M.A.R.S Now Invades the 2018 Florida Dental Convention – Part 2 – Compliance Consults

M.A.R.S Now Invades the 2018 Florida Dental Convention – Part 2 – Compliance Consults

Part two of the 2018 Florida Dental Convention blog series starts off where we left off on Friday. Introducing Trusted M.A.R.S Distributor based in Florida, On Site Rescue.

Today, On Site Rescue and M.A.R.S were working together, offering Compliance Consults to Dental Professionals in the Orlando area. Each of these offices falls into one of three categories; early adopters, researchers, and the wait and seers. All three groups have one common thread, the uncertainty on how to guarantee compliance.

Our blog today will be speaking of our experiences with each category of Dental Professional and the tips we have provided them to either ensure their compliance or answer any questions regarding the regulation and compliance.

Compliance Consults

Regardless if you are an early adopter of the EPA Regulation and Amalgam Separator Compliance, or if you are awaiting enforcement, it is not a bad idea to receive additional information that can help save your practice money and guarantee your compliance. On Site Rescue and M.A.R.S Bio-Med teamed up this week to provide the Orlando Dental Industry on some insight on the EPA Regulation Compliance.

Early Adopters

There has been some studies and surveys released to demonstrate that most Dental Practices with an amalgam separator are non-compliant. The reason for non-compliance can stem from a plethora of different reasons, ranging from misleading marketing from a manufacturer to a lack of education provided to the Dentist and the Service Company they trust to keep them compliant.

A quick and straightforward Compliance Consult can provide a Dental Professional with the insight on amalgam separators that can make the whole process of EPA compliance easy and cost-effective. Today’s meeting with a non-compliant early adopter did just that; we provided the information the Doctor needed to understand what is required to ensure the safety of their staff and know the right information to ensure their compliance.

Today’s Early Adopter

It was wonderful to find a Doctor who saw the need to comply early to the Amalgam Separator Rule. Today’s Compliance Consult, we had found that this early adopter is like many others; they trusted the recommendation of their Service Technician to install a good amalgam separator and service it properly. Due to the poor installation and lack of maintenance on the amalgam separator, the system was left on overflow, causing severe suction and toxic material exposure for the practice. Their current system is too far gone to repair, they have chosen to go the more economical route and upgrade to a M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS.


The Researchers are M.A.R.S’ favourite type of Dental Professional. Those who take a little as five minutes on Google will discover that M.A.R.S is not only the least expensive, no maintenance amalgam separator, we are also the best available technology.

Today’s Researcher

The Dental Professional we met with today is newer in the Dental Industry. They were finding that much of the information they were provided from others often conflicted with one another, leaving them confused on which data to believe. With the vital topic of EPA Compliance, Carlos of On Site Rescue thought it was important that he brought a M.A.R.S expert.

The Doctor was grateful for the knowledge and expertise Carlos and M.A.R.S had brought to their practice. After our meeting, the Doctor is now considering adopting early for the extra benefits of protecting their staff from the methylmercury exposure when maintaining their suction pumps’ solids collectors.

Wait and Seers

There is a surprising amount of Dental Professionals who were unaware the EPA Regulation was passed, let alone that there will be enforcement of compliance from the Local Water Treatment Plants. While M.A.R.S and On Site Rescue were providing free consults, we were lucky enough to help clarify some of the misinformation floating around the Dental Industry.

Today’s Wait and Seer

The meeting was brief and to the point; it was quite evident the Doctor had a set amount of questions ready for our meeting. The question the Doctor asked, were common ones like;

* “When will I need to comply?”

* “Who would be regulating me, and how?”

* “What will be required of me.”

Questions M.A.R.S have all answered in many of our previous EPA Regulation Blogs.

Though this Doctor may not adopt before he is required by his local regulator, when they are required to comply, this Doctor will be upgrading to a M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator.

Florida Dental Convention

M.A.R.S is excited to be attending this year’s Florida Dental Convention, providing support for our Trusted Distributors, Dansereau Health Products and On Site Rescue. During this three day conference, if you come across a Trusted M.A.R.S Distributor, pose for a picture in their booth and post it to our Facebook Page to enter to win a FREE case of our LINZ 3 Pack Evacuation Line Cleaner, a $265 value.

Dansereau Health Products – Florida Dental Convention Booth 1121

An American dental equipment manufacturer for over 50 years, Dansereau Health Products make some of America’s highest quality dental equipment at reasonable prices.

Florida Dental Convention

On Site Rescue – Florida Dental Convention Booth 1

If you are at the Florida Dental Convention, come by the #1 booth at Booth 1, On Site Rescue. The On Site Rescue Team will be excited to answer your questions about their services, help you with compliance concerns and offer insight on how to lower your overhead costs.

There are many prizes to be won in the booth;neckless

* Stress Balls

* Yo-Yos

* Coffee Mugs

* Jewelry

* Evacuation Line Cleaner

* Much, much more!!




While you are visiting On Site Rescue, come to meet LB1, the Amalgam Separator Robot from M.A.R.S!!!


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