cartridges/Filters, etc.)
– Disposal Records
– Certificate of Compliance (If supplied by manufacturer)
– Manufacturer’s current operating manual for the device in place.

How Amalgam Separators Function

Once Dentists understood that most amalgam separators are made to capture everything heavier than water, they understand their amalgam separator filter would not last as long as it was initially advertised. Since most amalgam separators are sediment type systems, anything denser than water will be captured by the amalgam separator, filling the filter type systems at a faster rate.

boss cross section

For an accurate description of the maintenance and cost of the top six amalgam separators sold in North America, Click Here to find how often you should be maintaining your amalgam separator.

The True Required Maintenance

Most Dentists in the Tri-State Area have a filter based amalgam LibertyBOSS 2017-1separator. Every filter based amalgam separator manufacturer requires weekly inspections for clogging and filling, as well as to have their filter changed every 12 months or when they are full, whichever comes first.

When the weekly inspections and the need for more frequent filter changes were made clear to the Dentist, the obvious solution for them was to upgrade to the LibertyBOSS’ NO filter, NO Maintenance, guaranteed compliance amalgam separator.



News Traveled Fast to Supply/Service Companies

The Dental Industry, being as small as it is, news travels quickly. M.A.R.S was approached by small to mid-sized Dental Supply/Service companies who wanted to learn more about the LibertyBOSS. After a brief introduction to M.A.R.S and our products, many of these service companies understood the value M.A.R.S products can offer to their customers.Tri-State Area

In the United States, M.A.R.S has made the conscious choice to only supply the small to mid-sized Dental Supply and Service Companies. The reason for this decision is because we find these companies tend to have a better appreciation for value-add products that may result in less profit for the Supply/Service Company, but significant quality and savings to their customers.

There is an upward trend that can be seen in the Dental Industry. More and more Dental Supply and Service companies will be offering their customers the LibertyBOSS because of it’s NO Maintenance, NO Filter, and guaranteed compliance. In the coming weeks, M.A.R.S will be announcing the new additions to our family of Trusted Distributors. Please stay tuned to our blogs to find a Trusted M.A.R.S Distributor near you.

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