Dentist Learns Not All Technicians are a M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist

Dentist Learns Not All Technicians are a M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist

Dentists have to be cautious about who they use for servicing their dental equipment, as not all Service Technicians have the equal amount of experience and training. Even when it comes to large Dental Supply and Service Companies, not all of them ensure their Technicians receive specialized education on all equipment, such as amalgam separators. The M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist Program is taught to all M.A.R.S Distributors, guaranteeing their training will keep their dental clients compliant and safe. Those dental practices who use non-certified technicians can experience issues with their dental equipment and void warranties if they are not careful.

Non-Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist Technicians

Today’s blog is regarding the experience one of our M.A.R.S Family Members had, who removed two filter type amalgam separators and upgraded to two M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS, saving roughly $2,000/year on their amalgam separator costs. Their LibertyBOSS was initially installed by a Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist. A few months after the original install, this office tried installing a dry vacuum system to replace their older wet vacuum. Unfortunately, they used a company with limited abilities, which resulted in suction problems and leaks. The dry vacuum was removed shortly after, and the original wet vacuums were reinstalled.

Only 18 months after the original installation of the LibertyBOSS’, the Doctor was advised by his Non-C.A.S.S. Technician that the LibertyBOSS was “full and required changing.” An appointment was made with M.A.R.S to inspect the LibertyBOSS. The following are the outcomes of all the issues that were found in this office’s mechanical room.

Drainage Issue


According to the Doctor, their Non-C.A.S.S. Technician stated that the LibertyBOSS was full, causing water to build in the suction lines leading from the outlet of the LibertyBOSS to the inlet of the pump. This build-up of water was apparently causing a leaking issue. Unfortunately, the Technicians do not receive specialized training on amalgam separators. If this Technician had training, he would have known that his statement was false and could never happen due to the design of the LibertyBOSS.


You can see in the video; there was a check valve poorly installed between the pump and theLibertyBOSS. When the water is pulled through the lines and the suction are turned off, any water on the pump side of the check valve will be trapped, causing the leaking issue. The simple answer is to remove the check valve and return the installation to how it was initially installed. See Image 1 to see the original install, see Image 2 to see the poorly installed check valve.


Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist

Mot a Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist



Image 1 – Original Install Image              Image 2 – Poor Check Valve Installation


Unnecessary Flex Hose


It is unknown to M.A.R.S who removed the dry vacuum and reinstalled the wet vacuums. Whoever did the work, they installed an extra length of cheap flexible hose on the inlet of the second LibertyBOSS. The poor installation caused a “U” shape in the line, essentially creating p-trap. This p-trap will make it difficult for air to travel past the water, causing suction issues.


Remove the extra length of flex hose to have a direct route to the inlet of the LibertyBOSS. See Image 3 for the poor installation, see Image 4 for the correction made by a M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist.

Image 3 (1)

Image 4

Image 3 – Poor installation                                                    Image 4 – Poor Check Valve Installation


LibertyBOSS Warranty Void


During the correction of the poor installation of the LibertyBOSS, the M.A.R.S Technician noticed that the second LibertyBOSS had been opened, voiding the warranty. According to the Doctor, the only possible person to open the LibertyBOSS would be his Technician, as no one else had access to the mechanical room.

As it can be seen in Image 5:
– the red zip tie was broken off the locking mechanism on the closing bracket of the LibertyBOSS
– the locking mechanism was not latched properly
– the locking mechanism was not located directly under the red “Warranty Void if Opened” sticker

Image 5

Image 5 – Voided warranty

Currently, there does not seem to be a suction or leaking issue with the system. If there is a problem in the future before the end service life of the LibertyBOSS, all warranties have been voided.


Only allow a M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist service your amalgam separators. Standard Technicians who do not have training on all amalgam separators have been known to void warranties, leave offices non-compliant and damage equipment due to the neglect of the amalgam separator.


Know your Technician’s Limits

Even the most exceptional Technician may not have all the training or experience necessary to service your practice completely. The sign of a good Technician is one who is not afraid to tell you they are not sure; they will look into it for you. In many cases, it is better to double check your information rather than assume you are correct and possibly damage or void a piece of equipment.

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