M.A.R.S Offers the Sad Truth about the Dangers of the False Upgrade Offer Part 2- Behind the False Upgrade

The marketing industry is one made of half-truths and whole lies. The first segment of this blog series spoke about an old filtered based amalgam separator manufacturer who had come across troubles when competitors created aftermarket filters to fit on their system. Today, we will be highlighting their “solution” to gain their clientele back.

The “Upgrade”

If another manufacturer (or several) has created an aftermarket part (which is your main source of income) for your product, what would you do?

Let’s say you are Gillette, the razor blade company. Everyone has your handles because you have been in the industry for a long time. Your customers keep buying razor blades, because it is the only option they have, as your blades are the only one that fits your handle. Suddenly, a competitor starts selling compatible blades that fit your handles for less money. What do you do?

You could lower your high prices to compete with the new competition, but that will affect your profit margins. You can redesign, create a better newer product, but that will take time and a lot of investment in R&D. So what is the solution? Make a cosmetic change to the handle, mainly changing the design on how your blades fit on your handles, then give them away to your existing customer base. The new handle will eliminate the competitor’s blades, giving you a monopoly again.

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The Danger of False “Upgrades”

The description above was a tactic taken by an old amalgam separator manufacturer. They are offering a “free upgrade” when you switch out to their “upgraded” system. Their marketing gives the Dental Professional a false feeling of bettering your practice, but instead, you are limiting your options and signing yourself up for an automatic re-ordering program. Giving the manufacturer the power to spend your money needlessly!

Since the changes in the system were mostly cosmetic, the capacity, maintenance, and inspection intervals remain the same, what part of this deal benefits your practice? Any Dental Professional who has made this switch has been fooled by restricting their compliance options and paid for the installation of an “upgraded” with no real benefits.

Eye Opener

If you are still considering reinvesting in an amalgam separator at this time, why not consider all your options. Now that the EPA and local Control Groups are regulating Dentists, there are many options available to Dental Professionals in the United States. If you do decide to change from your old amalgam separator, the cost to pay a professional to install one amalgam separator over another would be exactly the same. Do yourself and your practice a favour and take five minutes and consider your options.

Purves Study (2)

Study the EPA Regulation and the standards or your local regulating bodies. Be sure you know what is required of both your office and the amalgam separator you install. Make sure the system you choose is maintenance free, low cost, and comes with a guarantee to keep you compliant.


A True Upgrade

Do not fret, not all system’s advertising as an “Upgrade” isn’t just needlessly throwing around impressive adjectives. Learn about the ONLY amalgam separator to have been proven to be Best Available Technology, and the ONLY amalgam separator to require NO filters, NO maintenance, and NO inspections for up to 3 years.

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