M.A.R.S®’ Visit to the Dallas –Fort Worth Metroplex – Part 1 – Water Environment Association of Texas

M.A.R.S®’ Visit to the Dallas –Fort Worth Metroplex – Part 1 – Water Environment Association of Texas

M.A.R.S® is proud to have been asked by another group of Water Treatment Experts (WEAT) to speak to them about the new EPA Regulation. For this trip, we were contacted by the Water Environment Association of Texas to be the guest speaker of their training session. For three hours, our amalgam separator expert, Jason Buyukozer, educated nearly 50 Water Treatment Experts on the details of the EPA Regulation, the inspection of the top six amalgam separators on the market, evacuation line cleaner compliance, and the Implementation/Inspection of Best Manage Practices.

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Who is the Water Environment Association of Texas (WEAT)?

The Water Environment Association of Texas is an open association consisting of water environmental professionals, practitioners/operations specialists, and public officials. WEAT is formed to promote sound legislative and regulatory policy in matters relating to the water environment. These members have a broad range of expertise working together to foster members’ professional growth and development, educate the public on water quality issues, and benefit society through protection and enhancement of the water environment.

Our Training

WEAT members were introduced to the City of Toronto’s Pollution Prevention Plan as a starting place to create, implement, and enforce their own Best Management Practices. Our Workshop showed how the City of Toronto regulates 3,500 Dentists using only 15 Inspectors to cover not only Dental but all regulated industries. The goal by the end of this Educational Course is every member will feel confident in their ability to create a BMP that will not only protects the interests of all parties but requires a minimal investment of resources.

For many Water Treatment Experts, the EPA Amalgam Separator Regulation is a first introduction to the Dental Industry and amalgam separators. During this hands-on course, we reviewed the technical information for the top six amalgam separators sold in North America, provide tips on suggested testing standards/methods, as well as provide instruction for onsite inspections. After this course, attendees felt more confident inspecting the compliance of Dental Practices and their amalgam separators.


Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Continues

After our time with Water Treatment Plants, M.A.R.S® has been spending the rest of our time in Texas working with our Trusted Distributor Dental Fix Rx. Follow our blog Friday to learn about our time helping Dental Fix educate their customers about the upcoming EPA Regulation and amalgam separator compliance.

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