M.A.R.S®’ Experience with Patterson Dental Ottawa and Montreal Branch.

M.A.R.S®’ Experience with Patterson Dental Ottawa and Montreal Branch.

All this week M.A.R.S had the pleasure of working with Patterson Dental’s Ottawa and Montreal Branch. Today’s blog will be speaking on our experiences with both branches and highlighting some of the best moments.

Our first experience was on Tuesday, where we worked with members of the Ottawa Branch.

Patterson Ottawa

Whenever M.A.R.S® takes a trip to Montreal, we always make time for the team at Patterson’s Ottawa Branch. On this visit, we met with Doctors who were recently upgraded in Kingston, as well as trained with two Patterson Reps who wanted to be fully versed in Amalgam Separators and Evacuation Line Cleaners.


Our first stop was in Kingston on our way to Ottawa. Here we met with customers who have recently upgraded their clinics to a LibertyBOSS. Thanks to the Patterson Service Technician, Sheldon Bromberg, and Sales Representative Andy Hollis, there are two new happy members to our Family of Environmentally Friendly Dental Practices.

The first clinic we visited was ecstatic after Sheldon corrected their amalgam separator installation during the LibertyBOSS Upgrade. Their old service company installed a solids collector in front of their amalgam separator, causing extra disposal cost exposure to methylmercury. Sheldon relocated the solids collector, saving the office money and from toxic gases.

Sheldon 11

The second office we visited was EXTREMELY excited to get rid of their filter based amalgam separator. Though the office paid for recycling of the used amalgam separator filters, the company who was responsible for disposing of these units did not perform the task they were paid to do. Patterson Dental not only upgraded this office to the LibertyBOSS, the office now never has to worry about the pile of used amalgam filters ever again.

Sheldon 10

Ottawa Training

During the 2019 Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting, both Monica Levesque and Juliane Desjardins from the Ottawa Branch request specialized training the next time I am in Ottawa. Tuesday ended up being a perfect time for both Juliane and Monica.

Monica is a new addition to the Ottawa team, and Juliane was away from Patterson during M.A.R.S’ recent training sessions. M.A.R.S met with this wonderful duo for a two-hour training session. It was quite evident these two are eager to provide the advanced services, and products M.A.R.S has to offer.

M.A.R.S is excited to see the amazing things these two professionals have to offer the Ottawa Dental Industry.

Patterson Montreal

Today was a great day for M.A.R.S, as this was the first time in 7 years we had the opportunity to work with the Montreal Sales Team! Because it was our first time; Montreal’s leader, Mario Esposto, doubled our training session with his Sales Team.

The primary focus of the presentation was the M.A.R.S LINZ Program. As a refresher, we provided a quick overview on;

– how the LibertyBOSS works – why it is the best available technology – the many ways it is environmentally friendly – the free advertising their customers get with a LibertyBOSS

After the LibertyBOSS amalgam separator overview, we provided the same CE Course on Evacuation Line Cleaners as we give to Dental Societies all over North America. The Patterson Reps were interested in learning about which line cleaners are safe and compliant to use in a Dental Clinic and which cleaners are not.

The Sales Reps were focused, provided excellent questions, and they were excited to introduce their clients to the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS and LINZ Program.

Misinformation Continued

Thank you for waiting for the last segment of this blog series. Next week we will be clarifying the misinformation about which Evacuation Line Cleaners void the warranty of the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS.

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