Preventative Maintenance of your ECO II Amalgam Separator

Preventative Maintenance of your ECO II Amalgam Separator

M.A.R.S Technical Specialist Jason Buyukozer guides you through the proper procedure of maintaining your ECO II Amalgam Separator.

Video Transcript:

Hello, this is Jason Buyukozer from M.A.R.S Bio-Med. Today’s Preventative Maintenance Course we will be talking about the ECO II by Metasys. It’s a small, little container that works in small spaces. Which is excellent for smaller practices, especially since it cannot be used in any offices with larger than six operatories. Once you go beyond six operatories you have to get tandem systems. Call the manufacturer to guarantee that you have the right setup for your practice.

Maintaining Your ECO II

Once a week it is suggested to take a flashlight to your mechanical room and check for fill levels. Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 3.28.44 PMIt’s very simple to see the fill level here, and this is where the fill line is, right here. Some people think it is a little higher, it is very important, it is only about a quarter of the container itself.

This system, like any other filter based system, has to be changed annually. So that is every 12 months, or when the system is full, whichever comes first. This is why I suggest looking at it weekly, just to make sure you have the sludge level at the right height. It will be helpful if you take a flashlight and shine it up against the system. Keep in mind, I have said this before in other Preventative Maintenance videos, there’s a chance where sludge can build up on the outer walls, and it may not be an accurate depiction of the sludge level. So be sure to take your flashlight and check in different angles on the system, to make sure you have the right depiction of where the sludge is.

Recycling Your ECO II

When the system iAS003_ECOII_DEF_whites due for recycling, you call your supplier, order another one (ECO II). The system has a quick connect, where you can pull it out, cap the old system, and put the new system back in. The instructions are on their website (ECO II) on how to change out their amalgam separator.




If you have any questions about the ECO II please do not hesitate to call M.A.R.S Bio-Med at 1-866-594-3648, or visit us on the web at

Thank you very much, and have a great day.

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