Make Sure You Get the Best Product- How Easy is it to Fool People When They Aren’t Looking?

Make Sure You Get the Best Product- How Easy is it to Fool People When They Aren’t Looking?

When a company has the best product and the best technology available, their competitors simply degrade the superior product.

As you read this blog, understand that over the years I have met thousands of wonderful Technicians that are great human beings with the highest standards who work in their customer’s best interest. In saying that, that isn’t always true.

In today’s tough sales environment, it is rather challenging for an honest person to win at “the game.” The company that makes the best product and guarantees it then goes out of his or her way to create a fair price is, in fact, the underdog.

Although that sounds so terribly wrong it is a very accurate statement. Looking back on my time in the Dental Industry, my experience has shown me that the person or company with the largest budget and semi-unethical sales and service Reps tend to win. The reason is quite simple, historically, these groups have the advantage of not having to worry about ethics and honesty. They live with their lies and without consequence. There is great power in living without repercussions.

What Happens When You Have the Best Product

If the Sales Rep has an inferior product to his competitor’s, they simply degrade the other product. It is very much like politics, you don’t have to beat your opponent, just simply discredit him. That way you don’t have to be better, just not as bad as you have made your opponent look.

Unfortunately, in Dentistry, this method is way too prevalent. It creates one winner and two big losers; the best product and the dentist who did not do his research. So many times our Techs have spoken to practitioners and by the end of the conversation, saved them between $1,000 and $3,000 (sometimes a lot more).


Finding the Best Product

I cannot count the times I have been told how crushingly large dental practice’s overheads are and I can’t help but wonder if the doctor himself researched his purchases before ordering or just let his Technician select one of the two or three products that his company carries in stock. I have seen practitioners spend more time deciding to buy give-away dental floss than deciding on the right amalgam separator. What I may never understand is that a drill or some other very important piece of equipment captures such a high status.

From my point of view, all those other things are necessary, until your pump goes down because the amalgam separator was either not maintained or left to go into overflow status. When you break a drill it’s an annoyance, when you blow a pump you’re out of business until it’s repaired or replaced.

This brings up two major points. First, most Technicians get a base salary, plus (either a commission or a bonus based on sales above a set amount). Secondly, Distributor Reps sell and are trained on what they carry.

Best Product

Why the LibertyBOSS is the Best Product

In 2013, I was told by a large distributor that they would not sell the LibertyBOSS amalgam separator because my product was a maintenance free separator. He was then arrogant enough to tell me why. It appears they were making millions of dollars by selling replacement cartridges to YOU. I must say that he was a man of his word because, to this day, they have not bought one yet. The bad news for that company was, we had already started to work with one of his main competitors and had become their number one separator supplier because the doctors recognize the cost savings and the quality.

Some of our competitors have told their customer’s that the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS blocks suction and causes pump failure. That is just not true. This proves their lack of knowledge of the products available on the market. On the other hand, we “do” have the newest and Best Available Technology which was proven through an Independent Study ordered and paid for by a Water Treatment Plant in Ohio.

If you want the guaranteed best product for your office, ask the important questions of your Sales Rep/Technician:

– Do they offer a Guarantee of Compliance to all Water Treatment regulations?
– Does it capture soluble mercury and do they have proof?
– Is it maintenance free? Explain.
– Does it come with a Certificate of Compliance and written Warranty?

If they answer “no” to any or all of these questions, give M.A.R.S a call at 1-866-594-3648.

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