M.A.R.S Offers the Sad Truth about the Dangers of the False Upgrade Offer Part 3- A True Upgrade

M.A.R.S Offers the Sad Truth about the Dangers of the False Upgrade Offer Part 3- A True Upgrade

M.A.R.S hopes the first two segments (The Dangers of the False Upgrade Offer and Behind the False Upgrade) of this blog series got Dental Professionals thinking about the commonly misused term of “Upgrade” in the Dental Industry. We are, in no way, saying that there are not honest companies offering better products and services. What we are saying, don’t take an offer or advertisement for face value. Conduct some primary research, ask others in the industry, look for reviews online, and compare the features of products in the same industry.

Today’s blog will be providing an example of a product, relating to the topic of amalgam separators, that honestly offers an upgrade from the standard filter-based systems.

no maintenance

Determining an Upgrade

If you were to invest in truly upgrading your amalgam separator from one system to another, the benefits should be obvious. Weigh the options on the market side by side to compare features, similar to the chart below.


Just like the comparison above, list the options that hold the most importance for you at the top, adding more important options as you move further down the list. Now check the features of each of your options, helping you determine what system will benefit your office greatly.

A True Upgrade

The M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS can service a Dental Practice for 3 years, without maintenance, filters, or inspections. It is the only system you can install and forget, as it comes with a guaranteed service life and a WRITTEN guarantee of compliance.

no fail (1)


On average a LibertyBOSS saves a Dental Practice 50% or more on their amalgam separator costs. Our long 36-month service life amortizes the cost of our system to provide guaranteed service at the average annual cost of $391 per year.

NO Inspections, NO Maintenance, NO Filters

The EPA Regulation requires Dental Practices to keep a log of any required maintenance or inspections completed on the amalgam separator. If you have a filtered based amalgam separator, you are required by the manufacturer to keep a WEEKLY log of inspections on file for 36 months.

The LibertyBOSS doesn’t require filters, inspections, or maintenance; it is the only amalgam separator that can be installed and forgotten for up to 3 years.

FREE Advertising

The LibertyBOSS has been independently studied to be the best available technology in amalgam separation, making any Dental Practice with a LibertyBOSS Environmentally Friendly. By choosing the best available amalgam separator, Dental Practice is offering better protection against mercury discharge than an office with any other amalgam separator.

Environmentally Friendly

Guaranteed Compliance

Anyone who has read the EPA Regulation in its entirety would understand that the whole regulation is meant as a bare minimum guideline for local Discharge Regulators, like Water Treatment Plants, to set their Best Management Practices for their region. In these bare minimum guidelines, the power has been given to the Local Regulators to deem a product non-compliant (even if it is ISO tested) if the product does not meet their local discharge standards.

A M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS comes with a WRITTEN Guarantee of Compliance. If an office with a LibertyBOSS is found to be non-compliance, M.A.R.S will make the appropriate changes to that system, at our cost, to ensure the compliance of the office.

If your current amalgam separator or the system you are considering, does not come with some kind of guarantee in writing, you may want to consider an upgrade to one that does.

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