Does Your Amalgam Separator Work for You, or Do You Work for It? Being an Environmentally Friendly Dental Practice

Does Your Amalgam Separator Work for You, or Do You Work for It? Being an Environmentally Friendly Dental Practice

Dental Practices with a M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS have a return on investment from a marketing perspective by promoting themselves as an Environmentally Friendly Dental Practice. Every Dental Professional who has a LibertyBOSS installed in their practice is considered environmentally friendly, as they have chosen to install an amalgam separator independently studied to be proven Best Available Technology in amalgam separation. This blog will be discussing how having a LibertyBOSS in your Dental Practice will generate revenue and increase your patient load.

Avoid Costly Amalgam Separators with NO Value-Add to Your Dental Practice

Many Dental Professionals are aware that the EPA Regulation on amalgam separators has been released. The release of the Regulation means every Dental Practice in the United States will be required to install and maintain an amalgam separator by 2020 or sooner. Many Dental Professionals understand why they will be required to have an amalgam separator, but are not looking forward to additional costs to their overhead. The average maintenance costs of a standard amalgam separator are $500 – $1,000 annually, with no real return on the investment. Many of these costly amalgam separators require weekly inspections and regular filter changes and/or maintenance. If these filter/maintenance amalgam separators were to be neglected, they could not only leave the Dental Practice in non-compliance but can cause severe suction issues resulting in loss of income.

Low Investment Costs

When a Dental Professional upgrades to superior technology, like the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS amalgam separator, they are reducing their required investment costs and adding value to their Dental Practice. The M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS is not a disposable filter that runs on the Gillette Principal like filter type amalgam separators; it is a piece of Environmental Protection Equipment which has the low investment price of $1,174 USD. With the average service life of 3 years, this expense amortizes to an average operating annual cost of $391 USD, with no filters, required inspections or maintenance.

Due to the LibertyBOSS masterful design, it does not restrict its flow below 1 ½”, more significant than any filter type amalgam separator. The LibertyBOSS’ large diameter design makes it virtually impossible to cause suctions loss; this is why the LibertyBOSS does not require any inspection or maintenance for up to 3 years. Saving your staff time and your Practice money.


High Potential Return – Value Add

The LibertyBOSS has been tested by Local Control Groups beyond the ISO 11143:2008 protocol by using the EPA Standards, used to examine Dental Practice discharge, which includes soluble mercury. Local Control Groups and an independent study found the LibertyBOSS to be Best Available Technology and the Most Environmentally Friendly amalgam separator in the industry. The M.A.R.S Technology is proven to have the lowest mercury discharge of any system in the North American market. Our proven system is why any Dental Practice who chooses to join the M.A.R.S Family, will become an Environmentally Friendly Dental Practice with a Guarantee of Compliance.

Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist Jason Buyukozer

Find a Dentist App- Be an Environmentally Friendly Dental Practice

A member of the M.A.R.S Family of Environmentally Friendly Dental Practices receives the value-add and benefits of our Free Advertising Program. When you visit, you will come across the “Find a Dentist” App, which is the M.A.R.S Database of Environmentally Friendly Dental Practices. How this Advertising Program works; when a potential patient types their zip code into the “Find a Dentist” App, it will list every Environmentally Friendly Dental Practice within a set distance from their zip code.

Watch the video below to see how to use “Find a Dentist” App.


Environmentally Friendly Dental Practice Medallion

As a member of the M.A.R.S Family of Environmentally Friendly Dental Practices, you have access to our Environmentally Friendly Dental Practice Medallion. This Medallion can be inserted on your webpage, which directs your patients to your “Find a Dentist” page. The “Find a Dentist” page will explain to your patients why having a LibertyBOSS makes your Clinic Environmentally Friendly.

Click on the Medallion to use the “Find a Dentist” App

Environmentally Friendly Dental Practice MEDALLION


When a Dental Practice makes the conscious decision to install a M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS, they get automatically enrolled in our “Find a Dentist” App, helping patients locate your Environmentally Friendly Dental Practices.

Please watch the video below to learn more about the M.A.R.S “Find a Dentist” Advertising Program.

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