Detailed Breakdown on the Proper Installation of an Amalgam Separator on a Dry-Vacuum Pump- Step 5- Installation

Detailed Breakdown on the Proper Installation of an Amalgam Separator on a Dry-Vacuum Pump- Step 5- Installation

We have reached the end of our journey, the last step, installation. If you have been following this Blog Series, you have chosen to join us on the educational mission of the proper installation of an amalgam separator on a dry-vacuum system.

Step 1- Location- Part 1 of this Blog Series spoke about where in the mechanical room you will locate the inlet pipe from chairs and determine the appropriate approach to an installation based on its location.

Step 1– Location- Part 2 discussed where amalgam separators belong in the evacuation line system, common mistakes made by Non-C.A.S.S. Service Technicians and space-saving installation tips.

Step 2 – Hose illustrated the importance of choosing the right evacuation hose for your amalgam separator installation.

Step 3 – Fittings offers tips on selecting the right parts to complete your LibertyBOSS installation like an M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist.

Step 4 – Planning reviewed simple tips on how to plan your installation to allow it to go as smoothly as possible.

Now we are ready for the fun part, the installation. We will be offering pointers to make the installation of your LibertyBOSS easy and fun.

Where to Start with Your Installation?

Choosing where to begin an installation can be a little intimidating. M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialists are trained to start with the most challenging section of the installation first. In the “Proper Installation of a M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS on a Dry-Vacuum Pump” video, you will note that we begin the installation with the inlet from chairs.

LibertyBOSS Inlet

We know the connection on the inlet from chairs is watertight, as it is existing, it was also difficult to reach. Using the video as an example, the logical course of action is to disconnect the hose from the inlet to the pump and use that existing hose for the inlet of your LibertyBOSS installation.

Detaching Inlet Hose

Detaching Inlet hose

Measuring Inlet Hose

As you saw in the video, we connected our Quick Connects and barbed fittings to the inlet of the LibertyBOSS. Having the fittings in place, allows us to accurately measure the required amount of hose for the inlet installation. Once you have marked the length of hose you need for the inlet installation, you can cut the hose using a hose cutter, hacksaw or a utility knife.

Inlet from chairs

Connecting Inlet Hose

Now that we have our tube cut to length and our inlet fittings attached to the LibertyBOSS, we are ready to join the two.

Step 1 – Lubricate barb fitting, just a small amount will do.



Step 2 – Slip a hose clamp over the hose.

hose clamp


Step 3 – Use a heat gun and heat the inlet hose, be sure not to overheat.

heat gun


Step 4 – When the hose is soft, slide it over the barbed fitting and tighten the hose clamp.


You have now completed the inlet installation of your M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS.

LibertyBOSS Outlet

The process for the outlet installation of the LibertyBOSS has similar instructions as the inlet. In the case of the video, we added a 90-degree elbow to make the installation a little neater.


Once you have the outlet fittings attached to the LibertyBOSS, you can measure the length of hose you require to connect the LibertyBOSS outlet to the pump’s inlet. With the desired length of hose, you can repeat steps 1-4 from the inlet installation for the barb fittings on the LibertyBOSS’ outlet and the pump’s inlet.

When the hose is connected to both fittings, you can turn your suction on and test all joints for air loss. If your installation is airtight, you have now completed the installation of a M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS amalgam separator.


Warranty Registration Card

Be sure to fill out your Warranty Registration Card entirely and email it to or fax it to 905-723-9610. Registering your LibertyBOSS will;

a. Enroll your Dental Practice into the “Find a Dentist” App (Free Advertising Program)

b. Enroll you in the automatic compliance reminder program

c. Supply you with a Certificate of Compliance

d. Advise M.A.R.S of an Old Amalgam Separator at your practice to be recycled.

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