M.A.R.S has Taken Over the Greater New York Dental Meeting – The End – Part 1

M.A.R.S has Taken Over the Greater New York Dental Meeting – The End – Part 1

M.A.R.S Bio-Med and LB1 had a great time at the Greater New York Dental Meeting. A common theme across the Dental Professionals in New York, they are tired of the expensive filter based amalgam separators. The M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS was a light to those who wanted a no maintenance, low cost, high valued system for their Dental Practice.

Luckily, our Trusted Distributors were able to help these Doctors save money, time and the environment by introducing them to the LibertyBOSS amalgam separator.

lb1 goodbye

Trusted M.A.R.S Distributors at the Greater New York Dental Meeting

At the 2018 Greater New York Dental Meeting, M.A.R.S had a strong presence with our Trusted Distributors singing the praises of the LibertyBOSS.

Dansereau Health Products – Booth 2815

Dansereau Representative Tom Hart was excited to promote the LibertyBOSS to all the Dental Professionals looking for high quality, California made Dental Products. During the entire Greater New York Dental Meeting, Tom did not have a moment to himself, as Dentist flocked to his booth to see the beautifully made, and well price Dental Chair he had on display.Tom Dans

Dental Fix – Booth 4417 (Darby Booth) & Booth 400 (Dental Whale Booth)

During the Greater New York Dental Meeting, the Dental Fix Owner was on the floor in force. M.A.R.S was happy to be able to help so many of the Dental Fix Owners save their customers hundreds of dollars on the amalgam separator costs.

dental fix

If you joined your local Dental Fix representative at the GNYDM and visited M.A.R.S, remember the Show Special is still running until December 12th.

IQ Dental – Booth 2203

IQ Dental was all the buzz during the Greater New York Dental Meeting, between upgrading a number of their clients to a LibertyBOSS and the new IQ Dental Assistance School, they were having an amazing conference. If you are looking to enter the Dental Industry as a Dental Assistant, but don’t have the time to take regular course, contact IQ Dental about their online correspondence program. Their school provides 70% online classes, with 30% practical classes.

IQ Dental

Supply Clinic – Booth 711

Supply Clinic had a ball with the Dental Professionals joining them at the Greater New York Dental Meeting. More Dentists are leaving the high cost of the Large Dental Supplier and moving to online companies like Supply Clinic. The GNYDM gave Scott and Jacob an opportunity to show Dentists the potential saves available on their website.

supply clinic alexa

Show Special Highlight, LINZ Winner, and Next Conference

The Greater New York Dental Meeting blog wrap-up continues with more information about the four day conference and the next conference M.A.R.S is excited to be attending.

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