Detailed Breakdown on the Proper Installation of an Amalgam Separator on a Dry-Vacuum Pump  Step 1- Location Part 2

Detailed Breakdown on the Proper Installation of an Amalgam Separator on a Dry-Vacuum Pump Step 1- Location Part 2

Recently, there has been an upwards trend showing the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS as the soon to be top sold amalgam separator sold in North America. With this growing popularity, M.A.R.S has seen it appropriate to assist new members of the M.A.R.S Family by offering a detailed analysis of how to ensure your LibertyBOSS is set up correctly to keep your office compliant, protect your staff, the environment, and your Dry-Vacuum Pump.

Step 1- Location Part 1 of this Blog Series spoke about where in the mechanical room you will locate the inlet pipe from chairs and determine the appropriate approach to an installation based on its location.

Step 1– Location Part 2 will be discussing where amalgam separators belong in the evacuation line system, common mistakes made by Non-C.A.S.S. Service Technicians and space-saving installation tips.


Positioning of the LibertyBOSS

Most amalgam separators are designed to be installed before the suction pump (like your Dry-Vacuum Pump). Installing before the suction pump will allow a steady flow of water through the system, which will provide the optimal settling of solids (roughly 1L/minute). If an amalgam separator is installed after a suction pump, the flow of water and solids will be too fast to allow for proper settling of solids, which will result in the system entering into by-pass.

Note: An important fact that is often forgotten by Non-Certified Amalgam Separator Specialists, most amalgam separators rely on gravity for the settling of solids. This means the inlet of the amalgam separator is almost always at the top of the system and the outlet is almost always at the bottom. If you see below, the image on the left was installed backward, pulling the water and air through the system, fighting gravity. The picture on the right was installed correctly, as it follows a natural path through the LibertyBOSS to the air/water separator of the suction pump.

Dry-Vacuum Pump

Hide n’ Seek with Your Dry-Vacuum Pump and Amalgam Separator

When choosing a location for an amalgam separator, you want to be able to access the system easily to maintain it properly. Most amalgam separators require daily, weekly or monthly visual inspections and maintenance, so access to the amalgam separator is essential. The picture below is a filter based system that needs weekly inspections and logs to be kept on record for up to three years. This system was installed in the back of a sink cabinet and was neglected due to the inaccessibility.

The LibertyBOSS is different from other amalgam separators as it does not require any service or inspections for up to 3 years. What this means for the installation of your LibertyBOSS, unlike other amalgam separators which need access for their weekly inspections, the LibertyBOSS can be tucked away from view, clearing space of up in a mechanical room.

Dry-Vacuum Pump

Tucked Out of the Way

The average mechanical room is usually very tight for space; this often turns the mechanical room into a life-sized version of Tetris. The limited space will make choosing the right location of the LibertyBOSS critical. You will see in this installation video; we did not install the LibertyBOSS in front of the suction pump. Instead, we installed the system in front of the air/water separator. As described in the video, the purpose for this is to avoid any obstruction of the pump, in case a Service Technician has to access it for repairs. It was okay to install the LibertyBOSS in front of the air/water separator because a Service Technician will still be able to access all require ports without the system getting in their way. If you have no choice but to install you LibertyBOSS in front of your pump, compressor, electrical panel or any other vital items in your mechanical room, you can easily do so with full confidence. With the use of the LibertyBOSS’ quick connects, it will allow for immediate relocation of the LibertyBOSS to access any important equipment. In some cases, a 90-degree elbow can allow for a tighter and neater installation, which will also help in reducing any obstruction of necessary equipment.

Step 2 and 3 – Choosing the Right Parts

Follow us on our next couple of blogs as we review how to choose the correct fittings and hose to use for your LibertyBOSS amalgam separator installation.

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