Speaking About the LINZ Evacuation Line Cleaners: Loyal Members of the M.A.R.S Family, Speak Up!

Speaking About the LINZ Evacuation Line Cleaners: Loyal Members of the M.A.R.S Family, Speak Up!


Today’s blog will be providing some examples of the testimonials we have received over the years for our LINZ evacuation line cleaners. We hope the experiences of some the member of our Family of Environmentally Friendly Dental Practices will encourage others to share their stories as well.

M.A.R.S is grateful for the following of dedicated Dental Professionals we have accumulated over the past 13 years of business. We aim to provide our Doctors with the highest quality of products and services to keep their practices running. The LibertyBOSS amalgam separator and M.A.R.S has a loyal group of Dental Professionals who fully trust in our products, as they have often improved the function and profitability of their Clinics.





Taking a Chance on Evacuation Line Cleaners Pays Off

Every Dental Professional knows simple preventative maintenance can go a long way in protecting your equipment and saving money. The use of a proper, neutral pH, non-foaming evacuation line cleaner can make a vast difference in how well Dental Practice preforms. Dr. Yan’s office learned the benefits of the M.A.R.S LINZ Program very quickly, when they saw the significant improvements in their suction, almost immediately.

Since our office replaced our old like cleaner Gobble, with the M.A.R.S Bio-Med PowerLINZ Concentrate as our daily suction line cleaner. We have been very impressed with the quality of our suction in our dental operatories. We have confidence that they will not lose suction during a busy 10 hour day with 4 rooms running at full speed.

Combined with the use of CleanLINZ liquid concentrate, for our three-month maintenance cycle for 8 days, we have noticed a huge difference in the performance in our suction volume as well as the reduction of sludge & debris that is collected in our suction traps. Cleaning the traps is no longer a chore that it once was.

PowerLINZ & CleanLINZ are two very cost effect products for our office and not having harsh chemical odours is a bonus, that we can all appreciate.

– Dr. M. Yan Dental Care Team

Evacuation Line Cleaners


Money, Equipment, and Suction Saved with Evacuation Line Cleaners!

There are many different types of evacuation line cleaners on the market, with only a few of them being considered safe and even fewer than that are effective. If you have read any of our previous blogs on evacuation line cleaners, you will know how to decipher if a cleaner is safe and effective. The problem with the Dental Industry, those who manufacturer a good evacuation line cleaner knows the quality of their product, which means they know they can get away with charging more for their cleaner.

Since using PowerLINZ and CleanLINZ evacuation line cleaners, we have noticed a tremendous change in the way our suctions operate. Not only are our lines more powerful, but we notice more solids being released from our lines into our traps. We feel this product is ensuring clean and reliable evacuation. Neutral pH means a safer and environmentally friendly method of system maintenance, and that makes our staff feel confident about using this product. Thank you to MARS Bio-Med for your reliable products!

-Newmarket Dental Health

Our office, Princeview Dental, has been working with M.A.R.S Bio-Med company for the last 3 years… A year ago we started using their new product, evacuation line cleaner, PowerLINZ… We recommended them to all other Dental offices.

-Princeview Dental

M.A.R.S has an ethical obligation to provide high quality and effective products at a fair market price. A concept started by the President of M.A.R.S, Michael Darcy. Our Mission Statement is what pushes M.A.R.S to provide outstanding products like the LINZ Program.

Their super friendly team helped us out so much. Once we got the BOSS system in our office, our suctions has been great! They cleaned up our lines with the specific evacuation solutions that they have available to purchase [CleanLINZ and PowerLINZ]… I highly recommend switching to this system!

-Dr. France Chevalier


They Did Their Homework

Some of our best customers are the ones that do their homework. As little as five minutes to google about amalgam separators or evacuation line cleaner, alternatively call M.A.R.S can potentially save your Dental Practice hundreds of dollars a year.

It’s Your Turn

Do you have similar stories as the ones shared during this blog? Would you like to give M.A.R.S a testimonial? Please email us at consults@nullmarsbiomed.com to pass on your thoughts on our company and products!

Testimonials like the ones give in this blog can help other Dental Professionals to make the right choice, as you have, in amalgam separation.

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