Finding an Environmentally Friendly Dentist

Finding an Environmentally Friendly Dentist

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Jason Buyukozer helps you navigate the features of the search engine to ensure the dentist you go to is Environmentally Friendly, meaning they are compliant with local and federal regulations regarding amalgam separation. On the Find a Dentist Page you will find information on why it is important for your dentist to have a good amalgam separator in their practice.  

For the Dentists out there, Jason explains why it is beneficial and how it is possible for you to advertise on your website that you are environmentally friendly.

Transcript of video:

 Hello, this is Jason from M.A.R.S. Bio-Med, and today I’ll be teaching you how to use our Find a Dentist app.  Let’s first look to, […] go to Find a Dentist.

So, here you can actually see the information that’ll explain to your customers why you are environmental; you have a M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS [Amalgam Separator]. What we’ve done is, we’ve created a hand out here. You can actually download this, and print it off. This is information that some of your patients can read, and understand the dangers of mercury, and why having a M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS [Amalgam Separator] makes you Environmental[ly Friendly]. On the back, there is a colouring book for children, so they can actually learn the effects of mercury on the environment. […]

Click here [to Find a Dentist], and you type in your postal code or zip code. I’m just choosing a random one from Toronto, close by. There we are, that’s every doctor with a M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS [Amalgam Separator]. What we’ve done is some of them have websites [when available] connected to them, so if you have a M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS [Amalgam Separator], go to our search engine, and makes sure your website is connect to ours. We are creating a png that can go onto your website (below), it’s a medallion, explaining that you are an environmental practice, you can link that to this page, and show your customers why you are environmental.


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