M.A.R.S’ Annual Training with Patterson Dental Montreal

For those of you who follow our blogs, you are aware of our close relationship with our Trusted Distributors. All of Tuesday, October 16, 2018, M.A.R.S spent the entire day providing short workshops with small groups on Patterson Dental Montreal Technicians. Similar to the program we provided to Patterson’s Western Branches, the Patterson Dental Montreal Branch received specialized training on the compliance of amalgam separators and evacuation line cleaners.

Patterson Dental Montreal

As it is for every company, the keys to success are with the company’s team and the leaders they follow. Today’s blog will be highlighting the leadership and sales team of Patterson Dental Montreal Branch.

Leadership at the Patterson Dental Montreal Branch

There is a tremendous amount of respect surrounding the leaders of the Patterson Branches. This theme is shared at the Montreal Branch. Today’s trip was focused around Guy Charpentier, Service Manager, and his Service Technicians.

Guy Charpentier

Guy is new to Patterson, only being a part of the team for the past six weeks, but it is quite clear that he already has a firm grasp of the Service Manager Position. The ease in which Guy has fallen into the role of Service Manager could be contributed to years of experience in other industries.

Before joining Patterson, Guy was the Service Manager at Acklands-Grainger for seven years, building great experience in the role of Manager. In positions prior to management, Guy was a Service Technician for both Pelco, as Security Company, where he worked for eight years, and Panasonic, for fifteen years, where he was a Technician and a Trainer for nearly sixteen years.

During our time with Guy and his Technicians, M.A.R.S was taken away with the respect and relationship already formed between Guy and his team. M.A.R.S is confident that not only is Guy a great fit at Patterson Dental, and we feel there will be many great things coming out of the Patterson Dental Montreal Branch.


Training Patterson Dental Montreal

Every Patterson Sales Representative and Service Technician already has a keen understanding of amalgam separators and compliance. Through the years of training and experience, these professionals only recommend the LibertyBOSS amalgam separator. The LibertyBOSS is PROVEN best available technology and the ONLY amalgam separator that requires NO maintenance, NO filters for up to 3 years.

The training focused on the technical aspects of the LibertyBOSS amalgam separator and the evacuation line cleaners.

linz program

Patterson Technicians always recommended the M.A.R.S Brand of evacuation line cleaners, but not necessarily know why, beyond how well they work. There are a lot of different types of cleaners, some are good, and many are dangerous and damaging to equipment. Our educational course taught these Patterson Professionals how to determine which line cleaners are good, and which are bad, based on the information in the Safety Data Sheets. Powered by this new knowledge, the Patterson Service Team are eager to assist their clients in choosing the best evacuation line system for their Practice. To get the same information the Patterson Professionals have, read our line cleaner blogs.


Service Technicians

M.A.R.S always appreciates working with the Service team at Patterson Dental. The wealth of knowledge and experience possessed by each Patterson Technician is a huge assist to their clients and M.A.R.S Bio-Med. Thanks to Guy, M.A.R.S will be happily working even closer with the Montreal Service Technicians, providing them an additional line of support in giving Patterson Clients the best service possible.

JDIQ 2018

Trusted Distributors

M.A.R.S is exceptionally fortunate to have Patterson Dental as a part of our Family of Trusted Distributors. If you are in the service area of Patterson Montreal, you will be surprised by the level of service and dedication you receive from this fantastic Patterson Branch.

Patterson Dental Ottawa

M.A.R.S will be spending our time again with Patterson’s Ottawa Branch. We will be releasing a blog on Wednesday to present some of the highlights of our meeting.

Group Picture 2018

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