M.A.R.S®’ Visit to the Dallas –Fort Worth Metroplex – Part 2 – Time with Dental Fix Rx

M.A.R.S®’ Visit to the Dallas –Fort Worth Metroplex – Part 2 – Time with Dental Fix Rx

As our followers would know, M.A.R.S® is proud to have been asked by another group of Water Treatment Experts to speak to them about the new EPA Regulation. We had a great time with the Water Environment Association of Texas, read part 1 of this series to learn more about our course earlier this week.

Today, our blog will be speaking about time with Jamie, Able and Humberto of Dental Fix Rx Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex! For the past three days, Dental Fix and M.A.R.S have been visiting Dental Professionals across Dallas, Arlington and Fort Worth, offering FREE compliance consults. We are going to introduce you to Dental Fix Dallas and speak about our experience with them.

Dental Fix Rx

Dental Fix Rx Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex

Nothing is better than working with family. Humberto, Able, and Jaime are all cousins, starting their Dental Fix Franchise at the same time. Over the past 3 years, these three have grown their territory to include the entire Dallas and surrounding area. In that short time, Dental Fix Rx has become a well-known name in Dental Service, as they service over 700 Dental Practices in their community.

If you are in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, you must try Dental Fix; they are quick, honest, and hard working. They only leave when the job is done and done right. Every office we visited was so happy to use Dental Fix and claimed how much money they saved switching from the large Service Companies.

M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS – Dental Fix RX Amalgam Separator of Choice

M.A.R.S has always loved working with Able, Jaime, and Humberto; they have proudly pushed the LibertyBOSS because it is the only amalgam separator they can trust with their customers. For the past two years, they have upgraded on Dental Practice after the other to the NO maintenance, NO filter, NO inspection M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS amalgam separator. If you are worried about complying with the EPA Regulation, contact Dental Fix for a FREE compliance consult.

Compliance Consults

Dental Fix Rx and M.A.R.S are aware that many Dental Professionals are being inundated with information about the new EPA Amalgam Separator Regulation. Many of them have heard conflicting information, further confusing Dentists about ensuring their compliance. For this reason, Dental Fix asked M.A.R.S to stay behind after we trained the local regulators on the EPA Regulation to pass along the same information to their Clients.

Though M.A.R.S and Dental Fix saw many Dental Practices in the past few days, the following are some highlights of our Consultations.

The Misinformed

During our first consultation, a large service company recently installed a filter based amalgam separator in the clinic and told the staff the system was “maintenance free.” The office was surprised to learn that their clear filter based amalgam separator required WEEKLY inspections, which has to be logged and filed for 36 months. Thanks to the training Dental Fix received, Humberto was able to show the office how to inspect their high maintenance system. Considering the filter was 1/3 filled in the first two months, it is likely the office will be upgrading to the LibertyBOSS very soon.

The Suction Issue

Dental Fix was called for an emergency call due to a suction loss in an operatory. The issue was resolved after it was determined the vacuum pump was due for annual maintenance. During the call, M.A.R.S and Dental Fix was able to explain the benefits of the NO maintenance LibertyBOSS amalgam separator. The doctor loved the fact that the LibertyBOSS required no maintenance, just set and forget. He was also impressed by the FREE advertising program that comes with every LibertyBOSS. The doctor was able to use our Find a Dentist App to locate members of our Family of Environmentally Friendly Dental Practices, to get their opinion on the LibertyBOSS. M.A.R.S is confident they will choose to upgrade their office to a LibertyBOSS.

The Exempt

Dental Fix was concerned by one of their favourite Unlimited Service Plan customers who did some of their own research and came up with the conclusion that their office is exempt from the EPA Amalgam Separator Rule. Unfortunately, the information they received was from their local Dental Society, who got their information from the ADA. Though the EPA Regulation states, if a practice has less than 5% of their business using or removes amalgam, they office exempt; that is not how the Local Regulators feel.

The Local Regulators feel, if an office is discharging mercury into their waterways, they are required to install an amalgam separator. Local Regulators, like Water Treatment Plants, are choosing to exceed the EPA Regulation, as the current bare minimum standards set by the EPA will not allow the Water Treatment Plants to meet their own discharge requirements. Dental Fix offered the Dentist a new service, which will use Purves Environmental to test the Dental Practice’s discharge for mercury content. The test will render a result, giving the office empirical proof if they are exempt or not. If the office does not discharge mercury, they can provide the report to the local regulators when signing the exemption form. If the clinic is found the discharge mercury, Dental Fix just saved the practice from being possibly fined or shut down due to false claims of exemption.

If you feel your clinic should be exempt from the EPA regulation, contact Dental Fix to arrange your discharge test.

The Install

While M.A.R.S was in town, Dental Fix upgraded another Dental Practice to the LibertyBOSS. The office was considering different options in amalgam separation, Jaime was able to use his M.A.R.S training to provide the Pros and Con’s of all systems. Once the doctor learns the LibertyBOSS would serve his 6 chair practice for 24 months with NO filters, NO maintenance, and NO inspections, the Doctor had Dental Fix Upgrade his office the next day. The newest addition to the Dental Fix Team, John, performed his first LibertyBOSS installation using the M.A.R.S Upgrade Kit. Our Technical Specialist Jason was present during the installation to witness the 5-minute installation. It took John less than 5 minutes to upgrade a Dentist to the LibertyBOSS on the DentalEZ RamVac dry vacuum.

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The Dental Staff was excited to be compliant, and for the FREE advertising, their office will be getting as environmentally friendly.


As always, M.A.R.S is proud to have Dental Fix as members of our Family of Trusted Distributors. We had an amazing time with Humberto, Jamie, Able, and their team. We are looking forward to seeing them again, hopefully, during our trip next month when M.A.R.S visits the Region VI Pretreatment Association meeting in Denton, Texas.

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