Reviewing M.A.R.S’ EPA Regulation Flowchart – Who is Exempt?

Reviewing M.A.R.S’ EPA Regulation Flowchart – Who is Exempt?

The new EPA Regulation has most of the Dental and Water Treatment Industries confused about what is expected and how to remain compliant. M.A.R.S Bio-Med is always doing what we can to provide the Dental Industry with easy to understand information that can assist with their compliance. M.A.R.S has taken the 94 page EPA Regulation and brought it down to one paged simple flowchart.

Today we will be beginning a blog series that will be providing a detailed breakdown of the M.A.R.S flowchart, the EPA Regulation, as well as explaining simple ways to ensure your compliance.

We will begin at the top of our flowchart and discuss who is required to have an amalgam separator, and who is exempt.

EPA Regulation – Who is Exempt?

EPA Regulation

One could argue that there are some Dental Practices don’t require an amalgam separator, as the new EPA Regulation has a list of exempted Dental Fields. Unfortunately, this list of “exempt” Dental Professionals is meaningless. The general rule to follow, if you disturb an amalgam filling in any way, you should have an amalgam separator in your practice.

When M.A.R.S teaches CE Courses for Dental Societies and Dental Conventions, we teach that any Dentist who feels they are exempt, be 110% sure. When you file for an exemption, you are signing a federal legal document. When a Doctor applies for an exemption, your local regulator will most likely test your discharge for mercury, and often more than once. If mercury is found in the expulsion of a Dental Practice that filed for the exemption, it cannot be said for certain what may happen to that office, but it will most likely cost more than an amalgam separator.

If you feel you are exempt from the EPA Regulation, send a discharge sample of your water to a mercury expert, like Purves Environmental, and allow them to determine if you require an amalgam separator. A simple test could save you a lot of headache and money.

Up Next – Installation Deadlines

Follow our next installment for the deadlines set to install amalgam separators in Dental Practices.

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