Reviewing M.A.R.S’ EPA Regulation Flowchart – Protect your Investment, Ensure your Compliance

Reviewing M.A.R.S’ EPA Regulation Flowchart – Protect your Investment, Ensure your Compliance

We have reached the end of our Flowchart blog series. So far, we have discussed everything you need to know about the EPA Regulation, the Regulators, and your compliance. Today, we will be discussing protecting your investment.

Though this is not a part of the EPA Regulation, M.A.R.S feels it important to help the Dental Industry make the right investment in their Dental Practices. Today we discuss choosing the right amalgam separator that will ensure your compliance and prevent you from having to waste your money on the wrong system.

Ensure your Compliance with the Right Investment

M.A.R.S created the EPA Flowchart to simplify the information Dental Professionals need to ensure their compliance. We have had our information/interpretation confirmed by an EPA Representative, making sure we are providing the most up to date information as possible to the Dental Industry.


Our entire flowchart is non-bias confirmed information, all except our recommendation to purchase Best Available Technology. M.A.R.S knows we manufacture the PROVEN Best Available Technology in Amalgam Separation. The LibertyBOSS amalgam separator has been independently studied to be the only system to exceed ISO and EPA standards in amalgam separation. Below is an excerpt of that study, please visit to find the full study.

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The M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS is the only amalgam separator to have Independent Studies proving we have the “Best Available Technology” in the industry. M.A.R.S tests our system at the EPA Standard 245.7 (higher method than ISO 11143 to include soluble mercury), this is the same standard used by Control Groups like Water Treatment Plants when testing discharge from Dental Practices. We are so confident in our products that we offer a Written Guarantee of Compliance for any dental practice with a LibertyBOSS. A Guarantee means any Dental Practice with a LibertyBOSS will never have to worry about not meeting their local standards. M.A.R.S will make any appropriate changes required to a LibertyBOSS to meet or exceed the local or federal standards. The M.A.R.S Guarantee of Compliance protects your company’s reputation, gives peace of mind and saves you money.

Up Next – M.A.R.S Goes South

Next week M.A.R.S has the privilege to be a guest speaker at the Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association meeting in St. Augustine Florida. Similarly to the Virginia Water Environment Association in March, M.A.R.S has been asked to share our knowledge and training in helping the Water Treatment Industry understand amalgam separators and the Dental Industry.

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