Acadia vs LibertyBOSS: How “FREE” Costs Dental Group

Acadia vs LibertyBOSS: How “FREE” Costs Dental Group

A Dental Group gets help from M.A.R.S Technical Specialist Jason Buyukozer as he talks through how a “free” Acadia ended up costing them too much in filter replacements, so they decided to go with a M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator.

This is a two part blog about a Dental Group who was experiencing expensive filter changes with the Air Techniques Acadia. This Dental Group, as it is with most Dental Groups, are very price sensitive. This is why their two newest offices jumped at the idea of a “FREE” amalgam separator with the purchase of their Air Technique pump. They soon realized to keep up with the City’s standards for the required maintenance of the Air Techniques Acadia, they would have to change a filter every 4 months for their 6 chair practice. To try to save on costs, they only instructed their Patterson Technician to change the filter annually. This resulted in two serious issues for this Dental Group;

1) The City found both their offices with the Air Techniques Acadia to be non-compliant
2) Due to the neglect of their amalgam separators, one of the two offices lost complete suction

Clog in Dental Group Acadia


The First Office of the Dental Group

Part one of this blog is about the first office who lost complete suction when they neglected their amalgam separators.

July 2017, Patterson Dental received a frantic call from this Dental Group when they lost their suction due to the upper chamber of the Acadia being full of toxic sludge. The only solution the Patterson Technician had to get the office up and running, so they could finish with their patients stuck mid-procedure, was to illegally by-pass the Acadia. The Technician by-passed the Acadia and sealed the unit to prevent exposure to methylmercury.
Once that issue was temporarily solved, the Patterson Technician recommended installing the LibertyBOSS, as it is known for non-failure and is recognized as the best available technology. The LibertyBOSS was installed the next day.

Best Available Technology LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator



The following are the Issues and Solutions for this practice:

Loss of Suction

Issue 1

Due to the high cost of the Air Techniques Acadia and constant maintenance, the system was neglected for nearly a year. This caused a large build-up of toxic sludge in the upper chamber, causing the suction loss.

Solution 1

Replaced the Acadia with a no maintenance amalgam separator, LibertyBOSS. There is no longer a need for weekly inspections, emptying of the attached solids collector or a filter change every 4 months. The LibertyBOSS is truly maintenance free.

Lack of Information on Required Maintenance

Issue 2

The office was unaware that the Solids Collector (blue basket) attached to the inlet needed to be handled and disposed of as toxic waste (another cost to the system). They were never informed about the required maintenance of the Acadia.

Solution 2

The LibertyBOSS a minimum of 1 ½” throughout the system, this means there isn’t a need for a solids collector or any regular maintenance. It is virtually impossible for our system to clog or cause suction loss The LibertyBOSS will not have to be changed for up to 3 years in this practice and comes with prepaid recycling when the depleted LibertyBOSS is changed out.

Cost of “FREE”

Issue 3

Expensive filter changes.

Solution 3

The LibertyBOSS is guaranteed to service this 6 chair Dental Practice for up to 24 months without service or maintenance.
Value Add Program

Lack of Publicity for Dental Group

Issue 4

This is a new Dental Practice, who is trying to build their clientele.

Solution 4

With the purchase, installation and appropriate maintenance of the LibertyBOSS, this Dental Practice is now a part of the M.A.R.S. Family of Environmentally Friendly Dental Practices. They are automatically enrolled in the M.A.R.S, “Find a Dentist” App, a FREE ADVERTISING Program. This App helps environmentally conscious patients find Dental Practices who have made the conscious effort to install the ONLY amalgam separator who has been Independently Tested to be “Best Available Technology” and “Most Environmentally Friendly.“

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