Amalgam Separator User Manual Breakdown – Introduction

Amalgam Separator User Manual Breakdown – Introduction

Understanding the user manual of your amalgam separator is important. M.A.R.S Bio-Med knows that the topic of amalgam separators can be confusing to many Dental Professionals. There is a lot of information available on the subject, with very little authority to help sort through which data is the right one to follow. One section of the amalgam separator industry that eludes even some of the most experienced Dental Service Technicians is the required maintenance and service of amalgam separators.

It is amazing to find more and more USA Dentist installing amalgam separators in their Dental Practice. Unfortunately, most Dentists are not made aware that there is more to compliance than just having an amalgam separator. Depending on what system you may have you could be required to perform regular inspections, require service multiple times a year, and have filters picked up for disposal regularly.

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User Manual Sections

M.A.R.S has created this seven-part blog series to shine a light on the sometimes confusing maintenance schedules of amalgam separators. The goal of this blog is to help the Dental Industry understand the user manuals of the top six amalgam separator sold in North America. Each user manual will be broken down into segments, highlighting the critical information a Dental Professional should educate themselves on before purchasing or installing an amalgam separator.


The proper installation of an amalgam separator is not only crucial for your compliance, but if installed incorrectly, it could void the warranty of your equipment like your suction pump. The Installation section of each blog will provide manufacturer specified instructions on how to correctly install an amalgam separator, as well as provide general tips on how to ensure you install your amalgam separator properly.

Chair to Mechanical Room TWO (1)


Only the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS is a true inspection free amalgam separator. Every other ISO tested amalgam separator require daily, weekly or monthly checks to ensure the system is functioning properly. We will review the required inspection schedule of each system while offering insight into why each system requires monitoring.

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Some amalgam separator manufacturers have troubleshoot sections of some user manuals to assist correct any potential failure that may occur with their device. Some manufacturers have renewed their user manuals, removing their troubleshooting sections. M.A.R.S will provide all the information from many versions of the user manuals.

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Maintenance schedules can be vague (every 12 months or when it is full, whichever comes first), or specific (1-3 chairs = 3 years). This section of the blogs will explain the purpose of the maintenance schedules, the capacity of each system and what fills amalgam separators.


This section of the blog will be explaining the procedures that are required of each system to dispose of the expired/filled amalgam separator properly.


The final section will be any information that is noteworthy, i.e., misinformation or relevant information that may have been missed by the manufacturer.

First Amalgam Separator

We will be starting with the most straightforward system first, the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS. Because of the design of the LibertyBOSS, there isn’t a need for inspections, maintenance or troubleshooting.

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