M.A.R.S at the 2018 Dental Fix Franchisee Annual Meeting: Day 3-4

M.A.R.S at the 2018 Dental Fix Franchisee Annual Meeting: Day 3-4

M.A.R.S had a great week with the team at Dental Fix, during their annual meeting. The first two days of the Dental Fix Annual Meeting was highlighted in our previous blogs, promoting some of the great experiences M.A.R.S had with the wonderful Franchisees of Dental Fix across the United States and Canada. Today is reviewing the events of the last 2 days of the convention.

pier 66

Day 3 – The Day of Training

Day three of the Dental Fix meeting began with Brian Dershow, COO of Dental Fix, giving an exciting speech on the growth and future of Dental Fix Rx. M.A.R.S is proud to have Dental Fix as our Trusted Distributors, and we are looking forward to being a part of their amazing growth as a company.


Following Brian Dershow, Dental Fix had a Dental Industry expert review the trends in dentistry, providing the Dental Fix Franchisees some insight on the future of Dental.

Vendor Trade Show

As a short break before the vendors of the Dental Fix meeting were to present to the Franchisees, an hour our session was opened for the second Vendor Trade Show to the meeting. Once again the M.A.R.S booth had the Franchisees piling in to learn more about our products and how M.A.R.S and Dental Fix can guarantee the compliance of Dentists in America.


M.A.R.S had brought a variety of amalgam separators, to provide each of the Dental Fix franchisees some insight and physical training with each device. The Dental Fix Franchisees were especially excited about how the LibertyBOSS Upgrade Kit provides a simple way to seal up the old amalgam separator when upgrading to a LibertyBOSS.


Work Hard, Play Hard

It was the last night in Fort Lauderdale for many of the vendors and Dental Fix Franchisees, so many of us went out on the town to take in the local sights. Based on the suggestion from one of the friendly staff at Pier 66 Hotel, a lot of us made our way to Rocco’s Taco, a wonderful Mexican Restaurant.

On our way to Rocco’s, we shared in some luck when a Limo driver was offering FREE limo rides across town! So obviously, we had to take advantage.

Though most of the Franchisees couldn’t all come to this very popular and busy restaurant, those who did come, were all from different parts of the country, using the opportunity to bond as a unit. What amazes M.A.R.S about Dental Fix, even though the company and their Franchisees are spread all over the United States, they have a real family vibe about them. The annual meetings give each of these Franchisees a chance to bond and learn from their fellow Dental Fix member. Attending the Dental Fix Franchisees for this meal felt much more than joining them for dinner. It was a wonderful experience, allowing our relationship to grow through the act of breaking bread with one another.


Rounding Out the Conference

M.A.R.S had such a tremendous experience at the Dental Fix Conference; sadly ending the fourth day at breakfast with the Franchisees. We joyfully ate our breakfasts as we spoke about the growth we plan to build together as companies, and the amalgam separator solutions Dental Fix now have for so many of their clients.

As many of the Franchisees were finishing breakfast and moving to the last Dental Fix training sessions of the meeting, Arash Nowbahar of Dental Fix Tyson’s Corner Virginia, and Jason Buyukozer of M.A.R.S Bio-Med shared a “Kodak moment” when discussing social media benefits.


Into the Future

M.A.R.S Bio-Med is excited to see how our relationship will grow with Dental Fix Rx. We are happy to have all these wonderful Franchisees and Dental Fix Corporate as part of the M.A.R.S Family of Trusted Distributors.

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